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we are powerful. we are strong. and we are afraid.



Elves are superior...Aren't they? Their world glimmers. Their palaces shine. And the may have the only oligarchy that has existed for longer than a century. And it's existed for much longer.

SuldreenSong's Scion looks into the noble families, and how even they have known the world to be broken. All before it truly shatters.



Not many elves can claim to have faced down death. Not many elves have seen the thin edge of a blade, which they knew would soon be covered in their own blood. Not many elves have come to regret all their actions. Others wouldn't see our world reflected in their own blood, or it trembling on sharpened edges.

I do.

I wanted one last thing.

A chance for a goodbye. And now drifting off, that was not enough. That swan song was not enough.

I had secrets, you know.

But I also had

the truth.

It was enough. Just not enough now. I wanted to share my learnings, my enlightenment. I wanted to teach our world. I'm leaving now---But there's one last thing....One last message I should make the rest of the world hear.

It's time for our world to fall. it's time for it to shatter. Time to burn, drown, sweep away all the pieces. We need an end.

This will be my swan song.




How can I pretend that reality isn't real? How can I preserve what's left of my sanity?

"Luzia." My voice stays at a monotone.....


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