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Rainy Day in the Lost Cities

Fitz: Let’s play Base Quest today!

Tam: Base Quest?

Keefe: (jumps up) Woo! Let’s go team Foster-Keefe!

Sophie: (looks out the window)Nope.

Keefe: Awwww, is Foster trying to break my heart?

Tam: (snorts)I hope so.

Sophie: What? No! It‘s raining!

Lynn: (frowns)Whats wrong with rain?

Biana: erm....

Fitz: (laughs)

Dex: What?

Fitz: Nothing.

Biana: Come on, tell us!

Dex: It’s not like we have anything else to do.

Keefe: Come on Fitzy!

Fitz: It‘s just something I picked up from the Lost Cities(takes a moment to concentrate). ‘Rain, rain, blow someway, don’t come back some other day.’

Lynn: (speechless)

Sophie: Close, it‘s actually, ‘Rain, rain, go away, come on back some other day.’

Lynn: (glares)You would actually memorize that?

Keefe: Ha! Humans are so stu— erm- um....

Sophie: (glares)

Keefe: Uh—stew-loving! Heh-heh! Ew, meat! Heh...

Tam: (snorts)

Sophie:(slaps her hand on her face)

Dex: I know! Let‘s play Base Quest inside! You can teach us, Fitz!

Sophie, Fitz, and Keefe: (stares)

Sophie: (shrugs)Why don’t we just play Cranium?

everyone but Sophie: (stares)

Sophie: (blushes)Never mind.

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