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I lay in the small room, the thoughts of others filling my mind that would soon be a pit of forgotten secrets. A place holding my swan song. My dreams, and my to-be empty thoughts.

I think of Wylie, his smiling face replacing the ongoing thoughts of other elves from outside the door, suddenly filling my gruesome thoughts with happiness.

Alden bursts through the door, his nicely-gelled hair bobbing up and down, and Quinlin at his side.

"I'm sorry." He says. "I have to do this." Alden runs his hand through his hair.

I scowl. "If you were sorry, this would not be happening."

"He's right, Lord Alden." Says a familiar voice. Teirgan appears from behind Alden, a horrid look on his face.

"You can leave right now- and never mention this again, or you can do this and be a perfect Vacker who does anything for glory." Teirgan says, a tear rolling down his cheek.

"Or maybe it's for the right reason." Says Quinlin.

I scowl again. "Oh, please. You and your pathetic excuses."

Alden gives me a hard glare. "This is no time to be rude." He states.

I glare back. "You're the guy who's going to shatter my mind tonight." I imagine the scene. Me, rocking back in forth in this cagelike cell, empty and mindless. I shudder.

Teirgan pats me on the back. "And, theres no way you'll get something from his mind when it's broken." He'll give in soon enough. You'll be free. You'll se Cyrah and Wylie.

No. I think to myself. This is what i want. I want to prove i was right. I will prove them. Not now, but someday.

I smile when Alden's facial expressions change. I put my hand on Teirgan's. "It's okay." I say, turning my sanity to dust. "Let him break me."

Teirgan looks at me in shock. "Do you even know what you're saying?" He asks, hoping what i said was a lie.

I feel like fainting, all the horrid thoughts running through my mind again.

" Tell- tell- Wyl-Wylie." I say, my consciousness starting to slip away. "Tell him when she'll make everything better. Tell him she'll be the one to bring me home."

"Who?" Asks Alden.

I smile. "The Moonlark."

Then, after i said one of my last words, finally, my consciousness slipped away, leaving darkness to welcome me to my new world.

See you later, Cyrah. Take care of Wylie for me. Tell him how brave his father was.

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