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"One needs to be tough to survive. If you aren't, then you will end up wallowing in your own self. Forever."







20 y.o.


Foxfire Alumnus


Polyglot, Descryer


Dark Brown Hair

Periwinkle Eyes

5 ft. 6 in.

Renette is pretty, like any other elf. Her model is Angelababy.




Renette has definitely been through a lot in life, and has gone through the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. She started out very meek and under-confident, with absolutely no faith in herself.

However, manifesting had its effects on her opinions of herself. Having two abilities, one of them being descrying, gave Renette that boost she needed to keep going. Having counseling later on also helped speed up her emotional recovery process so that she could progress quicker and more efficiently through her elite levels.

Upper Middle Class

Renette came from a very well-to-do family, but was very moderate in her doings. She never really showed it off or anything. As a matter of fact, both her parents were in the nobility and had government jobs, so she was very acquainted with the formalities of the elves. Her parents are Linette Kim and Tomás Raleigh. Her mother's family had higher status, thus the maternal family name.

Growing up, Renette was definitely considered average in status; after all, most Foxfire students' parents were in the Nobility or related to Nobility members somehow. She wasn't necessarily the best at anything, and wasn't too confident in herself. In fact, she was rather ignored, and was rather depressed at a young age. Her parents, being busy in their jobs, never noticed, and she never had very many friends. The one friend she did have ended up manifesting early and later spending less and less time with Renette.

Eventually, Renette was recognized as an outcast; that's when the bullying started. At age eleven, when she entered Foxfire, she ended up bumping into a very famous and snobbish elf at school. They wouldn't forgive her, and that's where it all started. In the passing days, Renette was consistently shamed in front of everyone, and later teased for crying.

Inevitably, the bullying affected her studies. No longer could she focus on the main concepts; her mind always wandered to the insults thrown at her. And she kept pondering over them, and no matter how hard she tried, studying became almost impossible.

By the mere age of fourteen, Renette was in a severe state of depression and trauma. Nobody at Foxfire really cared for her well-being, and her parents were too busy. In fact, due to her lack of studies (mentioned above), Renette had to be held back a level for a whole term. Of course, it was very shameful, and only fueled the bullying more and more. In her next term, trying to pass classes was like trying to swim to safety when you are choking. She barely passed to get to the next level.

As the days passed, Renette thought more and more about death. It wasn't common for most elves to think like such, but with the treatment she got at Foxfire, it was bound to happen someday. She didn't feel very accomplished in life, and she felt she had no strengths. She couldn't think straight; and what with her best friend having to leave her for important ability tutoring, there was pretty much no way out.

However, in her fifteenth year, nearing the end of the manifestation window, Renette manifested. But only as a Polyglot. But thank god she at least manifested, as then she wouldn't be considered talentless.

A year passed for her being a polyglot, and the mentors were getting rather anxious about Renette's second ability. Finally, she was given an energy boost, and manifested as a Descryer (though late).

This was a big thing in Renette's life. No longer was she the weird dumb kid who had no purpose in life. She now had one of the rarest abilities, and was bound to be considered for the elite levels. As for the bullies, their reasons weren't as valid anymore, and thus they stopped.

However, there was still one hurdle left: getting friends. Though now, she had more confidence than before. She got the courage together to ask her descryer mentor about her woes, and got a surprising response; the mentor was willing to offer counseling for the girl for a small fee. Determined, Renette decided to try it.

After a few months in, Renette was feeling much better, and had gained enough confidence to get some new friends and acquaintances.

When she started the elite levels, Renette started in a much better place than she did a few years ago. No longer was she the alarmingly traumatized girl who had no escape; she had others to watch her back.

But that isn't to say that the elite levels were a complete breeze for Renette. And while she passed her ability sessions with full marks, she still needed some extra tutoring for other subjects, and counseling to deal with the aftermath of her initial emotional challenges.

Renette has just graduated the elite levels, and is now an adult.

Renette is good at Linguistics and Descrying (her abilities), and more specifically, accuracy in descriptions and mimicking. She is average at academics in general, though tries to pass Alchemy and The Universe (her hardest challenges) every year (and does so except once). She wants to get better at her abilities to hopefully be able to mentor students for their abilities as her career.


Single, Young Adult

With both her parents working tough jobs, Renette hasn't gotten the gift of spending a lot of time with her parents. Unfortunately, that had put her in a dire strait, which was very hard to get out of.

  • Parents
    • Linette Kim
    • Tomás Raleigh

Renette is very thankful for her mentors, and the path they put her on. She is also very thankful for them helping her through all her struggles in life. Without them, she would not be living the life she'd be living right now.

Renette used to have one friend. However, she had manifested early as a Telepath and was forced to spend less and less time with Renette. Due to bullying, it eventually came to the point where Renette had no friends at all.

Thankfully, as she grew more confident with her abilities, she managed a few friends, going by the names of Charlotte, Leia, and Dara.

Her classmates used to bully her for being stupid, a crybaby, and for not manifesting. It got so bad that she even started to consider some bad choices. However, when she started manifesting (she has two abilities), it all stopped, and people started respecting her. However, the lifelong trauma of being bullied at a young age still stuck, and while most of it is gone, remnants of it still last today.

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Renette Kim ➳ Elvin History Mentor ✧ Descryer
"One needs to be tough to survive. If you aren't, then you will end up wallowing in your own self. Forever. I learnt it the hard way."
Hail Me Descryer

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