If you can't get ahold of someone, are too shy to ask, don't know how to ask, or don't know who to roleplay with, this is your page! Fill out the table accordingly to what you want. People can check it and contact you. You can leave some of the tables with 'Anyone' if you don't mind and just want to roleplay. Have fun!

Along with that, please try to keep this as up to date as possible. Once you are no longer requesting a Roleplay with those specifics, please update the tables or erase the table with your name listed, to avoid possible confusion.

User User's Roleplayer(s) User(s) They Want To Roleplay With What Character(s)
Bananazilla the Telepath
  • Anyone
  • Anyone
Biana&Tam Anybody Anybody
Hihihi nia! Syd Foster Anybody Anybody
ThoseWhoWanderAreNotLost Kayden Pyren Anybody
ThoseWhoWanderAreNotLost Riya Acharya Anybody
LobLolly248 Mariah Redek Anybody Anybody
Rizi213 Scarlett Alvor Anyone Anyone

Sky Myers

Alayna Montana

Anybody Anybody
Betsyfrancisdamesmer Paris Marey


Anybody Anybody
Book Beliefs Kayden Black Anyone Anyone
Maddie daughter of Athena Lagoona Grant / Aragon Links Anyone Anyone
TheBookQueen16 Adelaide Rochester Anyone Anybody
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