3rd POV

"What is it?" Sophie asked, putting her hand halfway through the portal. She waved it around. It felt tickly on her skin.

"Well, I have a sinking suspicion that it's from light from Cambio. My Mom probably made it. Dad probably knew to, and I guess he wouldn't have told us." Keefe said, looking down.

Sophie snatched her hand away. Cambio meant 'world of change'. It was a very rare light.

"Well, I'm guessing it leads us to an alternate dimension." Sophie said, wanting to peak her head in.

"Only one way to find out." Keefe said, slowly walking in. He kept walking until he was no longer seen.

"KEEFE SENCEN!" She yelled, running up to the portal.

"What?" Keefe said, peaking his head out. "Miss me Foster?" He asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

"No-oh oh- AH!" She said as Keefe pulled her in. Wind pulled apart her body, and her lungs felt squished, but then it was normal after 1 second.

"That was, odd." Sophie said, looking at the surroundings. There were glass-looking orbs floating around. It looked like there was a little screen in each of them. She looked closer to one. She saw herself, with pointy ears, and curly hair. She looked like Oraile, but a little different.

"Look Keefe." Sophie said, pointing to one with Keefe at Disney world. He laughed. "Lets go to that one!" He said, almost touching it. She slapped his hand away.

"NO! We have to chose carefully." Sophie pointed to one with me in the elite levels. "Lets do this one." She touched it and flinched. But nothing happened.

"What'd you do?" Keefe asked walking up closer to Sophie. To close. She scooted away.

"It didn't bring me there!" She cried like a child. Keefe pointed to a table in the middle.

"Try placing it on this table." He said, grabbing the orb. "Looks a little smudged, hold on." He said, rubbing it. Just then, right there, the orb sucked him in.

"KEEFE!" She yelled, watching as the orb disappeared.


Sophie POV

No no!" Sophie sighed, looking around at all the orbs.

"Ughh! Keefe is really in for it if I ever find him!" She yelled, pulling out her eyelashes. If I find him. She looked around for the same orb.

She found one that looked similar, so she crossed her fingers and rubbed the orb.

Again, the same sensation of stepping into the portal. Tearing searing pain, but then, it stops.

plop "Hey! Watch it freak!" Fitz said. Getting up and brushing himself off. She was on the front lawn of Foxfire, near the trees.

"Fitz?" I asked, hoping it wasn't him.

"Who else?" He sneered. He stormed off, fists clenched.

"Okay..." She said, moving on. "He must be in a bad mood." She mumbled. She felt air swish around her.

"Who's in a bad mood?" Dex said. He was leaning against a tree, reading a book that looked about 2,000 pages long.

"Fitz. Or is that even his name." She groaned.

"His name is Fitz. But he prefers Fitzroy." Dex said.

"Dexter! I have made a fascinating discovery!" Wylie walked up, with glasses on his nose. He strode up looking confident.

"What is Wylie?" Dex'ter' said, jumping up.

"I think your guster ability comes from your father's Aunt's step-mother!" He said pointing to a paragraphing an open book.

"Wait, your a guster?" I said, confused.

"Yes. I am also a technopath, and an inflictor. I'm also a Vanisher." He said, laughing. He blinked in and out of sight.

"Okay..." She said. "This is going to sound really odd, but what is my ability?" She asked, pulling out her eyelashes.

"What? Um, your.. Unique." He said, looking at Wylie. Wylie looked at me, looking afraid.

"Your.. A Omnia." He said.

"What is an Omnia?" I said, voice cracking. I hoped it wasn't a fancy word for 'talentless'.

"It means... That you have all the abilities."

Chapter 3 Still Sophie's POV

"It means you have all the abilities. Still trying to pop quiz us, huh?" Wylie laughed. He put his hand around me and laughed.

"Where's Keefe?" I asked. Hoping he wasn't different. "You know, Keefe Sencen?"

"Oh, he's studying. I thought y'all were going on a date tonight." Dex said, head in his books.

"We're going on a date?!" I asked. Me. And Keefe. DATING?! Okay, I need to sit down. I sat down, criss-cross, my face in my hands. Dex looked up from his book.

"Yeah, it's your last one until he leaves to live with the orges." Dex said casually. KEEFE IS LEAVING TO BE WITH THE ORGES?!

"WHAT?! Keefe would never do that!" I said, jumping up.

"But he is!" Someone said from behind me. Marella?

"Oh hey, Ella..." I said, trying out this alternate universe thing. Marella hugged me.

"You finally decided to call me what I want you to call me!" She said. I awkwardly patted her back. "I can't believe my brother is going to be ambassador to the stupid orges." She said.

"YOUR BROTHER?" I asked. She looked at me weird.

"Yes....?" She said.

"What's gotten into you?" Dex asked, feeling her forehead.

"Nothing. I'm fine. Where's Biana?" I asked, wondering what could possibly be different about her.

"Um, why? Did you finally decide to apologize?" Wylie said, backing away, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.

"Um, yep!" I said, going along with it. "What should I apologize for?" I asked, feeling stupid.

"For pouring salt in her drink, dying her hair, stealing Keefe.." Dex said, waving his hand. He went back to his books.



"Okay, really, tell us what's wrong Sophie." Dex said.

"Nothings wrong! I just need.. I need some rest." She said, not ready to tell them what happened. "Can someone take me to my room?" I asked.

"I will." Marella offered.

She hummed as she walked into the silver towers. "Thanks Ella." I said, hugging her.

"Okay bye then I guess." She said, pulling away.

"Sophie!" Keefe came around the corner. "There you are! I've been looking all over!" He said, hugging her.

"Hi, Keefe." I said, pulling away. "I think I'm going to have to call off our date." I said sadly.

"That's totally okay." He said. "I'll miss you Sophie." He said, pulling me into a hug.

"I'll miss you too Keefe." I said, pulling away. There.




I saw it. His ice blue eyes stared at me, with true love.

True, genuine love.

It caught me by surprise.

I knew I didn't like him. But still. He liked me.

Keefe pulled me closer. He tried to kiss me. I pulled away.

"Sorry Keefe. I'm just really tired. I love you." I said, looking at him. I waved slightly as I closed the door.

Keefe tried to Kiss me.

Biana is my worst enemy.

Dex is a nerd

And I have all the abilities.

What now?


Keefe's POV

Okay, this is going to sound super weird, but



So, I'm kinda freakin; out..

But, since you were all reading Foster's POV, it's time for my POV.

Lets get this story started!


PLOP I fell on the ground with a thud. Thankfully, nobody had seen me fall out of the sky. I looked around to see where I was. I was at Everglen, it the garden part.

A very smelly part.

"Keefe Sencen? What are you doing here?" Fitz came up to me. He was wearing an elite level cape.

"Uh, yeah bro!" I punched his shoulder.

Bad move.

"Um, OW?!" He said, rubbing his shoulder. "I haven't seen you in ages! How'd you get here?"

"Light leaping." I said, not missing a beat. I was getting good at this lying stuff!

Something about Fitz was off. I shrugged it off.

"How'd you get a crystal?" Fitz whispered.

"Because I have crystals... Why are we whispering?" I asked, confused. He dragged his hand through his chocolate- wait a minute.

"Wait, did you dye your hair caramel color?" I asked. I knew these things because I painted.

"What do you mean? It's always been like this. I got it from my Mom." He said, looking very confused.

"But Della has brown hair."

"Who's Della?"

"YOUR FREAKING MOTHER! M-O-T-H-E-R!" I yelled. Things were getting really weird.







Sophie POV

"Finally!" I said, plopping down on a chair in the library. I needed to do some research to get Keefe and I in the same dimension.

"Stars and Their Worldly Purposes" I picked up the book and read. I read 8 chapters and then realized it was dark outside. I quickly checked out the book and went back to my dorm.

CHAPTER 9; Cambio

This looks promising. I read the whole chapter on Cambio, realizing that this is what I've been looking for.

Cambio means, world of change. If used correctly, you can jump dimensions using space and time. Cambio comes from the light that is inside a black hole. With a certian amont of bended sunlight, a void will open. But how to get Cambio.....


"Come in!" I yelled, hoping to see a familiar face. Oraile stepped into my dorm.

"Hey." I said, contining to read.

"Are you okay? Me and your father have been worring about you." She said. She is my Mom, but she never said, 'Me and your father'.

"Yeah, I'm great.. Mom." I laughed. I guess Oraile is my Mom... But what about Edaline and Grady?

"You act liked you never called me Mom before!" She laughed, nudging me.

"Hey Honey!" Kenric stepped in.

"Dad?!" I said, crying. "But you.. you died!" I said, my brain not fuctioning properly.

There he was, smiling. With a flower in one hand. "Hey sweetie! You must've missed me!"

"More than ever!" I said, engulfing him in a hug.

"There there.. It'll be okay." He said, kissing my head.

Kenric was alive. But how?

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