Okay. this is my first fanfiction. It's Sophie and Dex's funaral's. I'm not sure if that counts as the past but I'm not sure where else to put it. It will also be short. Okay. Time to start. also, I'm not a very good speller so sorry. - Bookfanatic

Chapter one.

The day was sunny and bright, and Fitz hated it. Why did the day have to be happy when he and everyone else he knew was so misrable. You read about funerals in books and the day is always dreary. It wasn't like that in real life. The Vacker family walked through the Wanderlig Woods, to the place the funeral would take place. They passed the Dizznee family and wordlessly, they stood next to each other. For once in their lives, the Vackers and Dizznees got along.

Fitz looked around at the people around him. His eyes landed on Edaline and Grady. Edaline was crying into Grady's shoulder, and Grady was stroking her hair, crying a little himself. Fitz couldn't imagine what they might be going through. They had just barely recovered from Jolie's death, so loseing another daughter, whether she was adoped or not, must be horrible. Fitz wanted to talk with them, but didn't know what he might say.

Fitz saw a tear slip down his sister's cheek,and he gave her shoulder a squeeze. "Thank you." she whispered.

He saw his best friend Keefe staring into the distance, face expressionless. Yet despite being expressonless, it was evident on his face that he was having a hard time.

Fitz looked beside him at Dex's family. The twins where standing still as statues, which was unlike them, and their father wore an expression of pure saddness.

Even Stina was there, frowning. Marrilla was standing of to the side biting her bottom lip.

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