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Rhea Libra Freely Restricted • Unleashed Charger
"We forge our own chains."
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Rhea Skylyr Libra-13 year old Foxfire prodigy-Unleashed Charger

Rhea was born to two minor members of nobility, one an emissary and the other a metaphysics mentor. But that didn't mean much for Rhea, she grew up in the shadows of her two older siblings. At the time she joined Foxfire, her older sister was about to leave the manifesting window, and her brother was already fifty, a successful emissary. The chance to manifest closed for her sister Vega, and she stopped attending Foxfire.

Usually Rhea is silent, taking in the aspects of her environment to determine how she should react. Having her family distant to her sister, and focused on her brother, they only have silence and expectations to bear on her. She observes and takes in others feelings and reads the world too much but does nothing to affect it.

Recently nature had a plan, as she manifested as a charger, taking out all the lights in Foxfire. She exhibited so much out it to the world, and loved having an ability that could effect something.

She is quite strong with her ability and it is seemingly always present. Her ability ties to her emotions, behaving in accordance. She unintentionally lets out EMP, magnetizes items (aka destroys credit card like objects), and increases the static field around her.

Even more recently an incident happened in P.E. in front of most of the school. Drained from channeling, she took converted energy from the environment and also a classmate Dyron Piercal. He was in the hospital for two days.

She takes in the environment, and reacts accordingly.On the Foxfire entrance exams she scored the highest in the last hundred fifty years, though miraculously (and luckily) her parents were to caught up in extinguishing the Vega incident, that Rhea had time to destroy her report. She didn't need any more expectations. She dislikes restrictions of all kinds, and doesn't mind breaking a few rules to snuff them out. Since her first exam, she has kept herself at third best in all cases. She calculates the right answers, and predicts what others will do to keep herself away from he very top. There's not much to stop her parents now from pressing down more plans, and she'd much rather keep her genius locked up.

For a while, her process kept her away from expression, and she channelled her creativity through more internal means, but later she came to realize her future if she continued down this path. She wanted a freedom. She wanted all restriction and expectations lifted. She wanted to speak. She wanted express. She manifested as a charger.

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