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I do a thing called what I want.













Sandy Blonde Hair

Aquamarine Eyes


Reagan has wavy blonde hair that falls a few inches beneath her shoulders. With her soft aquamarine eyes, she is hard to not notice.




Reagan is your typical mean girl. She has many friends who she treats horribly. She judges people for the way they look, not their real personality. Reagan pushes many people away who are "unworthy" and the people she doesn't push away practically are obsessed with her. Reagan is arrogant and sassy on the surface, but really she is just lonely. She feels like everyone hates her, so she decides to take on the "popular girl" role and manipulates people to like her. Reagan thinks that her friends are fake and she hasn't been able to find one she can trust. The one friend she did have, Liz, got sent to Exillium in her first year of Foxfire.


Reagan was born into a noble family. Her mother was, like Reagen, born a noble into a famous noble family. Her father, on the other hand, had parents who were a "bad match". Reagan's parents met each other in their 5th year of Foxfire and fell in love with each other. Elara, Reagan's mother, hoped for Viktor, Reagan's father, to be on her match list, yet she was doubtful because Viktor's parents were a bad match. When Elara got her first match list she found Viktor Danehower in the 22nd spot on her list. She jumped for joy and ran straight to Viktor. They got married soon after they graduated from Foxfire. Elara manifested as a Guster and Viktor as a Psionipath.

The day Reagan manifested was a terrible day. She was out shopping with friends in Atlantis, to buy gifts for her Level 3 midterms, when she suddenly started to burn everything she touched. The bags in her hands went up in flames leaving only ashes on the ground. Her friends screamed in terror, running away from the confused Reagan. Tears streamed down Reagan's face as she light leaped back to her house. Viktor and Elara comforted their only child and had her practice her new ability. She was now a Pyrokinetic. The old forbidden ability. The one that was shamed upon.

Now, as a 15-year-old prodigy in the Lost Cities, Reagan is very popular at school and has many friends. Many boys have crushes on her, but she pushes them away. She is currently a Level 4 at Foxfire and is a decent student, not great, nor terrible. Reagan is sometimes shamed upon because she is a Pyrokinetic. Most of the time she is accepted as a Pyrokinetic because of her looks and charm. She is still getting used to her ability as a Pyrokinetic and her friends support her.

Reagan is very close with her parents.
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Reagan Danehower

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