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Starkey Whitmore


NCT Jaehyun

”Everyone says, ‘Follow your heart’. But if my heart is shattered into millions of pieces, which fragment do I follow..?”













Brown Hair

Silver-grey blue Eyes


He has silver-grey blue eyes that appears to be hollow, and has brown hair.



Anti-Social and Introverted

Starkey has a gloomy aura around him that everyone calls it as "the Aura of Doom". It is because of the amount of deaths he witnessed. He is a loner and prefers to be left out in activities, even after he became more attentive and bright after Level 7. He was formerly the type that was "I don't care", but now he's always up for challenges. He's more of a type that is independent. He doesn't rely on others easily, and does not care whether his friends leave him, because he doesn't value them as much as they want him to. In other words, he never prioritizes his friends. He simply considers them as an option. After all, he doesn't want to suffer the same results he got when he prioritized his best friends back when his family wasn't going through chaos. He's also the type that is polite, but says everything he wants to say without holding back(even stuff that's a bit harsh). He doesn't have anything to lose, so why should he?


Starkey was born to a normal, middle-classed couple that already had a son who was 2 years older than him. Starkey was named Starkey by his parents to symbolize “Star”, a bright, luminous light that radiated beautifully in the dark, night sky. Starkey loved his name the moment he understood its meaning. It made him feel more special.

Then, when Starkey was four years into his life, his baby brother Azure was born. Azure’s name was from the bright azure eyes he had. Suddenly Starkey’s life changed. Someone else needed his family’s love. Someone else sat in his mother’s lap. Someone else needed Bryce, Starkey’s older brother’s care. Starkey became jealous of the baby who seemed to be taking his family away.

One day, Starkey discovered Azure sleeping in the cradle he once slept in when he was an infant. He grew very angry. Before anyone else could stop him, Starkey pushed over the cradle and Azure tumbled out. Azure hit the ground and had a small, but noticeable and permanent bruise on his arm from that incident. Starkey’s parents grew furious. His parents demanded him to apologize to his brother, and Starkey did. And after that, years went and Starkey rarely mistreated Azure. But that didn’t meant Starkey loved Azure. He still hated him.

When he entered Foxfire as a Level 1, he discovered two major things: That he had photographic memory, and that Bryce manifested as a Hydrokinetic.

Bryce, who was in Level 3, was overjoyed with his ability. After all, his ability meant he could enter the Elite levels, and his goal was to enter the Elite levels and enter the Nobility after he graduated. But that was not it.

His control over water was not strong enough, and it didn’t help that his family lived in Atlantis. Bryce being the normal stubborn teenager he was, refused to move when his parents offered the choice. He didn’t want to be a burden so he tried extra hard to control his water manipulating ability. Poor thing, no matter how hard he tried, he failed countlessly in his attempts to strengthen his ability.

Starkey’s Level 4 in Foxfire was a series of drastic events that flipped his life upside down. When he was only a month from midterms, Bryce flooded Atlantis. During the flood, Starkey’s parents completely drowned and Azure was nearly dead, but was still faintly breathing. After the death of his parents and days of mourning for them, Bryce was punished by the Council by getting exiled to Exillium. Not even lasting a week in Exillium, Bryce’s mind got broken by guilt and grief. Azure, who was out for days, did not make it and was revealed to Starkey to have died. Starkey was devastated by the huge changes occurring in his life. But most of all, he regretted the death of Azure. He never realized how much he cared about Azure until he died. He regretted mistreating and neglecting his little brother and it tore him apart. He cried for days grieving for Azure and did horrible on his midterms. Starkey, who usually scored all As, got all Ds and Cs and everyone noticed the negative change in him. And slowly, everyone backed away and left him alone, lonely and miserable.

Starkey now was an orphan that was taken care by a pair of Emissaries under the orders of the Council. Even though he had new guardians, Starkey knew he was alone. He felt that he was unwanted in the new atmosphere of his “house”. Everyone at school avoided him like a plague, and even his best friends have turned backs on him. Everything changed for Starkey. Starkey rarely found a reason to smile, laugh, and become positive. He had just lost everything, and there wasn’t a way to rewind time and start over. When he manifested as an Enhancer at the last month of Level 4, he wasn’t happy. After all, he lost the chance to use his ability when the chance came. If he had manifested a bit more earlier, then maybe, just maybe, he could’ve prevented the flooding of Atlantis and save his family from the unfortunate fate that awaited them. He didn’t care about grades and life. He didn’t care if he got expelled from Foxfire for poor academic performances in exams.

It took him nearly 3 years to get back on his feet. When he reached Level 7, he still had no friends and was still dubbed as a loner in the school. The amount of activity he did decreased significantly over the past 3 years. He ate once in 4 days. Stopped laughing. Wouldn’t cry. Only slept 3 to 4 hours a day. And the majority of those sleeping hours was filled with Azure. It was as if he could never move on from the deep pit of sorrow that tortured him every day by allowing him to breathe and live. He wasn't broken. He was shattered. Shattered into million pieces that will take an eternity to piece it back together. Mentors that partly cared about his well being advised him to follow his heart and do whatever that made him feel better. But how could he “follow” his heart when it’s shattered into millions of pieces?

The question was answered when he reached Level 7. The answer was, he didn’t have to follow a specific piece. All he had to do was follow a piece, and stay in that path until he reached whatever goal he had. The question was that simple, but it took Starkey years to answer.

Starkey climbed out of his pit of misery by building a bridge and getting over it(’s a phrase, not literal). He tried hard in his subjects, and once again, his grade was boosted up to all As. He was still empty and miserable, but he learned to get better. He realized nothing in his power could change the past, but he hoped to shape a better future for him by changing his present self. His former dream was to become a musician or a singer. He found talent in singing and always loved to sing, but after those unfortunate incidents happened, he lost complete faith in his dream. There was no way he'd become a singer. He lost faith in everything, and his whole life collapsed like a fallen bridge. When he finally redeemed himself in Level 7, his goal was to become an Emissary. He gave up in his dream to be a singer, and rooted for the Nobility instead. Given his super rare ability, he was sure he'd find a suitable place in the Nobility. Even though he told himself those very words several times, his heart never truly gave up on becoming a singer, and it'd continue to haunt him for the rest of his life. The fact that he chose being an Emissary over his dream job would always haunt him.

Student say the least, not strangers or enemies.

  • Classmates=He doesn't like his classmates, but doesn't dislike them either. It's smack dab in the middle, and wants to keep distance between everyone and everything.
  • Mentors=It's either if some likes him or dislikes him. Some mentors like him for his personality, but some dislike for that reasons also.
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”Everyone says, ‘Follow your heart’. But if my heart is shattered into millions of pieces, which fragment do I follow..?”
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