Shards: A Keeper Of The Lost Cities Fanfic

By Willowed Sophie AKA Amine Embers


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Okay, these next few events come straight after Unlocked’s Ending

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Chapter 1


Sophie sucked in a breath as her eyes went straight to the end of the note.



Her fingers trailed across the handwritten words unconsciously as her eyes dashed though the rest of the page. 

Once she’d finished, Sophie sank down on her overly fancy bed, closing her eyes as tears soaked her tunic. What could she do?

Sophie wanted so badly to track him down, but he obviously didn’t want her tracking him down, but…

Sophie stopped that  thought right there because she’d already made her decision. She sighed, shook her head, and grabbed her Imparter off her bedside table.

“Show me Keefe Sencen”, Sophie whispered, closing her eyes, counting, and waiting for his voice to fill the room. 

When she made it to four hundred eight and he still wasn’t there, Sophie sighed and switched to transmitting. 



Keefe, please, it’s Sophie.






Because it’s true!

Well, then I don’t care how risky it is, I want you back! 

I want you back too, Foster.

The sadness in his mental voice broke Sophie’s heart.

Can you PLEASE come back, Keefe?

I’ll be fine, okay?

Stop avoiding the question! Also, WHY are you doing this to me?

You should stop worrying about me, Sophie.

Okay, now he was really worrying her.

Sophie wondered if she’d be able to search his memories from a distance.

She figured it was worth a try. 

Sophie stretched out her mind, wincing at the sudden headache, but holding strong as she searched for his location. 

She caught a glance at the nearest memory and when she saw her face Sophie did a double take. 

And when Sophie watched it…


Let’s just say that this time, there weren't any barriers keeping her from seeing it this time.

Sophie watched herself open the present and gasp. Past Keefe was nervous she wouldn’t like it, tempted to fiddle as Past Sophie sucked in a breath

“Keefe, I…” 

“Look at that. The…” Past Keefe continued talking, but Sophie was focused solely on the emotion bubbling in the memory. 



But beyond that was something else-something Sophie couldn’t put her finger on.

She gasped when she figured out what it was when Past Fitz entered the room.

Oh no. The memory whispered

Please don’t say it, Fitz.

Keep her in blissful ignorance.

Don’t let her know I love her.

Chapter 2


Foster? Are-are you still here?

She didn’t answer.

Keefe sighed and closed his eyes.

He was alone.

He’d always be alone.

He’d even chosen to be.

Keefe had leaped to a random  human city apparently called Versailles, France.

He overheard it from two slimy arrogant men bragging about their new shoe shops when he’d arrived.


The soft voice had him looking up into those warm chestnut eyes that he’d dreamed about every night since the *shiver* um, thing.

“Foster. H-How did you know I was here?” Keefe asked even though he already knew the answer. 

“I, er, searched your memories. And… saw stuff.” Keefe cringed at what those pauses ment.

“And… Keefe, I’m so sorry.”

Keefe nodded, knowing what she was probably implying.

She loved Fitz, not him.

His ears were ringing so loud with disappointment, heartbreak and embarrassment he nearly missed it when Sophie finished her sentence.

“...that I never noticed” She threw her arms around him, squeezing him ever so tightly. He hugged her back, and when they both finally drew back they both managed a small smile. 

Keefe was so relieved. He hardly believed it after years of hoping.

“Are you saying…” Keefe said.


Their happiness lasted about five seconds when a binding light flashed and then darkened the whole city and Keefe was knocked back. He groaned holding his aching head, his eyes darting around for Sophie. And that was when a person with long graceful fingers took the chance to shove a cloth in his throat.

Chapter 3


KEEFE!” Sophie screamed when she heard his groans fall quiet. “Shush.” A soothing voice whispered.

She suddenly remembered the  goblin throwing stars in her pockets.

She lined up her aim and heard a SHIIIIIICK! a few seconds later.

“Wrong choice, Sophie! You love to make my job so easy, don’t you, Sophie?” The metallic voice sang.

Another blinding light flashed, except this time, it came from the floor.

Creating searing white lines below her feet, the strange veins cracked and splintered the floor and suddenly they were falling-- but somehow sideways, not just down. Then they were pulled up, up, up into the light.

She was dropped onto a gray-silver very thin beam that had other thin rectangular and triangular beams connected to it.

Sophie looked down and immediately regretted it.

More beams like hers were there too, but arranged in a specific pattern.

People with green, blue, hazel and brown eyes shuffled below them.

The structure made a big A and was swirled with unlit lights.

This could only be one place.

We’re ON the Eiffel Tower!?

The humans didn’t notice, though.

Going about their daily lives on no account of gapping at the teens who seemed to have plopped out of the sky. 

And that’s when Sophie finally questioned:

How did she get here? There were no crazy in-the-air slides.

It didn’t feel like light leaping, and she didn’t see anybody else

So how?

Why, was a better question though.

But before she could put any more thought into it, Keefe dropped out of the sky with a thunderclap, and nearly fell to his death.

Chapter 4


AHHHH! FOOOOSTEEEER!” Keefe yelled, grabbing Sophie’s hands and helping her help him pull him up by lelavating, but it was shaky.

“Sooo… where are we?” He said.

“Paris, on the Eiffel tower”.

“I-fell? Sounds pretty reasonable”, he tried to joke, but it was too shaky.

Keefe sat down on the beam, grabbing Sophie’s hand when she tried to do the same and almost plummeted like he had. He helped her sit down and blew out a breath.

“Hello there, Keefe. Oh, and you too, Sophie.”

Rage boiled under his skin as he gritted out:

“What do you want?”

Lady Gisela cackled cruelly. “Isn’t it obvious? Revenge.” His mother’s eyes darted to Sophie. “Apparently, the moonlark has taken a stand. So, I’ll pay her and everyone she cares about. Especially you, Keefe.” Her eyes shone with greed as she pulled out a huge syringe. Keefe watched Sophie’s eyes go wide as she gagged, gripping Keefe’s hand so hard  it went white. Filled with red-hot anger, his lips started to form a word but froze as an overly soothing voice echoed through him.

“Don’t speak, Keefe. Cooperate. For Sophie, and yourself.”

A figure floated out from behind him-a Neverseen member, he could tell. She/he wore their trademark creepy-eyed robe, but the colors were reversed. A gloomy black neverseen eye stamped on each side, the dark color dimming the bright white robe.

They had black glittery jewels dripping over their face, and bright white diamonds all over. 

The weirdest part-Keefe obeyed. 

He was tempted to thrash and scream, but strangely, his emotions bubbled back to controllable mode, expect… 

He wasn't in con-

“Hello, Sophie.” Lady Gisela interupped with a villain-exquisite smile

Oh no. 

Keefe glanced up and then down. 

This wasn’t going to be good.

Chapter 5


You now have three options” Lady Giesla mentioned firmly, pulling out a murky gary-green vial and a bright blue vial. “You can take this Sophrine, get knocked out for quite awhile, and have Keefe take this ethertine mixed with shadowflux and cause him pain and a long recovery. Or, the other way around.”

Sophie’s stomach dropped to her feet.

“And the last one: My most preferred option, of course” Her eyes darkened “You call for someone who has a crystal to Aluterre and I force them to give me the crystal”, she bargained, cackling. “So, what’s it going to be, Sophie? If you try to inflict, well, Pistol”, she gestured to the floating white-robed figure next to her, “is here to, well, let’s just say she’s here to motivate and persuade you.And if you even think about teleporting, mark my words, you’ll regret it.

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