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Keefe smiled at her, and Sophie's heart fluttered. Heat danced across her face, and the whole world faded away until there was nothing but Keefe. He leaned towards Sophie and she closed her eyes, sure that he was about to kiss her. Hoping that he would kiss her. He drew closer, closer, just a bit closer, then-

"Sophie?" a crisp, accented voice gasped. Reality crashed back to Sophie and, eyes open now, she spun towards the voice. "Fitz?" she whispered, horrified. Keefe backed away, his face red. He pulled out a leaping crystal and glittered away. Fitz stomped towards Sophie. "Wh-wh-what? What were you- what?!" was all he could manage to say. Sophie's mouth just hung open. Fitz glared at her. "Why?" he asked. "Why were you kissing Keefe?" His teal eyes showed a mix of emotions- fury, confusion, hurt, sorrow. He stood a few feet from Sophie, like he was too upset to be near her. "I wasn't!" Sophie finally said. Her voice was shaky and hoarse, and her legs were trembling. Fitz shook his head, a sad smile on his lips. "Don't lie," he whispered. "You can like me, or not like me, you can feel whatever you want about me, but DON'T LIE!" his voice had been soft most of the sentence, but he finally exploded with the last two words. Fitz's face was red and furious, and his hands were shaking with fury. "I know what I saw," he growled. "He was kissing you. And you were letting him! And... and I thought..." he looked into her eyes, and Sophie's stomach did a backflip. "I thought you liked me." Fitz whispered. "I guess I was wrong," he paused and made a path of light with his home crystal. "Goodbye, Sophie." He leaped away, and Sophie was left standing alone, the two boys she loved gone. Sophie sank to the ground, sobbing. Who? Who was she supposed to choose? And how? 

When Edaline found her hours later, Sophie was lying under Calla's tree, fast asleep, her eyes red and swollen. Edaline stroked her hair, and eventually Sophie woke up. "Mom?" she croaked. Edaline smiled. "Do you want to talk about it?" Sophie started to shake her head, then changed her mind. "Um..." another tear slipped down Sophie's cheek. She stared off into the distance for a minute, then told Edaline what happened. When she was done, Edaline hugged her. "What am I supposed to do?" sobbed Sophie. Edaline paused for a moment. "Follow your heart," she whispered.

Later, up in her bedroom, Sophie realized the problem with that advice. She had no idea what her heart wanted. 


When Keefe rematerialized at the Shores of Solace, he ran down to the ocean shore. He sat down and sobbed, cursing Fitz for ruining his chance, cursing himself for thinking that he would get to have Sophie. When Ro eventually found him, Keefe turned away, expecting Ro to tease him. But she just sat down next to him and put an arm around him. They sat there for a while, Keefe sniffling and crying, Ro just staring at the sea. Finally, Ro said, "I know what it feels like." Keefe looked up at her. Ro nodded. "To be so close, and then to just have everything snatched away." Keefe scrubbed his tears away and tried half-heartedly to style his hair. "I'm done," he whispered. "I give up." Ro shook her head. "No, don't do that," she murmured. But Keefe was tired of having his heart broken. "I give up," he repeated. 

The next day, Keefe went about as normal- styled his hair, got dressed, argued with Ro. But when Fitz hailed him, Keefe ignored it. However, Fitz refused to let Keefe ignore him. He kept hailing, and after half and hour, Keefe gave in. But he had a plan. He wasn't going to talk to Fitz, just answer the call then hang up. So he accepted Fitz's hail, and as soon as Fitz's face appeared, Keefe hung up. The screen went black, and Keefe thought that he had won. But then the Imparter buzzed again. Keefe yelled and threw the Imparter against the wall. It shattered, just like Keefe's heart. He collapsed on his bed and cried. 

He finally stopped, but only because he had no tears left to cry. He looked in the mirror and saw that his face was red, his clothes were wet from tears, and his eyes were bloodshot. Looking at his reflection, Keefe's anger returned. Mirrors. Just one more thing that reminded him that he wasn't Fitz. Keefe jumped up and swung at his reflection. The glass broke and peirced his hand, but Keefe didn't care. The pain felt good. Ro came in, and at the sight of his hands covered in blood, she shook her head. "Ok, Hunkyhair, you have got to talk to Blondie." Keefe told her to go away, and Ro did. Keefe lay down and closed his eyes, wishing he could just drift away and disappear. 


The next day at breakfast, Sophie tried to act as normal as possible. As far as she knew, Grady didn't know what had happened. But he did seem to know that something was off, because he asked her, "What's wrong?" as soon as she came downstairs. "Nothing!" she said, trying to act perky. Although he definitely didn't seem convinced, Grady let the matter drop. 

After breakfast, Sophie had a visitor. "Ro?" said Sophie, surprised. Then she flushed, realizing that Ro probably knew what had happened. Ro smiled. "Blondie, I think you and Funkyhair need to talk," she said. Sophie shook her head, but Ro wouldn't take no for an answer. Grabbing Sophie, she called Grady and Edaline, "Hey! I'm kidnapping Blondie for a bit, but don't worry! She's in good hands!" Ro waved, then ran, Sophie still in her grasp. Sophis struggled and yelled, but Ro held tight. "Ok!" she said. "Now we jump, and you use your elf-y abilities, right?" She let Sophie down but held onto her arm. Looking behind her, Sophie saw Grady and Edaline running after her. Part of her wanted to call for them and run, run, run from her meeting with Keefe, but the other part knew that if she didn't do it now, she would never be able to make herself fix things with him. So she jumped, pulling Ro with her, and soon they were in the void. 

Keefe was out by the ocean again when Sophie got there. She slowly made her way towards him, afraid that he would run away if he noticed her. When she finally got to him, she sat down. She left some distance between them, and although it was only a few feet, it felt like the whole world was seperating them. Slowly, Keefe turned towards her. "Hey, Foster," he said quietly. He smiled, but it was sad and guarded. Sophie's heart seemed to crack, and her eyes filled with tears. What if Keefe hated her? What if they never got back to normal? But Keefe scooched a little closer to her, and Sophie smiled. "Hi, Keefe." 


Sophie and Keefe sat like that for a while, staring out at the sea, the tension between them slowly melting. Eventually, when the sun started sinking, Keefe got up the courage to close the gap between them. He moved his hand towards hers, allowing her the option to move away, but she didn't. Instead, she took his hand and smiled. They sat some more, and the whole time their hands stayed connected. But not because of whatever mixed up feelings they had for each other. They did it because they were friends, and always would be, and they both needed something to hold onto. 

Soon, the moon shone overhead and the stars were twinkling above them. Sophie stood up and stretched, smiling at Keefe. Keefe smiled back, and it was a real smile, something he didn't ofen do. Usually, his smiles were fake, a mask to hide his true emotions. But not now. Now, he was smiling for real, because, like his broken heart, his friendship with Sophie was slowly mending. And Keefe knew that one day, things would be back to the way they once were. In fact, myabe, just maybe, they might be more than friends, one day. But for now, Keefe was perfectly happy to just be friends. 

  A few days later, things seemed to be back to normal. Well, not with Fitz. Keefe thought about hailing him; after all, Fitz was, or had been, his best friend. But Keefe wasn't sure he was ready to talk to Fitz. So he set down his new imparter and sat down on his bed. He tried not too, but he couldn't stop his brain from thinking about what might have happened between Sophie and Fitz. The one thing Keefe was certain of was that Fitz would have shouted at her and been really, really mad. Keefe's stomach churned. What if he had ruined things between Sophie and Fitz forever? He knew how much Sophie cared about Fitz, and how much she valued their friendship. But a tiny part of Keefe hoped that Sophie and Fitz wouldn't be friends anymore. Not because Keefe wanted Fitz to be upset, or Sophie to be upset, he just knew that she couldn't keep letting Fitz break her heart.  


 After a few days, Sophie could start saying that she was fine without lying. Yes, Fitz still wouldn't talk to her and yes, she still had no idea what to do about her current situation, but she knew that things were going to be okay. Fitz had broken up with her- that was his choice, and he couldn't keep pretending like he and Sophie were together. At some point, he was just going to have to realize that Sophie was her own person with her own thoughts and feelings, and he couldn't control her. Although the thought made her feel slightly better, Sophie's heart still ached. She had liked Fitz since she met him- did she really want to just throw her friendship with him away? What about Keefe? the little voice said. You still have him. Sophie smiled slightly. Yes, she did have Keefe. And Dex. And Biana. And all her other friends, who had been through so much with her. She still had them. And one day, if Fitz was willing to forgive her, then she would have him. But if not, she would move on, and she would be fine.  


 When Ro came into his room, Keefe thanked her. For protecting him, for comforting him, for fixing things with Sophie. When he was done, the wave of emotions that smashed into him shocked him. Pride. Surprise. Determination. Care. And although what Ro said next wasn't exactly kind, Keefe knew that she did care about him. And he was glad to have her as his bodyguard, even if she was extremely annoying and embarrassing. "Woah, woah, no need to get all sentimental, Funkyhair!" said Ro. Keefe smiled, then remembered something. "Hey... what was that you said the other day? About you knowing what it feels like to be so close, then to just have everything snatched away?" He glanced at Ro, and feeling her sudden embarrassment, he took the chance to tease her. "What was that about? Or should I say who?" He smirked at her. "How 'bout Bo? Or... what was his name? Cad?" Ro growled at him. "If you like its current shape and size, I would suggest you get your nose out of my business," she snarled. Keefe stood his ground. "This is perfect for a new verse of The Ballad of Bo and Ro!" he exclaimed. Ro took out a dagger and started playing with it. "One more word, Funkyhair," she warned. Keefe smirked again. "How's that triangle of yours going?" he asked. "Ro-Bo-Cad?" Ro lunged at his and grabbed him, messing up his hair and giving him a major wedgie. Keefe squealed and Ro dropped him, laughing. 


 When Fitz hailed her, Sophie thought about ignoring him. But that would only make things worse. So she picked up her imparter and took a deep breath before answering the call.  

She had prepared herself for Fitz to yell, or apologize, or do something, but she wasn't ready for him to do nothing. He just sat there, glaring at her, silent and unforgiving. "Um..." Sophie mumbled. "Was there something you wanted to talk about? Or..." her voice trailed off. Fitz just glared. The sight of his teal eyes staring at her, full of hate, made Sophie's stomach hurt. Finally, Fitz said something. "Do you like Keefe?" he asked, his voice dark and angry. Sophie swallowed before answering. "Yes, he's my friend." Fitz narrowed his eyes more. "I mean, do you like him the way... you liked me?" Sophie's face grew hot. "I... that's..." she couldn't finish whatever it was she was trying to say. Fitz snorted. "Just the fact that you can't say 'no' pretty much answers my question," he growled. Sophie looked at the floor. Fitz had been her first friend. Her first crush. What was it he had said the other night? Don't lie! Sophie looked back at the screen. "I don't know," she whispered. Fitz sighed. "That's your answer?" he asked. Sophie nodded. "Well," he huffed. Then the screen went black. He had hung up, without saying goodbye. Sophie sighed. If that's what he wanted to do, then so be it. 


 After his battle with Ro, Keefe decided to hail Sophie. "Hi, Foster," he said when she answered. Then he noticed that she was frowning, a familiar crease on her forehead. "What's wrong?" he asked, wondering if it was something he had done. "Nothing," said Sophie, which was totally unconvincing. "Don't lie," said Keefe, smiling. Sophie sucked in a sharp breath. "What?" asked Keefe again. Sophie sighed and pulled out an eyelash. "Well, Fitz just hailed me. And he asked me..." she paused for a moment, then continued. "He asked if I liked you." Keefe sighed. "That's none of his business," he told her. Sophie nodded. "I know." Keefe tried to stop it, but he blurted out, "And what did you tell him?" Sophie closed her eyes. "I told him I don't know." Keefe took a deep breath. That's better than no, he told himself. But it's not yes. What if she had said yes? Then what? Keefe had felt her emotions that night, had glimpsed how Sophie really felt about him, but what if that had only been one night? Keefe looked at Sophie. "Are you ok?" he asked her. She nodded and smiled slightly. She said goodbye, then there was a click and the screen went blank.  

 There was a knock on Keefe's door, then a voice called, "Keefe?" Keefe frowned. "What?" he asked, wishing his father would just leave him alone. The door creaked open and Lord Cassius entered the room. "What are you doing?" he asked as Keefe quickly hid something behind his back. "Nothing," he lied. He had, in fact, been drawing Sophie, but there was no way he was telling Lord Jerkface about that. His father narrowed his eyes. "You do realize that I can read your emotions, don't you?" He paused. "And... the from what I'm feeling from you, this must have to do with Miss Foster." He raised an eyebrow at Keefe, who rolled his eyes. "I'm right, then?" asked Lord Cassius. "No, you're a jerk," said Keefe, attempting to smirk. His father sighed. "Be that as it may, I am also your father. So tell me what you were doing," he said, then added, "Please." Keefe turned his head away. "No." he said stubbornly. Behind his back, he folded the drawing and slipped it into his pants pocket. Then, the drawing safely hidden, he started don another one, this time of Wynn and Luna. His father drew himself up. "Do not ignore me, Keefe," he warned. Keefe slowly turned towards him, his face red with anger. "Me? Not ignore you?" he shouted. "Ha! What do you call what you did to me all my life, huh? You never paid me any attention except to tell me I was wrong, I was stupid, I was worthless." Keefe took a deep breath. "You always say you care about me. But you don't. All you care about is that I make you look good! You think that if you force me to be your puppet, and act the way you want me to, then everyone will think you're amazing and wonderful, but you're not! You're cruel, and you don't care at all!"  

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Keefe realize that everything he had just said was also true about his mom. The thought made him laugh coldly, though a tear streaked down his face. "Get out," he told his father. Lord Cassius, who looked both stunned and furious, obeyed. But, as he left, he slammed the door so hard that most of Keefe's drawings fell off of the walls. One of them landed at his feet. He picked it up and stared at it. He must have drawn it a long time ago, because it wasn't very good. And it definitely wasn't any scene he would draw now. The drawing showed three people- a tall, blond man, a smiling blond woman, and a blond boy standing between them, grinning and happy. On the back, little Keefe had written Mom, Dad, and Me. Keefe stared it it for a moment, then crumped the paper. A sob escaped his lips and he threw the wad of paper as hard as he could at the wall before collapsing on his bed.  


 As the sun sank, Sophie took up her usual position under Calla's tree. Wynn and Luna wandered over and sat down with her, nuzzling her and resting their heads in her lap. She sat there, happy and peaceful, until a hoarse voice called, "Foster?" Sophie looked around, and there was Keefe, his sticking every which way and his eyes wet and swollen. He came and sat next to her, his hand resting on Wynn's head. "What's wrong?" asked Sophie. Keefe stared at the ground. "My dad and I had a fight." He took out a piece of paper and stared at it, making sure Sophie couldn't see it. Sophie put a hand on his shoulder. "I'm so sorry, Keefe," she said softly. "Is there anything I can do?" she asked. Keefe looked up at her. "You're doing it right now," he smiled slightly. "Thank you, Foster." Sophie stared at him. "For what?" she looked confused. Keefe took her hand. "For always being there for me," he whispered. Sophie smiled. "That's what friends do."       


 For once, the word friends didn't make Keefe wish that he and Sophie were more than that. Instead, it filled him up with warmth, and for the first time in a while, he was truly happy.   

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