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Chapter One

The sun was illuminating the sky making it almost impossible to see the pale, yet fluffy clouds. Sophie was sitting under the magnificent panakakes tree letting the flowers on branches flow around and frame her face. She was at peace, something she knew would never last for long. A teal-eyed boy came up and sat next to her.

"Go away Fitz, I don't want to talk about it," said Sophie shoving him away, hard. 

"I'm not here to talk about your packet, I'm here for something else."

"What is it," shot Sophie.

"Choose Keefe," he replied

"Wait, what?," Sophie said, her voice softening.

"I know he was your number one, and you were his. I was like your 2nd or 3rd, and you were my first. Biana saw it and told me,"


"Ok, I just am letting you know Keefe is yours, I'm... I've um... I've started dating someone else and just wanted to tell you goodbye, we're moving to the human world together." Before Sophie could reply he kissed her firmly, but yet so gently on the lips. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her and mumbled, "Fitz, I've always loved you and would've always chosen you" With that she left him, alone under the tree, her needing to be alone with the thought of Keefe forever. Hot fat tears streamed down her cheeks into her pillow, but more Ella than her pillow.

"Sophie, someones here to see you," Edaline called. Sophie wiped her tears just as Linh had came in.

"I told Fitz this, the relationship didn't work out, I'm living by myself in the human world to study it more and provide more knowledge to the elvin about it," she said. She used her powers and all of Sophie's tears were dried. As Sophie ran out of her own house she passed no one, and she was glad to be alone even if no one would ever leave her alone.   

"Woah Foster, slow down. What happened?," asked Keefe.   

"Sorry I can't talk, I just need to find someone," said Sophie, running off. She ran and ran and ran, until she arrived at her destination Everglen. Della was standing outside, her eyes stained red and her cheeks pink from crying.  

"Where's Fitz?," Sophie asked. Della remained quiet and Sophie noticed that Alden and Biana were standing in the doorway, their eyes red and puffy and Biana's makeup was smeared. Through tears Biana managed to say, "Kidnapped by-by- by the Neverseen." Sophie stood there in shock, then crumbled to the ground. She lie there while Biana continued.   

"K-Keefe was eavesdropping and heard everything that h-h-happened betwenn y-ou and F-F-Fitz, then with Linh and F-Fitz. He g-g-gave them all the information needed and then they came and did it. T-They also g-gave me a message for y-you." She said.  

"What?," asked Sophie, sitting up.  

"J-J-ust check your imparter.   

Chapter Two  

She checked and there lie a mesaage, from Keefe in Neverseen robes.  

"If you ever want to see Fitz again *Fitz screams in pain in the background* come to the headquarters, turn yourself. Your life for his. *Fitz screams in the bakcground 'SOPHIE NO, DON'T DO IT, DON'T' Fitz is cut off* You have 12 hours before he dies" Then the imparter went black.   

"Sophie, you don't have to," said Biana, placing a hand on her shoulder.  

"But I do," Sophie replied. She ran and lightleaped to the Neverseen's hideout only to be drugged and have her hands tied behind her back. When she awoke, she was in a cage with Fitz her vision was foggy and she felt sick.  

"Sophie, why did you come here?," asked Fitz in a gentle voice. Sophie started crying, hot fat tears pouring down her cheeks.  

"Because I love you," said Sophie in a whisper. Fitz tapped his shoulder and Sophie put her head on his shoulder. Fitz, wrapping his arms around her waist.  

"I love you too," whispered Fitz in Sophie's ear. Then he kissed her lightly on the cheek. They heard footsteps coming towards the claustrophobic space the door opened and someone grabbed Sophie's arm and pulled her out. The door was locked but Sophie could here Fitz banging on the metal walls.   

"Let me go," said Sophie, through gritted teeth struggling against her captor.   

"Foster chill," said her captor.  

"KEEFE! LET ME GO!,' she yelled.   

"Just stop," he said, "I had no choice." Sophie raised her fist a punched Keefe in the jaw, only to get shoved to the ground.  

"Sophie, just stop fighting me." Keefe said.  

"I will never stop fighting," Sophie said, her eyes now glossy and tears starting to run down her cheeks.   

"If I take Fitz with you, will you stop?,"  

"Yes," Sophie said. Keefe walked back to the cage and pulled Fitz out. He immediately ran towards Sophie and grabbed her wrists.  

"Are you okay?," he whispered.  

"I'm better now that you are here," she said. Keefe walked them down the hallway and when he passed another Neverseen member he shoved Sophie towards the other member. She felt the stiff, hard grasp on her shoulder and she was placed and tied to a chair in a room with only a single screen. What she saw made her want to rip her heart out, scream, and cry all at once. She saw Biana dead, and covered in cuts bruises and scars, she saw Dex being tortured, she saw Tam and Linh chained up. Grady and Edaline's bodies dead at Havenfield. She screamed and kicked, and punched the air like how a four year old does when they're having a tantrum. Then Sophie just sat there still, but crying. After sobbing for what felt like an hour Fitz came in, trailing behind Keefe.   

"Update, this is your new imprisonment. Both of you," he said. Slamming then locking the door.   

"Are you, okay?," Fitz asked.   

"No, not after all that," replied Sophie, and with that she fell to the ground. She lie unconscious, still alive but almost barely.   

"Sophie? Sophie?," Fitz's voice was faint, and when in her head impossible to hear.   

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The images of her friend's torture circled constantly around Sophie's head, she wished she was tougher, or her mind would just break. At the same time she didn't for it might be torture to her friends or family. She tried to fight herself but couldn't, Sophie only caused more and more pain for herself. Then she heard a voice, a male one.   

"WHAT DID YOU DO!," it yelled. She stirred a little then was able to open her eyes. Keefe had Fitz pinned to the wall by his shoulders.   

"I did nothing, it was your Neverseen acquaintance," yelled Fitz, fighting againt Keefe. Sophie managed a to get a moan out, and Keefe let go of Fitz and ran towards Sophie.   

"Fos- Sophie are you okay?," asked Keefe. She slowly sat up and pushed Keefe away.   

"Get away from me!," Sophie yelled.   

"You're acting different than usual," responded Keefe.   

"OH I'M ACTING UNUSUAL! I'M NOT THE ONE WHO HELPED KIDNAP MY BEST FRIEND'S LOVE INTEREST! YEAH I'M TOTALLY THE ONE WHO'S ACTING DIFFERENT!," screamed Sophie. Fitz walked over to her and grabbed her shoulders to turn her towards him.   

"Sophie, try to calm down. I was able to reach someone. Help is coming," he said gently.   

"I have no one, but you left," she managed to whisper.   

"No, no Sophie that's not true. You have Grady and Edaline, Biana, Dex, Linh, and Tam"   

"N-No, w-what I saw they were all d-d-dead," Sophie said as she started crying. He took her chin in his hands and lifted it up, then drew her mouth to his and kissed her. He pulled away slightly and whispered, "It's okay, I'll always be here for you," Fitz said, kissing her once more.   


Sophie's tears kept running even after help arrived, her and Fitz where taken to a hospital but everything was fine. She cried more and more each day after wandering around an empty Havenfield, seeing pictures of her old friends, and eating her favorite foods that Edaline used to make. Each day Fitz would come over and comfort her, with chocolates, or unique gifts humans would give each other. Some nights she would leave her room and sleep in Grady and Edaline's room to try and comfort herself. She attend the wanderling planting, only to pour out all the liquid inside of her. One day when Fitz came over Sophie was no where to be found he searched her whole house to find nothing. He did however find a note that read;   


I'm so very sorry for everything I did to you. It's my fault for everything, to make it easier on everyone who lives in the lost cities I'm going back to the human world to make it easier for the Neverseen and so no one will have to get hurt again. I'm having the washers erase my memory so no one could ever get hurt because of me, today at 2:30 on my human IPod is when they will do it so that is the last time to say goodbye. I am on the roof, or that is where I will go after writing this letter.   

Sophie Elizabeth Foster   

Fitz ran outside and climbed a tree up towards the roof and found Sophie sitting there. He walked up to her and sat down.   

"Sophie, please don't do this," he said.   

"I have to, it's my fault Biana's dead, and all of our other friends," said Sophie.   

"You're still here, I have my family still here my life is still wonderful with just a little sadness," he said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.   

"It's just I don't want people to die, for stupid reasons to get the Neverseen to torture me," Sophie replied.   

"You know you were number one on my matchmaking list, and I still believe that could be true," Fitz said.   

"You were my number one, not Keefe," she said. Sophie hugged Fitz and rested her head on his shoulder, "I'll stay. For you," she whispered.   

"I'm glad for that Sophie," said Fitz, kissing her gently on the cheek.   

Chapter Three   

She looked behind her, he was gaining. She watched trees fall behind her, crash to the ground, and then burn. The flames surrounded her just as her hands were tied behind her back.   

Sophie woke up screaming, and then felt a hand on hers. She looked over and remembered that her and Fitz were at Havenfield, and had fallen asleep on the couches.   

"Its okay Sophie," whispered Fitz coming up from where he was sleeping on the ground and sat down next to Sophie. Her breathing slowed down, she took a small sip of the water on the coffee table and felt sick as soon as the water left the glass. The world turned black.

"Sophie, you were just dreaming," said Fitz, Sophie now awake.

"Wha-what?," she mumbled.

"You were screaming," he said. She opened her eyes and saw his hair was floppy from sleeping on the floor in Havenfield's living room. She sat up.

"Fitz, you can go back to sleep I'll make something for breakfast," Sophie said.

"It's fine, and I don't trust you in a kitchen, not after your first year at Foxfire," said Fitz. Sophie laughed, "Maybe I've changed,"

"You've almost died like a million times, I can't let you kill yourself in the kitchen by W.H.A.P. ing instead of whipping," laughed Fitz. She leaned in and kissed him and the lips. He grabbed her hand, pulled his lips away and twirled her. Sophie's imparter started buzzing, and Fitz left the room to give her the privacy to chat.

"You mustn't tell Fitz, but something's come up. His parents where tortured and killed for answers. Remember you mustn't tell him," said the figure in a white cloak. When he walked back in Fitz asked, "Mustn't tell who what?"

"Nothing," Sophie replied, tears forming in her eyes making them glossy.

"Please, what is it. You can tell me." She started crying, and through her small quiet sobs she said, "No, I really, I really can't" He wrapped his arms around her, she buried her face in his shoulder; letting her tears flow.

"You can tell me Sophie, I won't be mad at you or anything else,"

"You will, because it's my fault," she said. Then she slid the imparter towards him. After seeing it he just stood there, looking like a statue.

"Please don't break," Sophie whispered over and over to herself. She stood up and walked towards Fitz, and took his hand.

"I'm so sorry," she said.

"I know, but it wasn't your fault," he whispered. Walking towards the couch then sitting down, Sophie wrapped her arms around him, feeling like she could do nothing at all to help him.

"I still love you Sophie, just please don't think this is your fault," he said.

"I can't help it," she said.

"But you can," he said kissing her. She put her arms around his neck, his hands around her waist. When she pulled away she saw Fitz's eyes were glossy with tears, and with that she left him alone; to cry in peace. She stood in front of her mirror(not Vespera one in the bathroom) and thought about how small and weak she looked. Her hair was tied back into a bun and she was wearing a black shirt and black pants. When she left her room she saw Fitz standing there, he pulled her close than undid her bun;letting her hair fall to her shoulders. He grabbed her hand tight and pulled out a lightleaping crystal, soon Sophie noticed that they were in the human world.

"What are we doing here?," asked Sophie.

"I thought it would be best for you to not constantly be reminded of deaths that he caused," said Fitz. Before they could lightleap back someone came and pulled Sophie's hands behind her back, tightly. The same thing happened to Fitz and they were pushed down onto their knees.

"It's time you learn not to mess with other's lives," said a voice, "The spark of the blaze can never be out run, it will always find you, catch you, and forever burn you." and with that both Sophie and Fitz were knocked out. When Sophie awoke she heard fast short breaths until she realized that they where here own.

"HELP, HELP ME!!," Sophie yelled as loud as she could.

"Sophie, sophie it's okay," said Fitz, grasping her shoulders. Tears started flowing from her eyes; hot and fat.

"This is my fault, I know I always say that but this times it's true. I don't know what you even see in me," stated Sophie.

"Sophie, no-no this isn't your fault,"

"YES IT IS FITZ! It's my fault for getting you kidnapped, then losing your family, then you took me to the human world to help me feel better," she said.

"Sophie, I know what you're going through, it's not -"

"Don't finish that sentence," threatened Sophie.

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