Four years ago a family was separated. The father, Amid, worked with the nobility. Or at least thats what he told his family..... Amid was actually a spy for the Neverseen and only did his job to keep his family alive. Sadly, this only worked for a bit. After a night where Amid had been reluctant to kill a councillor, the Neverseen killed his daughter (Melody). Amid was devastated and new he had to make sure no one in his family would fall in the Neverseen's hands again. 

So he told his wife, Calypso, that the Neverseen had also taken their son and daughter. Calypso was devastated, but kept made sure she couldn't break so that she could raise their now four year old daughter, Iowa. 

Their oldest child, Eloise, was sent to live with the Parkers. A family with only a young daughter, Divya, and her mother, Nalia (The father had left them at Divya's birth.) She soon forgot about her old life (with a few elixers the Parkers gave her) but never forgot her dead sister.

Oliver, the only boy in the family, was sent to Atlantis to live with the Prutt's, A family as famous as the Vackers. Ollie didn't get along with the boys in the family (Noah and Carden) but instead befriended Diana, the Prutts only daughter. 

Meanwhile, Iowa is curious what is inside the three rooms on the top floors of the Kendra Mansion? And why is dad coming home late every night?

Calypso KendraEdit

Roleplayed by: Open

Appearance: Lypsy has light brown hair and saphire blue eyes

Model: Kate Beckinsale

Ability: Beguiler

Nickname: Lypsy, Cal

Personality: She is kind but if you come near her daughter she will kill you.

Relationship: Married

Amid KendraEdit

Please Note: This character may die in the storyline

Roleplayed by: Maddie

Appearance: Amid has dark brown hair and teal eyes

Model: Todd Grinnell

Ability: Mesmer

Nickname: None

Personality: Nice and funny. Cracks jokes but when things get real, he will do anything to protect his family

Relationship: Married

Eloise ParkerEdit

Roleplayed by: Betsy

Appearance: Eloise has chocolate brown hair and teal eyes

Model: Hailee Stainfield

Ability: Charger

Nickname: El

Personality: Eloise is full of sass and fierceness. But can be kind when she needs to be. She also can help with emotional problems.

Relationship: None, yet

Siblings: Oliver Prutt, Iowa Kendra and Melody Kendra 

Parents: Amid and Calypso Kendra

Oliver PruttEdit

Roleplayed by: Crystal

Appearance: Ollie has light brown hair and blue eyes

Model: Aymeric Jett Montaz

Ability: You choose

Nickname: Ollie

Personality: Ollie is kind, funny and girls are obsessed with him

Relationship: None, yet 

Siblings: Iowa and Melody Kendra, Eloise Parker

Parents: Amid and Calypso Kendra

Iowa Kendra Edit

Roleplayed by: Open! 

Appearance: Iowa has long dirty blond hair and saphire eyes

Model: Thylane Blondeau

Ability: Not manifested. You get to chose what she eventually manifests as

Nickname: None

Personality: Iowa is curious and funny. She is also very kind and confident.

Relationship: None, yet (but she's four. So be logical)

Siblings: Melody Kendra, Eloise Parker, Oliver Prutt

Parents: Amid and Calypso Kendra

Melody KendraEdit

Please Note: This character will come into the rp later. She is thought to be dead

Roleplayed by: Z

Appearance: Melody looks like an older version of Iowa

Model: Skylar Dunn (Please find better one if possible)

Ability: Flasher

Nickname: Mel, Ode

Personality: Melody is kind and confused a lot 

Relationship: None, yet

Siblings: Iowa Kendra, Eloise Parker, Oliver Prutt

Parents:  Amid and Calypso Kendra

Divya ParkerEdit

Roleplayed by: Suldreen

Appearance: Via has brown hair and ice blue eyes

Model: None. Please find one

Ability: You choose

Nickname: Via, Div

Personality: Divya is kind and confident

Relationship: Crushing (On Ollie, once she meets him)

Siblings: None

Parents: Nalia Parker and unknown

Diana PruttEdit

Roleplayed by: Vee

Appearance: Diana has blond hair and ice blue eyes

Model: None. Please find one

Ability: Flasher

Nickname: Di, Ana

Personality: Ana is kind and confident... unless she's around Ollie

Relationship: Crushing (On Ollie)

Siblings: Noah and Carden

Parents: William and Anne Prutt

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