When sixteen-year-old Zia Evelton finds a shard of glass in the marketplace, it starts to give her mysterious visions: of unknown people in strange clothing fighting figures in black cloaks. And every trap, every traitor, every new waking dream brings on an onslaught of guilt. And she keeps finding more and more of these.

But she isn't an elf. And her mind won't break.       

So now, a human is the only person who can return the shards of glass to the Lost Cities.


Lady Gisela picked up the glimmering piece of broken glass and inspected it suspiciously. "This little thing? Are you sure?"

"Of course I am," Gethen said impatiently. He crouched on the floor, collecting the glinting shards.

Lady Gisela lifted the glass to the light. "And this will erase all of my guilt."

"So he says," Vespera said, standing serenely by the window with her long scarlet dress billowing behind her. "And yet we still do not trust this, no?"

Lady Gisela rolled her eyes. "Vespera, you yield to your leader. Me. And I say let's do this."

"I suppose," Vespera said dismissively, then returned to staring out the window.

Gisela held the shard at arm's length and presented it to Gethen. "Fine. Get this activated, idiot."

"My pleasure." Gethen plucked the glass out of her fingers. Vespera sighed and went to stand by him.

Gethen placed two fingers on Lady Gisela's temple, and Vespera placed a hand on the Neverseen leader's arm.

Ten long minutes passed. Finally, Gethen jerked back with sweat trickling down the side of his face.

"It's done," he said through gritted teeth.

"Very good." Lady Gisela held out her hand expectantly. Vespera waited, her face expressionless.

Gethen reached out to place the shard in her hands, but a sudden gust whisked it away from him. Lady Gisela gasped, and Gethen lunged for the broken glass.

"You fool!" Lady Gisela shouted. "What are we going to do now?"

Gethen watched it flutter down, like a feather in a windstorm. He could've used telekinesis or levitation to retrieve it, but looking at Lady Gisela's enraged face, he knew she was better off. Her guilt was safely stored in the glass. If some poor unfortunate soul (lol XD) found it, then good riddance. For all he cared, it could end up in the Forbidden Cities and he wouldn't bat an eye.

If only he knew all of the trouble that tiny piece of glass would cause the Lost Cities.

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