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By The Keeper of the lost cites

Soulstar, Skyfall, Earth, Riverway, Apple, and Waterfall are my creation. Dex, Fitz, Biana, Tam, Linh, Sophie, and Keefe are not my creations, they are Shanon Messenger's.

Reacting to meeting humans.

Fitz: This is your house?

Soulstar: Yes.

Dex: It doesn’t have very good tech.

Skyfall: IT'S A HUMAN HOUSE!!!

Riverway: Don't be mean.

Tam: How did you get us here?

Keefe: Maybe light leaping, duh.

Earth: Yes. We did it.

Waterfall: How? You got characters out of my favorite books. How can you do that?

Apple: Yeah I agree.

Earth: *sighs* Fine.

Skyfall: We are elves.

Everyone other than Earth, Skyfall, and Riverway: WHAT?!

Skyfall: Let's just move on.

Reaction to Human House

Dex: Wow. Why do people think they are so great. I could remake all of this tech.

Sophie: Not everyone is a Techopath.

Dex: Fine.

Fitz: Do you want to have a nexus?

Humans: YES!!

Keefe: *put a nexus on the all of the humans*

RiverWay: Uh, Soulstar doesn’t need a nexus.

(As if on cue, Soulstar's nexus unlatches.)

RiverWay: Told you.

Earth: Hey, guys. You're supposed to react to the house.

Tam: Is Earth, Riverway, Skyfall, Apple, Soulstar, and Waterfall, your real name?

Everone other than the Keeper goup: No.

Biana: The house is wimpy compared to ours.

Humans: IT'S A HUMAN HOUSE!!!!

Biana: But not all of you are humans.

Riverway: *sighs* Let’s just get to the next react.

Reaction to YouTube.

Apple: And our next react is........

Skyfall, Earth, Riverway, and Humans: YouTube!!!

Linh: What's Youtube?

Waterfall: It's where people post videos of themselves.

Fitz, Dex, Keefe, and Tam: Can we watch gamer shows?

Earth: *surprised that they know what gaming is* Yes. But count the us and the humans in. We like to watch those and play those kinds for games.

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