A Little Intro

The Important Places

The Golden Rules of RP

  1. Roleplay is not the same as fanfiction. The two should be kept separate at all times.
  2. Most roleplays will occur as interactions between two characters. Unless noted otherwise (usually by a general heading or open heading), do not attempt to intervene in a roleplay.
  3. Do not godmod. Godmodding is when you say your character can do things that they otherwise can't. Saying they're invincible, for instance, is godmodding. Godmodding can actually make roleplay far less fun and is highly frowned upon in general.
  4. Do not metagame. Metagaming is when you say your character knows things that they actually wouldn't. For example, if one character had told another a secret, but a character totally unrelated to the whole interaction knew it too, despite the original character never having interacted with that character, that is metagaming. Metagaming also ruins RPs and is frowned upon.
  5. You'll be allowed a maximum of 20 characters for roleplay, though it's recommended that you do try to manage your own character count. Try not to have too many underused characters.
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