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Scarlett Joyce

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Scarlett Joyce

Owned and Roleplayed by Crystal

About Scarlett Joyce
Full Name: Scarlett Joyce
Parents: Kylie and Marcus Joyce
Siblings: Carmen Joyce
Friends: Carmen Joyce
Nicknames: Scarlett
Age: 17
Gender: female
Personality: Scarlett is completely opposite from her sister for personalities. Scarlett hates attention, barely passed her tests, never wants to be famous, is always willing to shut up, and is very quiet. She is definitely not funny, can be rude, and most of the time, doesn't care about anyone or anything but her sister. Scarlett has no friends, and can be very lonely.


Carmen, Kylie, and Marcus Joyce

Carmen Joyce


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Kylie and Marcus Joyce were respected emissaries, and when Kylie was pregnant, the last thing they expected were twins. They never went to the doctors, insisting the pregnancy was fine. Once Carmen and Scarlett were born, both parents were horrified. Someone as high up as them, having twins?

Marcus wanted to get rid of the twins, fast. But as soon as Kylie saw them, she fell in love with them. They both fought over this for for a long time. Kylie eventually won, but it had caused a rift between them.

This eventually led to divorce, when Carmen and Scarlett were 3. They both grew up with only a mother, but that was fine by them.

As Scarlett grew up, her sister became famous. Scarlett was happy and proud of her sister, but it made things worse for Scarlett. Everyone wanted to be friends with the famous twin, not the twin who could barely pass a test. Scarlett pretended not to notice, and continued with life. She didn't mind most of it. Scarlett was not one who likes attention. It made her feel nervous and out of place.

Scarlett got in fights quite often with the other prodigies. Everyone claimed she was a girl who should be put on cleaning and trash duty. They thought it was funny, but it hurt Scarlett. They said she needed a lamer name, that Scarlett didn't fit her. They even started calling her a different name. Scarlett did her best to ignore them and shut up before it got worse. Scarlett found it really hard to focus on stuff with all the kids being mean to her, and no friend but her sister who is always to busy to spend time with her.


Scarlett Brown Hair and Midnight Blue eyes

Eye Color: Midnight Blue
Hair Color: Brown Hair
Height: 5'11
Model: Kylie Jenner

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