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Rain Julesi



“I’m not crazy, just doing my civic duty.”









Aspiring Reporter




Dark Brown Hair

Navy Blue Eyes


Rain has sparkling navy eyes with dark, wavy brown hair that she usually wears in a messy bun. She has tan skin and wears a lot of bright colored, casual yet unique clothes. She’s really short, but this only makes her more intimidating when she’s angry, as she stares she up at you with a death glare. Her appearance is usually a bit mussed, since she has a habit of rustling up wind around her when thinking (She’s a Guster). Rain has to wear glasses for close-work, but hates them and often neglects wearing them. Her model is Emily Rudd.




Rain is a dreamer and very determined to put her ideas into action- she’s very outspoken and not at all afraid to speak her mind. Underneath this, however, she’s actually a little insecure and very introverted. Alone time is essential to Rain, as it’s a time to explore her mind and not worry about being distracted. Her imagination is extensive, and though she’s got a lot of story ideas she doesn’t have the patience to write them all down. Despite the fact she can’t write original stories, Rain loves writing news articles and is very upfront and opinionated in them- that’s what gets her in trouble.


Rain was born to a noble family as the youngest, with one older sister and two older brothers. Her family had always been marching to a slightly different beat then anyone else, and Rain only added to that. A dreamer with some rebellious ideas, Rain was the life of the party and despite being the weirdest, she was pretty popular even if no one really could understand how her mind worked. Her life was pretty great- she had just skipped a grade at Foxfire, had plenty of friends, a loving family that supported all of her crazy ideas.

Rain, however, felt frustrated with the fact that while she was living with everything she ever needed, others, like humans, were neglected. Despite prejudices thinning over the years, even the elves sometimes acted a bit too haughty, and Rain knew several teens who felt denied of the right to express and put into action their ideas.

So, at age 13, Rain started an unauthorized student newspaper at Foxfire. It contained anything and everything, and all students at Foxfire had the right to submit their writing, as long as Rain edited and approved it. A lot of things the Council probably wouldn’t have approved of were published- conspiracies, outrages over both small and big things, the range of different articles was big.

However, when the principal of Foxfire finally found out, Rain was in big trouble, and there were threats of being sent to Exillium. Rain didn’t care, however, she was providing the right of free speech to so many who felt uncomfortable with the idea that should’ve been normal.

Rain turned 14, and though things quieted a little, the newspaper continued, and while the principal felt willing to negotiate something that would make them both happy, Rain didn’t see why anything needed to be changed. Adding a supervisor wouldn’t change anything, as students had the right of free speech- which meant anything except things that were inappropriate and rudely targeted, could be published. Rain had made sure that everything published in the newspaper agreed to those terms, but the principal didn’t agree.

Rain manifested as a Guster during this time, to the delight of her family, which had several well-known Gusters. However, Rain was expelled from Foxfire soon after because of her insistence to continue the newspaper. After much discussion with the Council and Black Swan, she wasn’t sent to Exillium, merely to a small school in Mysterium. Under the strict order to stop spreading ‘un-facual ideas’, Rain was left alone.

Rain continued her work to promote free speech among teens, though tried to comply with the Council’s terms a bit more, even if she thought they didn’t make since. But Rain was a reasonable person, and she settled down a bit- just a bit, but was still the dreamer and popular weirdo. She was also happy to see that the Foxfire newspaper continued, though this time with a supervisor.



Mother: Mari Julesi Father: Darvan Julesi Eldest brother: Clement Maros (married) Older brother: Sevar Julesi Older sister: Clari Julesi


Rain has several friends, most of which became distant after she was expelled. However, she does have one best friend, Quinn Arrowood.


Anyone that gets in the way of her dreams.

Romantic interests:

Rain is single and has no crushes, though does dream of love.
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Rain Julesi ✎ Determined dreamer ❊ Guster
“I’m not crazy, just doing what I call civic duty.”
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