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So, this is a fanfic about elves reacting to candy! If you want to see a certain kind of candy, leave a comment! I definitely need some help writing this so feel free to contact me!

-Julie the Froster

Chapter 1: Skittles!!! (Original)

Sophie: Hey, guys! While I was over in New York meeting up with Mr. Forkle, I stopped at a candy store and got a bunch of human candy!!! This store was actually really cool and had some awesome candy from around the world!

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Keefe: Oo! I want first pick!!

*Keefe sticks his hand in and grabs a giant pack of skittles!*

Keefe: Let's see... Sophie? What does this say?

Sophie: Skittles. They are like little round candies that taste like different flavors!

Fitz: I want to try them!!

Everyone else except for Sophie and Fitz: Me, too!

*Sophie opens up the bag and gives everyone 5 skittles, one of each flavor.*

Sophie: Let's all have each flavor together.

Keefe: whaaaaaa... Fine

Biana: I want to have the pink one first!

Fitz: Its red

Biana: Pleaseeee..

Everyone but Biana: Fineee...

*Everyone puts the red one in their mouth and chews*

Keefe: YUM!!

Fitz, Linh and Biana: Meh...

*Tam spits it out.* WAY too sweet for me

Linh: Of course

*Linh rolls her eyes"

Chapter 2: Gum

Sophie: who wants to go next?

Fitz: Me!

Sophie: Ok

*Fitz sticks his hand in and grabs a small rectangular package*

Fitz: Sophie, what's this?

Sophie: .Gum, it’s a chewy sorta thing that comes in all different flavors. This one is original mint.

*Sophie passes a stick around to everyone. They unwrap it and take bite*

Sophie: oh, and remember that your can't swallow gum

Everyone but Sophie: fine…

Dex: not bad, just kinda plain

Linh: I kinda agree with Dex, and it's spicy

Keefe: Skittles were so much better 

*Keefe grabs the package and takes a handful. He pops the whole thing in his mouth and chews*

Everyone but Keefe: Ew

*Keefe opens his mouth to show them the raimbow mess*

Biana: I think the point is to make your breath smell fresh.

Tam: I like it. It's spicy, like me. 

*Everyone but Tam facepalms*

Sorry for any of the typos, just wanted to get a chapter out and it's finals. Sigh. Also, next week I will putting out a bunch of chapters at once. I'm going to the east coast for a week and I won't have much time.

Chapter 3: Bubble Gum

Linh: I wanna go next!!

Sophie: Ok

*Linh sticks her hand in and grabs a small, round container*

Linh: OOO! Sophie, what is this?

Sophie: It’s bubble gum!

Lihn and Dex: Eww! I hate gum!

Sophie: This gum is sweet and you can blow bubbles!!

*Sophie grabs a piece of gum, chews it for a bit and blows a bubble*

Everyone but Sophie: Oo! I want to try that!

Five Minutes Later…

Keefe: Sophie, how do you blow the bubbles?

Sophie: you just… sorta push it up against your teeth and breath out… I don’t really know how to explain it.

Fitz: Sophie, is this it?

Sophie: Yes! Great job, Fitz. Keefe, you should take some tips from Fitz.

*Keefe scowles*

Tam: Score one for Sofitz

*Fitz shoots a smug smile at Keefe*

Chapter 4: Sour Patch Kids

Tam: Sophie, please tell that there is something that isn’t sweet in here.

Sophie: I put some sour candy and some licorish in.

Tam: Then I want to chose next.

*sticks hand in and grabs a plastic bag*

Sophie: YES! Sour Patch Kids!

Fitz: Ew! Why are we eating children?

*Sophie facepalms*

Sophie: You see… the are sorta sour… and they have a body… an I DON’T KNOW!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Biana: Geez, angry much?

Sophie: Sorry, I am just frustrated with Iggy. He keeps on refusing to eat his veggies and he throws them at my face.

Linh: OOKKKK… subject change. What are Sour Patch kids like?

Sophie: They are gummy thingys that are coated in Sour Sugar.

*Sophie passes them out to everyone*

Everyone but Sophie: They’re ok.

Sophie: Seriously, what do you think?

Tam: I wish that they were a bit more sour.

Linh and Biana: Yeah…

Dex: they are too syrupy.

Fitz: I like it.

Sophie: Thank you!

Tam: Score two for Sofitz

*Keefe scowls*

*Tam smiles*

*Linh splashes him in face with salt water*

Linh: What? It matches his personality!

I'm releasing these chapters early because I'm going to the east coast for a week and I just wanted to update. Also, I love the bubble gum chapter. 

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