Chapter 1(not very exciting but we will get to it!. Btw this happens after Legacy)

Sophie returned to the Healing Center, hair freshly combed and a fresh, grey tunic on. Fitz was on the cot, opening boxes of prattles one after another and taking out pins. He grinned when he saw her, but her eyes traveled to Keefe, who laid silent on the bed, face pale and hair disheveled. It felt strange to see him in such a way, with his usually carefully styled hair in a mess, and his smirk gone. Kneeling next to Keefe’s cot, she raked her fingers through his hair. She wanted him back, wanted him to tease her again, to hold her hand and send in his calming breezes, and to know that he would always be there for her, never judging her decisions. Gently squeezing his hands and closing her eyes, she telepathically called out. KEEFE KEEFE KEEFE. Sophie could help but laugh at how much she sounded like Silveny now. KEEFE! PLEASE WAKE UP! I NEED YOU! WE CARE ABOUT YOU! PLEASE WAKE UP AND TELL ME YOU ARE OKAY! AREN’T YOU GOING TO TEASE ME ABOUT HOW MUCH I MISS YOU? She felt a shadow pass over her. Teal eyes looked down at her with concern. 

“ Sophie? Are you alright?”, Fitz asked, forehead wrinkling in concern. 

Sophie blushed, realizing Fitz was still in the room. 

“ Yes “, she answered, knowing it was a lie.

An answer I would expect from you. But what’s the truth Sophie?

She nearly jumped from the clear accented voice in her head.

You should know me well enough to know I wouldn’t be able to answer that, Sophie teased. 

I should… but sometimes I can’t help but wonder... , Fitz trailed off.

Elwin entered the room from his office.

“ I’m going to check on his vitals again.”

Sophie and Fitz waited, worry drawn on their faces. 

Dragging his hand down his face, Elwin sighed. 

“ I checked everything. As always everything seems normal, yet he hasn’t woken up like he should be.”

Sophie frowned. 

Determined, she said,“ I’m going to still telepathically call out to him”

“ Need any help? I’m always here”, Fitz added, teal eyes looking expectantly up at her.

“ I think it’s best that I do this on my own”.

Sophie blushes when she sees his disappointed frown, “ I’m sorry, but this is for the best.”

Fitz nodded. 

Keefe… I need you… I can’t live without you here. You are the person who understands me best and I need you back in my life.

Sophie’s eyes pooled with tears. 

As she rubbed the tears away on her tunic, she saw Keefe stir. His eyes fluttered open.   

 Chapter 2 ( spoiler: SOME SERIOUS SO-KEEFE SNUGGLES)   

“Keefe!”, Fitz and Sophie cried in unison. 

Sophie could help but lunge forward and hug him, almost knocking him off the cot.

“Foster and the Fitzy!” Keefe gasped under Sophie.

Sophie’s face flushed and got off of Keefe muttering, “Sorry.”

“No worries Foster. Now can I get another hug?” Keefe opened his arms out and smirked, ice blue eyes twinkling with his usual humor.

Sophie hesitated, about to roll her eyes, but she took the invitation. She buried herself into his arms, putting her head in the nook of his neck. She didn’t care about having Fitz watching them… all that mattered was that Keefe was back.

“Woah, that's a beautiful array of emotions you hit me with”, Keefe smirked.

Sophie turned red and hid her face into his tunic.

I missed you

Keefe’s eyes met hers. 

I missed you to Foster. I… I need to tell you something…


The whole room shot up in terror. 

Sophie jerked her head up, almost banging her head against Keefe’s chin.

“ Ow”, Keefe rubbed his chin, “The pain’s worth the snuggling.”

Hiding behind her curtain of blond hair she reddened. 


Ro stormed into the room, and picked Keefe up, swinging him around.

“ Oh boy! Finally my amoebas can serve a purpose! Now that you are awake, your punishment awaits you!”, Ro shouted, still swinging Keefe around. 

“ He’s turning a bit green. Take in mind that we do not want throw up sprayed all across the room”, Elwin reminded.

Ro set Keefe down, giving him a pat on the back as he spun around dizzily as he walked back to his cot. 

“ What did you want to tell me?” Sophie inquired to Keefe.

She couldn’t help but notice the pink tinging Keefe’s cheeks.

“ I’ll talk to you later in private about it.”

Fitz eyebrows shot up, narrowing his eyes at Keefe and Sophie. 

“ Ooh! So they are going to have a private talk together? Well they need a chaperone! Don’t worry Pretty Boy! I’ll watch over them!” Ro said, dropping down next to the queasy looking Keefe.

Sophie and Keefe blushed together, meeting each other’s eyes and then looking away embarrassed. 

Fitz looked… disgusted, but there was something else. Envy?  

Chapter 3 ( Keefe POV )

A voice, as clear as a bell rang in his head. Calling me forward, drawing me from the darkness and shadows of my mind. Sophie. I thought about the brown, gold flecked eyes, full with worry and care. Sophie. Her name paved a path, for me to regain consciousness, an inspiration of love and life. Slowly, I opened my eyes. Eyes blurred from days of sleep, I blinked furiously, trying desperately to clear up my vision. 

“Keefe!”, two people cried.

Suddenly, I felt someone leap into my arms. Sophie. Breathing in her golden hair, I peered over her shoulder. There was Fitz, face beaming with his perfect white teeth, but teal eyes murky with hurt. 

“ Foster and Fitzy!”, I cried, trying to smooth the problem Sophie wasn’t seeing. 

Sophie got off of me, face turning into an adorable shade of pink as she muttered an apologetic, “ Sorry.”

“ No worries Foster. Can I get another hug?” I teased, expecting her to turn away the invitation and scold me. 

But she didn’t. Once again, she was in my arms, head tucked into the nook of my neck. I let out a little sigh. I could stay like this forever, with my beautiful golden girl. 

I could feel her emotions hitting me. Hope, worries, relief, but also something else, much more tender and too much for me to approach. It was a fragile thing, and I chose not to believe it, until I knew it was truly confirmed. 

I miss you

Her voice spoke softly into my mind.

I miss you too Foster…and I.. I need to tell you something.

I knew I had to admit it sooner or later. I truly loved her. Not for her specialties and power, but for her true self. Yet, before I was able to confess, Ro stomped in on us. Sophie jerked up and bruised my jaw, but I didn’t mind. Anything that came from Sophie was a gift. Suddenly I was picked up by strong ogre arms. I was swung around and around until Elwin came to the rescue. I surely would’ve had an amazing Hurlfest if it wasn’t for Elwin. 

“ What did you want to tell me?” Sophie asked curiously, gazing into my eyes.

The question caught me by surprise and I couldn’t help but blush. How could I, Keefe Secen blush? I felt awkward but I covered it up with a smirk.

“ I’ll talk to you in private later Foster.”

Of course there was some epic Ro teasing and some dirty looks from Fitz. I could feel his anger, his feelings of betrayal swimming around me, like a swarm of angry murcats. Not like they can do any harm. But there was something else. Envy and jealousy radiating off of him like a stench. I comforted myself, he’ll get over it. But what happens if my plans go right with Sophie? Would it cost me a relationship with my best friend? I set these thoughts aside for later, but I knew I would confess no matter what… even if it ruined Fitz and my relationship. I’d do anything for my Foster. Anything.   

   Chapter 4 ( sown not much of Keephie here but IT IS COMING)

Keefe returned to Candleshade, despite his whining and complaints. 

“ Someone take me in! I don’t want to go to Daddy Dearest yet!” Keefe looked pleadingly at Sophie and Fitz holding both of his hands out as Ro held up his leaping crystal. 

“ I would… but Grady would…”

“ Kill you”, Fitz finished for her. 

“ He’ll warm up to me sometime! Just wait!” Keefe smirked, “He’d love me if he could get to know me and stop calling me ‘that boy.’”

Sophie flushed,” Sorry about that. Grady is just overprotective.”

“ It’s fine Foster. But I always find a way to charm someone into loving me”, He winked as Ro pulled him into the light. 

Her face felt hot and she turned away from Fitz, determined not to show how blustered she was. 

“ I should go”, Sophie said holding up her home crystal. 

“ Same “, Fitz's voice was toneless. 

For some reason they were back to square one. Everything was awkward between them again. But Sophie didn’t know how to break the ice this time. She didn’t know what was bothering him at this moment. 

“ Bye” she said, leaving for good and ready to return to the comforting arms of her loving parents in Havenfield.  

Grady and Edaline rushed over from Verdi’s enclosure, covered in bright feathers. 

Edaline and Grady hugged Sophie tight.

Tucking Sophie’s hair behind her ears, Edaline bent forward and studied Sophie’s face.

“ I’m guessing something good happened but there is also something disturbing you?”, Edaline questioned. 

“ I hope it doesn’t have to do with that boy, or any other boy problems”, Grady grumbled. 

Edaline shot Grady a dirty look full of menace.

“ Keefe woke up!” Sophie couldn’t help but question if he was truly in a state of sleep.  She remembered his lifeless eyes and blank stare. Sophie shuddered.

“ That’s great honey! But it looks like you are half starved. Let's get you something to eat”, Edaline said, walking towards the house.

Sophie smiled. It was nice to be home.    


Keefe paced around his room. Hair comb in one hand and a his Imparter in the other hand. 

“ Girl troubles again?” Ro asked, snorting as she studied her newly painted red nails. 

Keefe groaned, “ What do I do? Should I hail her? Should I just show up at Havenfield?”

Ro snorted again, “ You elves think too much. You guys do all the planning but rarely go according to plan or take action.”

Keefe opened his mouth to argue, but the words rang true, at least the part about things “rarely going according to plan”. But he had no time to argue. 

“ It would be rude to step into Havenfield without Sophie and her parents knowing”, Ro said, tossing her pigtails over one shoulder, “ But it would be awkward to hail her without telling her what’s going on. And if you spill the beans too early and especially not in person... you can surely ruin everything.”

“ Wow that helped sort out everything”, Keefe said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. But it did help… not like he would admit it. 

“ Whatever Hunkyhair.”

Keefe’s eyes brightened. 

“ What if I invite her over to Candleshade?”

Ro’s jaw dropped, “ With Daddy Dearest around? Are you out of your mind?”

“ True…” Keefe smiled mischievously, “ But if you can sneak him some amoebas to keep him busy…”  

“ I see where you are going… but you owe me a dare.”

“ Fine, it’s a deal.”

Keefe hailed Sophie, channeling his confidence and his well known spunk. 

“ Keefe?” Sophie yawned. 

“ Hello Foster! Cute little bedhead you’ve got!”

Sophie reddened as she felt her hair.

“ Don't worry Foster. I don’t judge by looks!”

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Ro, making shooing motions as if telling him to go on, before lumbering away to deal with Lord Caccius. 

“ I was wondering… If you wanted to come over to Candleshade and spend some quality Team Foster- Keefe time together?”

Raising her eyebrows, Sophie stared into the screen of her imparter. 

“ Fine with me. Let me just put on some clothes and comb my hair.”

“ I don’t mind if you even come in your pj’s” Keefe teased and lowered his voice, “ You always manage to impress me.”

Then he shut off his imparter and took a deep breath.

Whoo hoo! One score for Team Foster- Keefe.     

Chapter 6:

Sophie stood in front of Vertina. 

“ What’s the occasion today?”, Vertina asked, as Sophie desperately tried to tame her hair. 

“ Honestly, I have no idea… Keefe just invited me over to Candleshade.”

Vertina smiled, “ You gotta look good in front of your boyfriend!”

Sophie sighed, “He isn’t my boyfriend.” 

Rolling her eyes, the mirror laughed, “We’ll see about that.”

“ What is that supposed to mean?” Sophie scowled. 

“ I suggest you wear-”

Sophie quickly pulled on a white tunic and black leggings. 

“ Not exactly what I was thinking…” Vertina said, eyeing Sophie. 

Quickly putting on some gold eyeliner like Vertina suggested, and piling her hair up in a messy bun, she left the room. 


Sophie stood in front of Candleshade’s door with Sandor, expecting Lord Caccius to open the door and start bad mouthing Keefe. But instead there was Ro. Her large body frame blocking the door and a mischievous grin on her face. 

“ Don’t worry our pretty blonde! Daddy Dearest has been taken care of!”, Ro said, talking a glance at Sophie’s concerned face. 

That definitely did not help with the level of worry she was feeling for Keefe’s father, even though he mistreated Keefe. Maybe this would teach him a lesson. 

Ro led Sophie and her bodyguard to Keefe’s room, which was much neater and smelled much better than the last time they came. She could hear the two bodyguards starting to bicker outside in the hallway. Keefe was sitting on his bed, looking nervous and a small smirk on his lips.

“ Impressed with my cleaning skills?” 

“ Yeah. This was an improvement from… last time”, Sophie admitted, thinking about the last time she came here and how long ago that was. 

She walked over and sat next to him on his bed. Keefe couldn’t help but stare at Sophie. She was dressed casual today, but looked perfect as ever. Golden hair falling lightly upon her shoulders and specks of gold in her warm eyes.  

Sophie looked at Keefe and studied his expression. Keefe looked away, blushing. 

“ So are we here to talk about your new ability?” Sophie asked. 

But truthfully, Keefe hadn’t been thinking about his mother’s plans for him. He was focused on Sophie. He wasted too many days without her and he would make this his priority.

“ No…” Keefe trailed off, “It’s about…”

Words couldn’t prove his feelings for Sophie and it was just too awkward. Instead Keefe turned his head towards Sophie, grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer.  He could feel her pulse going crazy and the strong emotions she was hitting him with. 

“ Keefe-” Sophie started to say.

But Keefe leaned in… and kissed her. Sophie kissed him back. Keefe put one arm around her waist and she tangled her fingers in his blond hair. Losing balance, Keefe fell onto Sophie, lips smashing together and creating a tingling sensation. Finally, they pulled away. They blushed, arms around each other, and Keefe still on top of her.  He got up, blushing furiously and tearing his hand through his hair. Sophie sat up, cheeks red and clothes crinkled. 

“ Foster- Do you… like me?”

Keefe looked afraid, fearing to be rejected and pushed away.

“ I… I do” Sophie murmured. She realized all this time, it was Keefe who she liked… not Fitz. Keefe was always here for her no matter which path she decided to take.

Keefe broke out in a smirk, all the embarrassment washed away. 

“ I knew you couldn’t resist me”, Keefe teased, striking a pose and winking at her. 

Sophie laughed, hugging him. It felt so easy, so comfortable with him. They held each other’s gaze, but then they heard clapping. It was Ro. 

“ Good job Hunkyhair! I knew you could get our pretty blondie to fall for you!”

They blushed together. 

“ I’ve probably got to head back…” Sophie said, knowing Grady and Edaline would be worried, “ But see you tomorrow at school.”

Sophie grasped her home crystal.

“ Goodbye Foster”, Keefe planted a kiss on her forehead, “Just don’t miss me too much.”

Sophie blushed and stepped into the light, with a smile blooming across her face. 

Chapter 7( Sophie POV)

I woke up, hair the same rat ness as always and in rumpled pajamas. I couldn’t suppress the giddy feeling inside of me. My heart seemed to sing Keefe! Keefe! over and over again. But a part of me was worried. How would Fitz react? Did I not tell him I wasn’t ready for this stuff a few days ago? I mentally screamed at myself. But there was no time for this. 


It was lunch. Keefe stood next to me in line as we got food. I piled my plate with the weirdest of elvin foods. When we got to the dessert section our hands both reached for butter blasts.  

“ Let me help you with that”,Keefe put three butter blasts on my plate,” I know it’s your favorite.”

I smiled, “Thanks.”

We got a seat next to each other, and my heart fluttered. Keefe smirked. Ugh Empaths. 

Keefe pointed at the corner of his mouth. Did he want me to… I felt my face turn hot. 

“ You got something on your face”, Keefe laughed, wiping away the stain from the corner of my lip with a napkin. I blushed, hiding behind my hair. 

“ Did something happen?” Biana asked, looking from me to Keefe.

Keefe dropped the napkin and scratched at his head.

“ What do you mean?” He asked innocently. 

Biana rolled her eyes, giving us a look that said “I’ll talk to you two later about this.”

Keefe and I groaned. This was going to be very embarrassing. Suddenly we noticed all eyes were on us. Including Fitz. My heart tripped. 

Biana laughed nervously, “ Why don’t we have a sleepover tonight, at Everglen? We don’t have school tomorrow!” 

“ All of us?” Asked Dex pointing at himself with a hopeful stare. 

“ Sure!” Biana said, giving Keefe and I another wink. 

We groaned again. 

“ Whoo hoo!” Linh and Dex said, punching the air. Even Tam couldn’t hide his smile. Marella twirled her long hair in her fingers. 

“ I have a feeling we are going to learn much more about those two”, Said Marella, pointing at me and Keefe, “ Best way to get the new gossip! Get it from the source itself!”

“ What gossip? There’s nothing they are hiding… they are the same as always…” Fitz grumbled, narrowing his eyes on the napkin as if it held the key to life. 

It’s going to be hard to tell Fitz about this. I spoke telepathically to Keefe. 

Very true. Fitzy’s reaction is not going to be good… 

Chapter 8:

 They arrived at Everglen. Biana rushed out the front door, shrieking excitedly.

“ You’re all here!”

Fitz stood behind Biana, pacing back and forth. 

“ Fitz, why are you so scared? Is it because of Keefe and Sophie?”, Biana teased.

“ No!” Fitz snapped.

They heard a snort behind them, “Seems like it. I thought Fitz and Sophie were a thing.”

Ugh Stina. How could they have forgotten about her.

“ Come on in guys! I got some snacks prepared!”

The group bustled into the house.

“ Need me to help you Foster?” Keefe asked as I almost tripped on a stair for the gazillionth time. 

“ Nope” I said, my heart going into hummingbird mode.

I lugged my duffle bag further and tripped again. I almost fell on my face if there hadn’t been Keefe. He caught me, giving me a smirk. Taking my duffle bag from me, he guided me up the stairs. 

“ Could you hurry up?” Said an annoyed voice behind us.

Tam sighed, glancing up at us. 

I gave a little embarrassed shriek and hurried up the stairs with Keefe, his hand still on my shoulder.


“ Let’s play a game!” Linh suggested.

Dex grinned, “ Truth or Dare? It’s a human thing I believe… I don’t really know how to play but we can ask Sophie.”

I sighed. Of all the games they could’ve chosen, they picked truth or dare. Patiently, I told them about the game’s rules.

“ Sounds fun! Seems like we’re gonna get a lot of information out of this…” Biana giggled. 

“ Aw look at those two! They’re blushing!”, Linh cooed. 

To change the subject I said, “Let’s get on with the game.” 

“I’ll go first!” chirped Biana, “Keefe truth or dare?”

“Dare of course,” Keefe answered, smirking. 

Biana smiled innocently, batting her eyes, “ I dare you to confess to Fitz on how you feel about Sophie.”

Keefe turned red,” Why would I talk to Fitz about that? I thought you would’ve made me confess to everyone.”

“ It would save a lot of humiliation for you and also Fitz is the person who needs to hear it most from you.”

“Fine”, Keefe sighed,” Lets go talk in private Fitzy.”

Fitz shot Biana a glare. 

In a few minutes they returned. Fitz looking pale and silent, and Keefe looking extremely uncomfortable. I could only imagine what they had talked about. I blushed. 

“ Now it’s my turn”, Keefe said, grinning ear to ear, “Truth or dare Bangs Boy.”

“ I have a feeling this will not go well. But I chose dare. 

“ I dare Bangs Boy to dance around the room for a full five minutes” 

Tam growled.

“ It’s a dare Tammy. You can’t refuse”, smirked Keefe, crossing his arms.

The whole room couldn’t suppress their laughter as Tam danced around the room.

“ It looks more like you tripping on your own feet”, giggled Linh. 

Tam rolled his eyes, “ That good huh?”

Keefe laughed, “ I can show you some moves Bangs Boy.”

“ No thanks.”

Finally my turn came. 

“ Truth or Dare?”Linh asked me. 

I thought for a moment, pondering the outcomes and humiliation I would most likely face. Everyone was doing dares and I wouldn’t mind taking the risk. Hadn’t I taken so many risks before? What does this silly game count as?

“Dare”, I sighed. 

“ Whoo hoo Foster! I wasn’t expecting that choice!” Shouted Keefe, bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet. 

Groaning I shot him a glare. 

“ I dare you…” Linh paused for a second, “ To kiss Keefe.”

I froze. How could Linh be so ruthless?

“ Oh in front of everyone by the way!” Linh added gleefully. 

I paled. 

“ No backing out!” Said Stina, laughing at my expression. 

I glanced quickly at Fitz who was intently studying the buttons on his tunic. I got up and walked to Keefe. He stood up from where he was sitting and smiled at me, tucking my hair behind my ear. I took a deep breath and kissed him. His lips were warm and tasted of butter blasts. Blushing I pulled away. 

“ SO CUTE”, Squealed Biana and Linh together, clasping both hands together.

It was going to be a long night. 

Chapter 9( sleepover continued.) 

Keefe yawned, “ I wanna sleep now.”

“ Same”, Sophie said, suppressing a yawn of her own. 

Biana sighed, “ You guys are no fun.”

Dex punched Keefe and Sophie playfully on the arm, “ Don’t sleep yet guys! I still have tons of energy left.”

“ I don’t “, murmured Sophie sleepily crawling to her sleeping bag. 

Keefe dragged his sleeping bag over to Sophie’s and crawled in. 

He felt his eyelids going heavy and the last thing he saw was Sophie’s eyes fluttering shut. 

“ Goodnight Foster.”

“ Goodnight Keefie.”

Keefe almost shot out of his sleeping bag. 

“ DID I HEAR FOSTER CALL ME ‘KEEFIE’?’”, He screamed, losing all longings of sleep. 

“ Yes I did.. Be quiet please”, Mumbled Sophie. 

“ Can you say it again?” Keefe whispered, staring at Sophie expectantly. 

Sophie whispered, reaching out to tussle his golden hair, “ My Keefie.”

Keefe nearly squealed and Stina and Tam pretended to barf. 

Sophie let out a soft snore, her hand resting on Keefe’s cheek. Keefe held his fingers to his lips in signal to tell everyone to be silent and removed her hand gently from his face. He crept out of his sleeping bag and crawled into Sophie’s. Keefe wrapped Sophie in his arms and closed his eyes. 

Fitz turned redder than a tomato, pulling his own sleeping bag as far as away from Sophie and Keefe as possible. Biana rolled her eyes and Tam couldn’t help but snort. 

“ So childish”, Complained Biana, “ It’s probably harder than controlling the twins Dex.”

Dex shuddered, “ Don’t get me started on those little monsters. I would gladly trade you them for Fitz.”

“ Oh please take him!” Cried Biana, gripping Dex’s hand. 

They blushed and Biana withdrew her hands. 

“ I think we should go to sleep now”, said Tam, smoothing out his silver bangs. 

“ Wait”, Dex said and pulled Biana into a hug, “ Goodnight Biana.” 

“ AW SO CUTE!” Shrieked Linh, causing Keefe and Sophie to stir in their sleep. 

Biana and Dex both turned the matching shades of red. 

“ Keep it down!” Hissed Fitz from the corner of his room. 

Although his head was turned around from the others they could tell he rolled his eyes. 

“ Oop”, whispered Linh, crawling into her blue puffy, goose down sleeping bag,             


EXTRA( Doesn’t really count as a chapter) : 

Sophie woke up and rubbed her eyes groggily. She felt very warm, like she was being hugged. She froze as she noticed the arms around her. Sophie turned around, facing Keefe.  His ice blue eyes were open and shined brightly despite the curtained windows. 

“ What are you doing in my sleeping bag?” Hissed Sophie, afraid to wake the others.  

“ I was cold”, Whimpered Keefe, giving her his innocent puppy eyes. 

Sophie scowled,” Liar”

Keefe turned red, “ I guess I’m found out. But at least I didn’t let out any toxic Iggy farts.”

Sophie groaned. 

“ What time is it?’She asked. 

“ I don't know? They’re not up yet” Said Keefe pointing at everyone else in the room.  

Sophie stretched, yawning. She crawled out of the sleeping bag 

“Guess what?” Asked Keefe with a smirk on his face. 

“ What?” Sophie responded, raising an eyebrow. 

“ You gave me a nickname last night.”

“ I did?”

Sophie’s face was skeptical. 

“ You called me…” Keefe lowered his voice so that Sophie could lean in to catch what he was saying.

He continued,” You called me Keefie and even went as far to say My Keefie.”

Sophie felt her jaw unhinge and fall open. 

“ I did not!” She objected angrily. 

“ Ask them when they wake up”, Said Keefe hastily, gesturing to their friends. 

Sophie groaned, “ I rather not.”

Chapter 10:


Sophie and her friends walked in the elvin mall of Alantis ( is there a name for it? Sorry i just gave it a lame title). Biana had dragged them here without a second thought, wanting to buy a new dress for her and Sophie. 

“ I’m so excited about the upcoming dance!” Biana exclaimed, jumping up and down. 

Sophie’s face paled, “ A dance?”

“ Yes! That’s why we are here to pick out a new dress!”

Sophie nearly shook with horror. 

“ Easy there Foster” Said Keefe, squeezing her shoulder reassuringly, “ It’s just a dance.”

Sophie tugged at an eyelash, looking up at Keefe, “ I don’t even know how to dance.” 

“ That’s nothing to worry about! You're looking at an accomplished dancer right here” Said Keefe, casually flicking off an eyelash from a cheek and then striking a pose. 

He froze there, in the middle of the cobblestone path with one hand in the air and another on his tilted hips. It was an hilarious yet graceful pose, and surprising to see, especially on Keefe. 

“ What are you guys staring at?” Keefe asked, smirking.

“ You gotta be kidding”, Said Tam, “ You dance?”

“ I am a person of many talents” Said Keefe haughtily. 

“ Sure seems like it” said Fitz aloud, then mumbling almost inaudibly, “ Especially tallented at luring girls into your trap huh?”

“ I didn’t hear the last part” Said Biana, standing right next to Ftiz with a frown on her face.

Biana, knowing what Fitz had said, crossed her arms and scowled. 

Fitz reddened, “It’s nothing”

“ Hmm? Were you talking about Lord Hunkyhair’s many awesome qualities?” Asked Keefe, acting flattered. 

“ I wouldn’t call them awesome qualities” Scoffed Fitz, walking ahead of them. 

Keefe put a hand to his chest. 

“ That hurt!” Keefe cried after Fitz.

Though he meant it as a joke, Sophie could sense the true hurt in Keefe’s eyes. She gritted her teeth. She didn’t understand the hot emotions she was feeling right then but she marched after Fitz. He needed to stop hurting people, especially the people who she cared about the most. 

“ Sophie! What are you-” Keefe stopped. 

Sophie yanked back at Fitz's shoulder, whirling him around to face her.  

“ What is wrong with you? How could you act in such a way to your best friend?” Sophie asked while poking Fitz in the chest with her finger, “ Get your act together. Stop fighting over such childish things and get over it.” 

“ Get over what?” responded Fitz, stone faced as he looked down at the finger still planted into his chest. 

Sophie flushed, but didn’t remove her hand, “ Get over me.”

Fitz's eyes widened, and stormed away. Keefe ran over to where Sophie was standing, still fuming in the same spot with fist clenched. 

“ Woah there! You didn’t have to do all that for me”, said Keefe, then murmuring, “ No one has ever stood up for me like that.”  

Sophie’s face softened, “ I didn’t know what possessed me to do that. I usually don’t get fired up like that.” 

Keefe hugged her, “ Thanks for doing that. I’m glad I have you by my side.”

“ I got your back!” replied Sophie, grinning brightly. 

“ I got yours too!” Keefe said, giving Sophie a fist punch. 

They winked at each other in unusion. 

Dex rushed over, periwinkle eyes twinkling, “ I think Keefe’s demeanor is rubbing off on you Sophie”, giving Keefe a nudge. 

“ Hey but it’s not a bad thing!” chirped Biana, “ At least Fitz’s bad habits aren’t rubbing off on you!”   

Everyone couldn’t help but cringe at the name, even Linh whose eyes as seen the whole scene unravel from a distance. 

“ Glad you could yell at my brother! Hope he learns his lessons!” added Biana. 

Sophie flinched from her words, “ Heh… I wouldn’t call it yelling.”

“ Oh yea it was !” said Keefe half laughing. 

Sophie pinched the bridge of her nose, “ I shouldn’t have done that.”

Without another word, Keefe draped his hand around Sophie’s shoulder, in a half hug. 

“ Let’s go get that dress!” Shrieked Biana excitedly, practically skipping to the store. 

Sophie groaned as Keefe steered her to the store. 


“ There is no way I’m going to try out that many dresses,” Sophie said, pointing at the mountain of dresses in horror. 

“ Quit the complaining Sophie!”, Replied Biana in a muffled voice, behind the mountain of her own dresses. 

“ Why don’t you try on just a couple? I can help you pick them out Foster” said Keefe. 

“ I wouldn’t trust a boy to pick out my dresses”, warned Biana before going into a changing stall. 

Even Sophie felt a bit skeptical when Keefe went through  the pile of dresses. 

“ How about these?” 

Keefe held up two dresses. A sleek ice blue dress, with a silky, semi-opacent train behind it and a golden dress with long draping sleeves and a shimmering texture. 

Sophie grinned, reaching for the iceblue one, “ You have good style.”

“ Of course! It’s another one of my abundant tallents.”

Keefe winked, and pulled Sophie into a hug. 

“ I’m going to get something myself. I’ll be right back! Just try on the dress” Keefe said, pulling out of the hug and dashing away. 


“ You look great in that dress!” Squealed Biana.

“ Thanks.” 

Sophie looked at herself in the mirror. It was very beautiful, and the ice blue color reminded her of…

“ The color looks great on you! Reminds you of a certain someone’s eyes right?”

Sophie rolled her eyes, “ Marella?”

“ No, we know who we are talking about.”

“Stop with the teasing” complained Sophie returning to the stall, “ I’m just going to buy this dress and go find Keefe.” 


Sophie walked out of the shop, with the dress in a bag and her casual tunic on. She looked around for Keefe and the rest of her friends. Linh was still picking out a dress, Tam and Dex were looking at pets, while Keefe was nowhere to be found. Also there was, of course, Fitz sitting on a bench and fuming. You could practically see smoke coming from his ears. 

Two hands suddenly placed themselves on her shoulders, “ Hey there-”

Sophie whirled around and punched the person touching her in the gut. 

“ Ow! Foster it’s me!” Keefe whimpered, holding out his arms 

“ I’m so sorry!” Sophie said, hugging him “ Are you hurt?”

“ No I’m fine Foster. That was one wimpy punch.”

Sophie scowled, pinching Keefe’s cheek. 

“ Hey! Stop it!” Keefe complained, almost dropping his bags. 

“ What did you buy?” Inquired Sophie, trying to peek into the bags.

“ Some hair styling stuff and some other things” Replied Keefe snatching away the bags before Sophie could see its contents. 

“ Why so secretive?” Sophie asked, an eyebrow raised. 

“ Nothing for you to worry about” responded Keefe, laughing.

Chapter 11:

Sophie went to bed, apprehensive for her next day at Foxfire. Edaline knocked on the door softly. There was going to be a dance, in less than two days, and Keefe hadn’t even...

“ Sophie?”

“ Come in” responded Sophie halfheartedly.  

Grady and Edaline both entered the room.

“ What’s with the long face kiddo?” Asked Grady, as Edaline sat at the edge of Sophie’s bed. 

“ There’s something you guys should know…”

“Not boy problems again right?” groaned Grady. 

Edaline elbowed Grandy in the stomach causing him to wince. 

“ If it makes you more comfortable honey… we can kick this rude man out.”

Although she was tempted to say yes she responded, “ It’s alright mom. Dad should hear me out too.” 

“ I think I already know” said Grady, “ You and Fitz and back on track eh?”

“ Not exactly…” Sophie mumbled, thinking about the incident earlier on that day. 

“ Spill the beans then will ya? I’m getting worried.”

“ It’s about Keefe.” 

Sophie told her parents about her and Keefe. She told them how comfortable they felt with each other. 

“ That boy?”

“ Grady be reasonable. Keefe is a decent kid and what matters is that he cares about Sophie. And for once stop calling him that boy” said Edaline, holding Sophie’s hand. 

“ But if he dares lay one finger on my daughter, I will chase after him and make sure he is as good as dead!” Shouted Grady passionately, fist in the air. 

“ I think that's enough for Sophie”, Edaline said, steering Grady out of the room.

“ Hey but I was just saying-” Grady continued. 

Edaline cut in, “ Good night honey! Sleep well!” 

The door closed with a soft thud.

Chapter 13: Keefe Pov: 

Sophie waved the air in front of her face as she entered Keefe’s room.  

“ It smells sweaty in here”, she complained. 

“ It’s going to get worse later on.”

Keefe opened the windows, and practically stuck his whole torso out. Sophie walked over to his side and leaned onto the windowsill. Her hair floated in the breeze and she smiled, leaning forward and taking another deep breath of the air. Keefe stared at her. 

“ Is there something on my face?” Sophie asked Keefe.

Keefe sighed, resting his face against his knuckles, “ No, I was just thinking about how cute you were.” 

Sophie turned pink

“ Aww Foster is turning all pink!” Keefe cooed, half laughing 

“ Cut it out Keefe”, Sophie said flustered, falling back a step, “ You’re seriously going to-” 

“ Watch out!” 

Sophie almost toppled out of the window, leaning too far back and losing her balance. Keefe grabbed her by her waist. 

“ Careful Foster.”

“ I’m such a bother… sorry” Sophie muttered, hiding behind her blonde hair as she sat down at the edge of Keefe’s bed. 

“ You are never a bother to me” Keefe murmured, leaning in and kissing her on the forehead. 


“ Ow!” cried Keefe for the hundredth time. 

Sophie murmured her apologies. Her feet were clumsy and she constantly stepped on Keefe’s toes. 

“ It’s alright Foster. You’re getting better by the second!.”

She highly doubted that. Trying to follow Keefe’s steps like he told her to, she suddenly tripped. They both lost their balance and fell to the ground. Sophie landed on top of Keefe, cringing at the uncomfortable position. 

“ What is going on-” bursting  through the door, came Lord Caccius. 

He froze, “ Sorry for walking in during this",Gesturing toward's the tangled up Keefe and Sophie. "I’ll leave”, he said stiffly. 

“ This isn’t what it looks like!” Yelled Keefe and Sophie in unison, right when the door banged shut. 


Keefe swept a strand of Sophie’s sweaty hair behind her ear. 

“ Thank you for today’s class” Said Sophie, giving Keefe a hug and burying head into the crook of his neck. 

“ No problem” Murmured Keefe, while rhythmically patting her head. 

“ We probably shouldn’t keep blonde’s parents waiting any longer Hunkyhair”, Ro interrupted. 

Sophie held out her home crystal. 

“ Good bye Keefe,” Sophie said. 

Summing up all her courage she planted a kiss on Keefe’s lips. 

“ I love you Foster”, He whispered before she was swept away in the light. 

​​​​​​​Keefe thought (or perhaps it was only his imagination) that he had saw Sophie mouth the words Me too,

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