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Quinn Arrowood is a spirited girl. She is very observant, and has very similar....everything to a detective. For instance, she can meet someone, and two minutes later know a ton about them without even asking or being told. She has black hair, olive skin, and very bright green-blue eyes. She may be small for a fourteen year old, but she has enough spunk to make up for it. Her best friend is Rain Julesi, they have tons of fun together, including making trouble. Quinn was sent to Exillium for a year for numerous things after a year at Foxfire, but now she is back in action there. She has plenty of friends, and loves annoying her teachers. She is a Charger and a Beguiler, which she (mostly) uses for good. She can also speak fluent French, though she is not a polyglot nor a human. (She just found a book on French). She tends to get angry in French instead of the Enlightened Language. Quinn is covertly running the newspaper at Foxfire that Rain had created. She's rebellious, and not afraid to get in trouble- even though she's already been to Exillium once.  Quinn is cousins with Forreste Harley, and they are pretty close as well. (Not as close as her and Rain.) Quinn has no idea where her parents are, or whether they were noble or working class. She lives in a beautiful cabin in the middle of a giant forest. She tends to have a temper sometimes, but normally is good-natured. She is amazing at sketching, and loves adding sketches to Rain's articles when they apply. SHe is VERY headstrong. ANnd if she gets something in her head, it's IMPOSSIBLE for her to get it out.                                                     
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Quinn Arrowood ➛ • Charger Warning •
“I can't change the direction of the wind. But I can adjust the sails to always reach my destination.”
Hail Me ★ CEST


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