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The feature is now officially up! Feel free to create accounts and roleplay!
== What We Know So Far ==
As this is a WIP idea, this is what we have come to a consensus on so far:
* Different character accounts will be made per fanfiction. They will only be the main characters of the fanfiction, and the limit of accounts per fanfiction is 4. However, if you are the co-author of a fanfiction, this does not mean you are allowed more character slots, and you will have to split the number of accounts or share them. NOTE: No canon character accounts can be created (ex: Sophie Foster, Keefe Sencen, Fitz Vacker). You can share the accounts with someone else--most likely the co-author--if you so wish to.
* The roleplaying experiences will occur on different pages. On that page, there will need to be the following things either at the top in headings: What characters are roleplaying and where they are. These pages will be linked to the main Roleplay link hub, most likely located on this page.
* The title of each roleplay page must follow the following procedure. Roleplay pages will not be valid without this classification: '''Roleplay/(Location)/(Characters Roleplaying) '''
* How this will be communicated is currently unknown, and will be discussed further with testing and conversation by the administration team.
* Things that happen in roleplay do not have to directly affect or effect at all anything that is happening within the fanfictions.
* Note: When creating separate roleplaying accounts, it is recommended you use the following template (Template:My Character) and fill out the tables at the beginning of the page, so everyone knows who it belongs to. The Template:
{{Template:My Character}}
How the template works: when filling out the tables, enter the real username into the section with the 1 in it, and the name you want to show in the 2 section.

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Roleplay Central · Roleplay Requests · Character Approval · Pathfinder · User Model Registration · Wanted List

Starter Guide · Policies

Roleplay is a feature where users make characters that interact with other user-made characters. When combined with KotLC, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities! And you probably want in too, right? This page is filled with helpful links and guidelines that will surely make your roleplay experience amazing, if not the best thing you've ever done. Enough with the talking, let's get started!

In order to roleplay on this site, you must first create a roleplay character. This character must go through character approval before roleplay. Instructions on how to do this are here.

After creating your character, getting it approved, creating their word bubble, and creating their page, [and, if time, finishing their page], you can start roleplaying! Specific roleplay guidelines are on this page, though one should always refer to the main policies page first.

Below are some pages you may find useful along your roleplay journey on this wiki.

Roleplay Help.png
Roleplay Policies.png
Character Approval.png
Roleplay Central.png
Foxfire Academy.png
Roleplay Requests.png
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