Everyone has a story, but more often than not, they are interlocked. Do you want a character in a debolical twist of fate? Or maybe an impossible romance. Whether you want to have a bloody fight, or a life changing secret, we've got you covered! Claim your character in a storyline, or start one yourself. Who knows, maybe your story will come to a soul crushing end...

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Existing Storylines Edit

  • In Each Other, We Do Not Trust - sophie
    • A noble family's reputation has been put through a great test; when the matriarch bore not a single child, but rather three children - something which is frowned upon in the elvin world - and to make matters worse, they were in fact triplets. Identical triplets. Quite possibly the rarest kind of them all. As a result, the family adopted an unorthodox lifestyle; one that saw a single triplet face the world, one day at a time. It was perfect, but it would never last. As the triplets grew older, their desires became larger and as such, they began to lose the sisterly touch that they had developed since they were young. And now they're at their lowest point and the risk of their secret breaking is high...
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