Shimmering River Modeling

A world-famous Elvin modeling company that makes modeling magazines. (to be expanded)

Jobs[edit | edit source]

If you would like a job, please contact either the CEO or the Head of the department you are applying for. If there is no Head of Department, contact the CEO. Administrative jobs and Head of Department jobs must go to the CEO for interviews.

If you have reserved a character, please make sure they have an interview with the people mentioned above before you officially sign them on for the job.

The main Administrative team: Genesis Fayre - CEO (office) Open - CEO's Personal Assistant Open - CFO (office) Open - CMO (office)

Design Editors help design the magazine and come up with creative ways to help improve the magazine. Open - Head Design Editor (office) Open - Assistant Head Design Editor Reserved - Design Editor Open - Design Editors

Journalists of the magazine write descriptions of the models for the articles included in the magazine. Open - Head Journalist (office) Open - Assistant Head Journalist Open - Journalists

Photographers take pictures of the models, to be put in the magazine articles. Open - Head Photographer (office) Elena Levine - Assistant Head Photographer Open - Photographers Open - Head

Model Agents are the one of the more important positions in the company. They are responsible for the models, and each agent will have one or more models assigned to them. Agents must authorize all photoshoots and can arrange photoshoots for their models too. Jennifer Eden - Model Agent Reserved - Model Agent Open - Model Agent

If you would like one of your roleplay characters to be a model in a Shimmering River Modeling Magazine, please sign them up below so they may have an interview with the CEO.

Magazine Covers[edit | edit source]

If you would like to create the cover for the magazine issues, please contact Alpha.

Magazine 1 - Vee

Magazine 2 - Bea

Magazine 3 - Alpha

Magazine 4 - Via

Magazine 5 - Sophie

Archives[edit | edit source]


Roleplay[edit | edit source]

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