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Sol Falkor

--> Truthful Shield ☼ Revolutionary Designer
“Simplicity is the glory of expression.”
Hail Me ☼ EST


Basic Info
Sol Falkor

Sol was adopted at the young age of five to the working-class couple, Era and Lyra Falkor. They loved him more than anything he could remember, and both women impacted him significantly, increasing his love for the arts. Era, having a job designing capes, taught him embroidery and the use of jewel, while Lyra, having the job of designing with families updated family crest pins educated him in the significance of different symbols and arrangements.

One day, when Lyra came back from work, she was in rage. She walked to studio intent on destroying all her design work, angry over the fact that she was fired over some idiotic prejudice. At the age of ten, close to eleven, Sol walked into this field of lightning that was melting all of the work with its strength. In the moment ten hand-shaped forcefields shot of him defending the objects. He was in control.

From there, it was an emotional rollercoaster between the family, and his unstable ability didn't help with the stress. He took retreat in design, the only time his power behaved for him. The complexity of the forcefield, with its power to resist the elements, the threads of light and shadow woven into it became his great fascination. Many of his design focus on the more fabric, element based components rather than the gems which he more often uses as accents.

Now he works at rose quartz beauty and fashion as a recently started designer. He is currently 22. He has strong feelings against prejudice and plans to join the Anti-prejudice republic.

He's not much of a people person. Small talk attempts with him are often lost, although he can actively engaged in topics regarding deeper subjects. He is a huge believer of flaws making the Lost Cities more beautiful as it creates differences among elves with the shreds of hurt. He does hope to rid the world of the prejudices, but he believes that the elves that grow up with this pain are so much more strong, and he sees so much beauty in all weakness in a world with a focus on perfection. But despite this belief he hates seeing the pain. He studies people upon meeting them, and is perfectly honest.</div></div>

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