Post fanart on a ship canary page. If you did not create it, give credit to the original artist(Or try to post the link if you found it online.) Make sure that the drawings or artwork is suitable for everyone and has appropriate content. Make sure to keep the negative comments to yourself, and give only positive feedback enjoy!

Sokeefe (Sophie x Keefe) Edit

Sophitz (Sophie x Fitz) Edit

Sodex (Sophie x Dex) Edit

Bam/Tiana (Biana x Tam) Edit

Flinh/Litz (Fitz x Linh) Edit

Erady/Gradaline (Edaline x Grady) Edit

Koralie (Kenric x Oralie) Edit

SoLinh/Lophie (Sophie x Linh) Edit

Dexella (Marella x Dex) Edit

Vackizznee/Dexiana (Biana x Dex) Edit

Tarella (Marella x Tam) Edit

Aldella/Dellden (Della x Alden) Edit

Jarella (Marella x Jensi) Edit

Linx (Linh x Dex) Edit

Lylie/Winh (Linh x Wylie) Edit

Sizel/Grandor (Grizel x Sandor) Edit

Finella/Maretan (Fintan × Marella)

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