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Sakura Alphin



“Life is a race ever since you're born, so either you snooze and lose or try and win."







342 y.o


Probe and Washer




Brown Hair

Midnight Blue Eyes


She has brown hair and midnight blue eyes. She often wears a sakura hair pin. Her model is JiU from Dreamcatcher




She is quiet and attentive, and notices small things easily. She's bright and a fun to talk to, and she's an ambivert. She was formerly a bit insecure but after she went back to her real family, she became more confident and bright.


Sakura was abandoned when she was a newborn by her parents, and was left at the doorstep of an orphanage with a note that read, “Sakura. Sakura Alphin”. The orphanage took her in and named her as Sakura Alphin. A few weeks later a pair of Emissaries adopted her to make themselves more popular with their good deed. As you can see, the Emissaries are addicted to their public image. They had adopted 2 more kids before they adopted Sakura, and 1 more after adopting her. They showered no love towards those kids and their “affection” towards them were fake. Sakura felt abandoned and lonely. The 3 kids played by themselves, and Sakura was often called a loner and a weirdo by her “siblings”, and their “parents” didn’t even bother to correct them. The Emissaries were too busy taking care of their image that they never spent time with their adopted kids. The kids didn’t care, and the youngest was too loved by the older 2 to notice that, so Sakura was the only one who realized the lack of interest their so called parents had for them. When she was 11 years old, only days away from attending Foxfire, she suddenly had a dream. The dream was in a field of sakura trees, and she saw a couple amongst the trees. She could not recognize their faces since it was dream, but it was still pretty vivid. Each of the couple had a newborn baby in their arms, but one baby was wearing an addler that made it impossible to focus on her face. The next night she had another dream. The dream didn’t have any trees or whatnot, just a face. A face. A face of a girl. Sakura didn’t know who this girl was, but she felt weird. Why was she having those dreams? The next night, as expected, she had another dream. But this dream was more intense. Unlike the previous two dreams that was either neutral or happy, the third dream was filled with panicked voices that sounded miserable. Those voices were a constant repeat of her name, and few crying noises. The next night was a complete misery. A baby’s cry was heard in the background along with some ear piercing wails that made Sakura’s heart ache. The next night was nothing but pure darkness. Sakura had 4 dreams in a row, and it all seemed to be connected to one another. The next day she went to Foxfire(she passed the entrance exam) and accidentally told the prodigies about her dreams. At dinner she told her dreams to her family, and the Emissaries were horrified when they found out she told other elves. They were worried she was unstable, and feared that her weird characteristics would cause harm to their public image. After forcing her to swear to never speak of those dreams to anyone again, they made her sit outside in the rain the whole night, soaking wet. Sakura had enough. She had enough of the Emissaries. She had enough of them restricting her. She had enough of her “siblings” that tormented her. So that night….she ran away. But not far though because her adoptive parents caught her. They made her skip Foxfire for a week before allowing her to attend again. Sakura was devastated. So when she was able to attend Foxfire again, she shut her mouth and didn’t speak a word about her dreams. She made it to Level 2, and manifested as a Telepath. Near her finals, she met a girl. It wasn’t any other girl, but the girl that was in her dream months ago.

Sakura was confuzzled. How could someone in her dreams be real? The two stared at each other warily, as if one might lash out at another. And from the way the girl was staring at her, Sakura was sure the girl had dreams about her too. It turned out that the girl, whose name is Acacia, and Sakura were twins. Their parents had abandoned Sakura and pretended that she didn’t exist. They washed Sakura’s memories of her when she was a baby just in case she remember them after she grew up, but the memories surfaced in her dreams after 10 years of deception. Sakura was heartbroken. After a lot of conflict, Sakura’s adoptive-parents found out about it. Turned out that they had a bit of sympathy for her, because they made her write a letter. A letter to her biological parents. A letter that said everything she wanted to say to them. At first it’s angry, as she knew it would be. How could you? Why did you? What kind of parent are you guys? Yet by the 5th paragraph it melts. It becomes all about thanking them for taking care of her twin, and at least giving her a name. At first her intentions were to hurt them, and to remind them exactly what they’ve abandoned when they left her at the orphanage. But then it slowly morphs into how thrilled she is to meet them and how lonely she felt. When she started, she knew how the letter would end: I hope to never meet you guys ever again and I hate you for what you’ve done. But when she finally reached the final paragraph, she finds, "Hope to meet you, your forgotten daughter, Sakura." written down instead. Then she feels the overwhelming weight of her tears welling up inside. She doesn’t know which emotion those tears come from. Anger? Sad? Grief? Disappointment? Regret? Her adoptive mother steps in moments later she calls out and takes the letter from her. Sakura watches as the mail is sent to her real parents in mixed emotions. A day later it was confirmed that she’d meet her real parents a week later. A week passes in a rush and she finds herself standing in the front door of her parent’s house. She doesn’t know what to feel. What was she going to say? But all of those thoughts evaporate when she sees the two figures she longed for. Emotional tears flood her and her parent’s eyes as the three of them hug. Then they talk. Talked about everything. Her parents wanted to know everything about her, and she gladly tells them. Then her parents tell her what made them abandon her. They tell her that they were afraid Sakura and Acacia would be shamed on for their entire life, and was willing to give one of them a better life by erasing themselves from the one’s mind and memories. They wanted to at least give them a normal life, and Sakura understands them. Her adoptive parents agreed on letting Sakura live with her real parents and change all legal relationships with them, and miraculously her adoptive parents became more kinder. They treated their remaining adopted children with more affection. Sakura felt the empty hole in her heart filled up again and is eager to be in her real family. However it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Her former friends in Foxfire all left her when they figured she was a multiple birthed kid. Sakura becomes sad, but realizes that she didn’t need them because they weren’t her true friends. True friend would stick with her through thick and thin no matter what her status was. Acacia, who’s a Telepath, and Sakura, who's a Telepath too(similar to their parents who were both Telepaths), became Cognates-in-training. By the time the two graduated from Foxfire they mastered the art of Cognatedom and they were very powerful. They were offered to become Washers and Probes and they both agreed.

Biological Parents- Amelia and Jace Alphin
Adoptive- Veronica and Brian Lindia
Biological Sibling-Acacia Alphin(twin)

Adoptive Sibling-Isabella Lindia, Ellen Lindia, and Benjamin Lindia
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Sakura Alphin ~ Secretive Telepath > Washer and Probe
“Life is a race ever since you're born, so either you snooze and lose or try and win."
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