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Please Wake Up (Sophie’s POV)

She watched him, with his bed-head hair, the shade of blonde not unlike her own. He was sleeping. He had been asleep for weeks, and no one knew when he would wake up.

Keefe, please wake up. It was her chant. Wake up, wake up, wake up. WAKE UP.


Grady was standing in the doorway of the healing center. His jerkin was crumpled and wrinkly, his hair had sticks and mud sticking out and his cape was ripped at the bottom. She was too sad and numb to ask Grady what had made him so dirty.

"Sophie, come on, he won't go anywhere. Come with me, you need some fresh air and a change of clothes."

Fresh air sounded good, food did too. And maybe a short shower. Sophie looked down at her clothes, her purple tunic was crumpled and her soft gray legging could use a wash. Her ponytail was greasy and she was sure there was a cloud of stink following her around. She could just slip out for a few minutes, she wouldn't be gone for long. Surely when Keefe woke up it was not going to be while she was away. He would wake up to her, he would smile and she would hug him. Sophie had it all planned out in her head.

"All right," she said with a sigh.

"I'll be talking to Magnate Leto in his office when you're ready," said Grady. "So, well...hurry up."

Even Grady knew that Sophie would have to say goodbye to Keefe, even if she would only be back at Havenfield for a few hours. He exited the room.

Sophie turned to look back at Keefe, his unstyled hair the same handsome shade of blonde it had been a few seconds ago. She wished she could see his soft ice blue eyes.

She reached out her mind toward his. It looked like he was dreaming about an infinite amount of brown eyes flecked with gold. She wondered if he was dreaming about Silveny or...well...her.

No, of course not! He was probably just dreaming about Silveny and gulons and alicorn poop. Why, why, why had she felt a hopeful feeling bubbling up in her stomach? She brushed her thoughts aside.

She reached for Keefe's hand and gently picked it up. It was soft but sturdy, the perfect shade of tan. Tears slid down her cheeks, oh, how she missed him. She knew she was ready to go now and that she would hurry to be back here as quick as she could. She walked slowly out the door of the healing center, wondering if Oralie had found anything with her cache.


Keefe’s POV

Soft beautiful brown eyes, sweet musical voice. Wait... real faint voices talking...he heard his name coming out of a familiar voice...a voice he remembered had called him That Boy. He drifted in and out...he felt a soft touch...he wanted to sink deep down...he wanted out of this place of dreams and space...he remembered faintly how it felt to run, talk, but he just...couldn't. How had he gotten to this state? Was he...dead? No, he could not be dead, he could faintly feel and hear, was he thinking? It felt like a space of nothingness but there was everything...there...just out of his reach.

He drifted again not knowing, not thinking, not doing anything...


Sophie’s POV

She was in Magnate Leto's office, it was almost entirely made of glass, beautiful swirling, shining glass.

"Hello, Sophie," said Magnate Leto. "How is Mr. Sencen?"

"He is...still always," she replied. Sophie felt tears welling up again. Oh, how she missed him! "Well...I better head home so that I can change," She said to no one in particular. She pulled out her home crystal. She stared into its clear depths. It was a few seconds before she could bring herself to hold it up to the light and step into the shining beam.

She arrived at Havenfield to be welcomed by the roar of Verdi, their resident T-rex. She hurried down the path toward the big glittering house of which she now called home. She opened the front door and up the stairs to her big apartment-sized room. Glass stars were hanging from the ceiling and the walls were a soft pink. She went into her bathroom and undressed so she could take a shower.

After her shower, she climbed into a pair soft of clean pants and a tunic. She brushed out her hair and then flopped on her bed. She stared at the ceiling. Letting her worries slide into her mind. She suddenly started to cry, big ugly sobs. She buried her face in her pillow. Her chest was heaving with sobs.

"Sophie? Are you all right? SOPHIE? Whats wrong?" said Edaline's sweet voice from outside her door. "Sophie? I'm coming in."

The door opened and Edalines sweet, soft-featured face peeked around the edge of the door. "Oh, Sophie...come here, sweetheart." She walked toward the bed with slow soothing steps. She gently rubbed Sophie's back in long, calming circles. "Sweetheart..."

"I'm..." Sophie started. "...fine." She sniffled. "I just...I just want this all to end! I want Keefe to be awake, I want the Neverseen defeated, I want all the problems solved. I want a normal life!" She sobbed.

"Sophie...oh Sophie..." Edaline soothed.

Sophie sat up and wiped her eyes. She stood up, brushing off her dress And striating her ponytail. "I'm ready to go back to Foxfire, back to Keefe." She told Edaline.

"Wait," said Edaline. Her turquoise eyes were etched with worry. "You need some food and I think a bottle of youth would do you good. You're looking a little pale."

Sophie and Edaline went downstairs holding hands, Sophie was still hiccuping and her eyes were red and puffy. Edaline guided Sophie into the kitchen and sat her down at the table. Edaline then went over to the elvin version of a fridge-a box that kept food cold-and took out a bowl of what looked to be purple mush with yellow seeds on top. Luckily elven food always tasted better than it looked. Sophie didn't realize how hungry she was before she took the first bite. The purple mush tasted like raspberries and the yellow seed-like things tasted like caramel with a hint of salt. It was the perfect dish for Sophie and her mood. She gobbled it down hungrily taking sips of youth in between bites.

After she finished eating she went to the door and opened it. she looked out at the grass and animals. She commented to Edaline how nice the weather was. Then everything went black. The last thing she heard was a familiar cackle and the words "We got her now!"

Sophie woke up in blackness but she could think. Sophie tried to scream, to kick and punch, to bite whoever or whatever was restraining her. But when she thrashed she felt...nothing. She could not feel any part of her body or the space around her. She had no feeling at all. She could not feel herself breathing but she had to be breathing or she would not be alive. She had lost almost all of her sences, her ears were not working and she could not feel anything, she smelled absolutely nothing as well, and taste...taste was, well, not working either.

Then she heard a voice, a voice she hated with all her being, with every part of her, she wanted to sink away from this place. She wanted to be home talking to her friends, Fitz and Biana, Dex, Tam, Linh, and Keefe. Keefe! What if he woke up and she was kiddnaped, what if he woke up and he heard she was gone and maybe dead. She WAS going to get out of here or die trying. She could not let Keefe down. He needed her and she needed him. She struggled and struggled but to no avail.

"Forgot I was here did you? Were you thinking of all your weak friends and their weak parents?" Gethen was still there, still beside her as it sounded. Sounded! She could hear now! That was a start to escaping. "Well, well, well, lets' see what you have to tell us, now," Gethen said, his voice stabbing into her ears like a knife.

"Oh go easy on her, Gethen." Sophie knew that voice too, Lady Gisela. "We want her to tell us all about my Keefe. We want her to tell us how he is doing. So, Sophie, go on, tell us."

Sophie was silent. Even if Lady Gisela could hear her Sophie was not going to blab about Keefe. Gisela didn't deserve it after what she had done to him.

"I said SPEAK!" Lady Gisela yelled. She was concerned about Keefe, Sophie realized. Did she love him?

"NO!" Sophie shouted back. She was NOT going say anything about Keefe!

"Fine," said Lady Gisela. She was calm again. "We will just let you drift. I hope you don't get any brain damage from The Box."

Then Sophie was drifting, her thoughts scattering. Her last thought was how this box could be made. Drifting, drifting, thoughts scattering...


Keefe’s POV

A pulling sensation, pulling up, up, up, out of

He sat up and massaged his bleary eyes. He felt his hair, "Eeek," he yelped, his hair was tousled and matted. Oh! And greasy, so greasy! He needed a shower!

"Don't move!" Said a familiar voice. "How are you feeling?"

"Elwin?" Keefe's voice was crackly with lack of use. "Just feeling like I hibernated for four years."

"Well, drink these."

"Sophie. Where is Sophie?" He was surprised she wasn't here. Had she found something more important than seeing if he would wake up?

"Oh, that's the funny thing. She was...uh...drink these first, then I'll tell you."

Keefe was worried, what had happened to Sophie? He gulped down the elixirs Elwin had handed him. "Tell me about Sophie!"

"Well, she...well, she had gone home to take a shower and freshen up, and when she was leaving... she was...Edaline thinks she was kidnapped." Elwin eyes looked misty.

Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, no, no, no. Not Sophie, not again, not after all of this, no, no, no. And his mom...his mom! She had to be behind this! But why would she kidnap Sophie now? Then he knew. Him. She probably wanted to know about him. And how he was doing. He had to fix this. Now.

"Does everyone know?" He had to make sure. Surely they were looking for her.

"Yes. They are all looking but they have not found anything." Elwin eyes defiantly were misty. Keefe had to go help.

"I want to help. Are there any clues?"

"Sorry, no. Fitz has tried contacting her telepathically but he can't find her. Sandor has tried tracking her with the trackers in her clothes but those don't seem to be working either. She might have to get a clue to us if we are going to save her," said Elwin, his voice was shaky.

"I want to help," Keefe said. He stood up, walked to the door out to the hallway and opened it.

"Wait! Go home first and take a shower, maybe change clothes? We'll tell you if we find anything okay?"

"Fine," replied Keefe. He walked down the hall aways before he took out him home crystal and leaped home. He knew that he had no intention to take a shower.

Fitz’s POV

Fitz felt out with his mind, looking for the familiar feeling of Sophie's mind. He knew that his ability had its limits but it was easier to contact her than it was for anyone else. But he couldn’t feel her at all. He was worried about why he couldn't feel her at all. Could she be...dead-no! He was not going to think like that-nope all dead thoughts away!

That was when his imparter binged. He answered it, the hail was from Elwin.

“I got good news,” said Elwin. Fitz perked up, had he found Sophie? “Keefe is awake! He is at his house now.”

”Oh. Cool. Is he going to help search?” FItz asked.

“Yes, but I made him go home to take a shower and change clothes. He’ll probably will be fixing his hair as well.”

That was expected, Keefe really was hair-crazy. FItz could imagine what it would be like to wake up after weeks and weeks and find out that his...friend was kidnapped. Keefe must be feeling horrible, especially because it was Sophie who was kidnapped.

Sophie was not going to be able to be found by telepathy, he would have to look for clues at the site where she was taken. He took out his pathfinder, and leaped to Havenfield. Edaline was sitting in the alicorn pasture, crying.

“H-hello Edaline. I...uh...came to look for clues, if that’s okay,” he added quickly.

Edaline sniffled. “Of course! I...hope y-you find s-something. I just...she wants to be a normal elf and sometimes I wish she was, then she would be safer.” Edaline was back to crying now.

Fitz walked over to the front door of the house and looked around the patio in front. He spotted a light leaping crystal laying behind a potted plant. He picked it up, it was orange, FItz had never seen an orange leaping crystal.

”W-What's that?” Edaline came over to where FItz was standing, she reached out a took the leaping crystal. She turned it over in her hands. “I-it can’t be...I thought they were a myth...oh, no...”

“What? You know about orange leaping crystals? Where do they go?” FItziwas felt hope sparking in his heart. Maybe this would help them find Sophie.

Edaline’s reply was short, “It leads to a place called Shambave. Or at least, that is what the myths say.” She was frowning. Could Sophie be at this Shambave place? FItz felt the spark of hope in his heart grow into a small flame.

”I should go there and check it! I could go rescue her!” Fitz was almost shouting now.

“Fitz, no. Sophie wouldn't want that. You could get really hurt if you went alone. We have to tell the others and at least get some gear. You know you can’t go there alone. I will have to ask Mr. Forkle if he knows anything more about the myth of Shambave.” Edaline’s face was determined, her eyes hard and brave.

FItz got out his imparter and the group hailed Keefe, Mr. Forkle, Grady, Biana, Dex, Tam, Linh, and all the other people who needed to know about Shambave.

“What! You know where she is? Where! I coming over to Havenfield right now!” Keefe was to most ready. Right after he heard the news he said he was coming over and hung up. Everyone else looked stunned for a second. Especially Mr. Forkle.

”Shambave...we need to get her back, soon. There‘re are secrets that surround that place. Secrets that have been lost, too.” Mr. Forkle’s face was grim.

Everyone hung up, no doubt getting ready to leap to the mythical place called Shambave.


Keefe’s POV

Sophie had to be at this Shambave place Fitz was talking about! Keefe just wished that he had found the orange leaping crystal instead of Fitz. Sophie would think Fitz an even bigger hero now. And him, well...she probably thought of him as a friend and nothing more. Why couldn't she see the truth?

Keefe rushed to clasp a cape around his shoulders. He was out the door of The Shores of Solace in five minutes. He didn’t even stop to style his hair. He knew he might regret it later on but he wanted to be the one to find Sophie. Then maybe she...well, maybe she would then start to like him as more than a friend...nope! He would not think like that! She liked Fitz, not him. He knew it.


When he got to Havenfield he was surprised to see Oralie sitting on the ground crying. Her eyes were red and puffy. Keefe wondered why she was crying. Sure, Sophie getting kidnapped was a big hit to the Lost Cities, but it didn’t seem like Oralie would be crying about it.

Then he thought back to just a few days after Sophie had come back from Oralie’s castle. She had seemed distant and sad. She had avoided Oralie for a while and hadn’t seemed to be able to look at her. Why?

Then it came to him. Maybe she was Sophie’s biological mother? Oh, no. No one could know. No one. He was suddenly mad at Oralie. She had even more pressure on Sophie.

He looked at Oralie and she looked up.

“Hello, Keefe. Did you come to look for Sophie, too?” Oralie’s otherwise queen-like voice was now more like a whimper.

”Yes. Do you...think she will be alright?” Keefe felt tears in his eyes.

”I...I hope so. I’m sure she‘s fine.” Oralie sounded like she was trying to convince herself as well as Keefe was.


Dex’s POV

There has to be some gadget that will rescue Sophie! He thought about what Fitz had said about not being able to contact her through telepathy. It could be because of the distance, or could something be tampering with her ability? He remembered the evil ability restricting circlet he had made. He still felt guilty for it.

Could the Neverseen be using some kind of technology to restrict her abilities and to keep people from contacting her? If he could do they most definitely could.

He could ask Tinker—the Black Swan’s technopath—if she had any ideas.


Keefe’s POV

After everyone was gathered in front of the Panakes tree at Havenfield, Fitz stood up and said:

”I know we all want my girl-I mean Sophie to come home,” Here Fitz looked at the group of rescuers, “But we need to be prepared for what might be at Shambave. I for one, think that one or two bodyguards should scout to make sure it’s safe.” Fitz's eyes darted to where Sandor was standing in the front, right by Grady.

Keefe hadn’t missed it where Fitz had stopped himself from saying something. He suspected he was about to say “girlfriend”. But why had he not said it? It could be because he was embarised to say it in front of a lot of people or could it be another reason . . . could Sophie and Fitz have broken up?

When he had been awake before his mom did that thing to him. They had been . . . together. It was all sappy Fitzphie. He had wanted to just yell at Fitz to STOP DOING IT IN FRONT OF HIM.

Then he had an idea. If he could bring Sophie home then she would DEFINITELY have to like him better. All he had to do was get the orange crystal . . .


Sophie’s POV

The drifting slowed.

And then Sophie heard Lady Gisela say, “Gethen get the bottles of shadowflux so that we can get some information out of our little Sophie . . . “

Sophie shuddered. No one was going to rescue her, she would die in this hateful place. She would never get to say good-bye to her friends and family.

But she knew, KNEW that she would never give up any information, not even if she had to drink the shadowflux. She mentally called out an apology to everyone. She would never get to see there faces again . . . never again.

She closed her eyes, trying to savor the peace of drifting. What was to come would be hard, but SHE WOULD FIGHT with the best of her power.

Just then the drifting stopped. Her head spun. She dropped, her head banging against stone floor. Everything went black.


Fitz’s POV

Fitz looked around. Sandor looked like he could rip the crystal out of Fitz's hands and leap there himself if Fitz didn’t start the rescue.

”All right, ready to go?” Fitz shouted.

“Yes,” Came the cry, “Let’s go save Sophie!”

Fitz held up the leaping crystal and Sandor was about to jump into the light-when Keefe ran to the front of the crowd and tried to grab the crystal.

”HEY!” Fitz yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Was Keefe trying to steal the crystal? All of a sudden Fitz felt anger burn in his chest. “WHAT‘RE YOU TRYING TO DO? SAVE SOPHIE BY YOURSELF?” Then he said something he knew would hurt Keefe, something that could tear apart their friendship. “YOU WANT TO SAVE HER SO SHE’LL LIKE YOU? SO SHE’LL WANT TO KISS YOU AS SHE DID ME?! SELFISH! KEEFE, THAT SO SELFISH!” Fitz saw surprise flit across Keefe’s face, then hurt, then anger. So. Much. Anger. Keefe’s eyes flashed, his hands shook.

Fitz—despite the guilt that filled his thoughts—sneered. No, he was going to be the one to save Sophie, so she would want him to be her boyfriend again. He didn’t care if he hurt Keefe anymore. Sophie was going to be his.

Keefe’s POV

Why, why, had Keefe tried to get the crystal? Why had he thought that plan would work? I didn’t, he thought, I was just tired of Sophie’s obliviousness, and wanted to get it over with. But then he realized Fitz was right, He had wanted to win Sophie over. He had wanted to save her, and for her to like him. Those emotions that he had felt at Lumneria while looking for Mr. Forkle, now just seemed like a glimmer of some past misunderstanding. Something that he would never feel again.

Maybe he should just let Fitz have her.

NO! He would not! Sophie was his purpose, the reason he stayed in one piece. Sophie deserved a person who would care for her, keep her together when things got hard, make her laugh; all of which Keefe thought he had nailed. Fitz on the other hand . . . was angry when things got hard. He cared for too, but . . . it seemed more fake.

But it didn’t matter if Sophie chose him. If Sophie chose Fitz, Keefe thought he would shatter, break, into pieces that would never be able to be fixed. But he would fight, fight for Sophie.


Sophie’s POV

Sophie’s eyes fluttered. A blurry form stood over her, watching her with beady blue eyes.

”Get up! Get up!“ Lady Gisela’s stern, hard voice shot into her ears. “Get up now!”

Sophie slowly sat up and looked around. In a corner she saw a dark blue box—so dark it looked black. I weird green light shown off it, almost like a halo. That must be the thing she had been locked in.

She shivered. She was going to fight even if they forced the shadowflux down her throat a hun times. SHADOWFLUX! Now everything crashed down, into her head. She was kidnapped and had been stuck in that box-thing. And now they were going to focse her to drink shadowflux if she didn’t tell them about Keefe. Keefe. Keefe was still sleeping! He was going to wake up and . . . and she would be gone, maybe dead.

Then she felt it, the feeling of anger filling her chest, almost to bursting. And one word: Inflicting. She would inflict on Gisela!

She gathered all her anger and pushed it all out, toward Gisela. Lady Gisela screamed.

She fell to the floor banging her head on the stone. She fell limp, unconscious.

Now Sophie had to find a way out. She looked around the room one more. There! Over on other side of The Box was a door, carved into the stone. She ran over to it. The door opened easily. Was this a trap?

She ran out. Weird blue lines crisscrossed the door. She tried to stop but it was too late. She ran right through them. . . And dropped to the ground. Pain shot through her whole body. The last thing she thought was of how those blue lines felt like meddler blasts. Then she again drifted off into unconscious.


Keefe’s POV

Everyone was ready. Fitz lifted to orange crystal up towerd the sun. The neon orange light path that shot from it blinded Keefe for a second. Sandor raised his sword and charged into the light.

Everyone waited for a second. Then Grady raised his voice. “I will go next!” He shouted. “After me, Keefe can come.” Keefe jumped. Why did Grady want him to come?

Keefe couldn’t remember how many times Grady had called him “That Boy”. But Keefe ran up to the front of the group. He wasn’t going to turn down a chance to be the one to rescue Sophie.

When he got to the front of the line he looked up at Fitz. Fitz’s face was curled with anger. Fitz leaned in and said, “Maybe you’ll get there first but she is mine.” Keefe was shocked. Was this how FItz would be from now on? Mad, competitive, and even . . . girl crazy? And Keefe knew. Fitz was not his best friend anymore. Fitz had ruined it, thrown it away like it was nothing. This was a new Fitzroy Avery Vacker. And Keefe was not his best friend.

”We’ll see then, won’t we?” Keefe whispered back. He was heartbroken that Fitz had changed to...this. But maybe Sophie would hate it as much as he did? “Good-bye Fitzroy,” he said. And stepped into the light.

Keefe re-appeared in a stone building. He was in a middle of a twisty hallway. He started running down the hallway. He wondered if he should call Sophie’s name but thought better of it. The Neverseen could hear him, and then it would be over.

And that’s when he felt it. Hope. Lot’s of hope. He was SO close to finding Sophie. To bringing her home. He kept running and running and running. The hall way seemed to stretch on forever. Maybe it did. But he WOULD find her. Sophie. The one name that had kept him living, feeling, fighting.

Finally, he came to a stone door. Maybe this was the door. He slowly opened it. It creaked a little, but open smoothly. He peeked inside. Inside the room were shelves. So. Many. Shelves. All of them were clustered with glass bottles filled with some kind of black substance. It almost looked like . . .shadowflux. He gasped. It WAS shadowflux. Shelves and shelves of shadowflux. He closed the door with a slight bang. She wasn’t in there. Next door. He looked down the hallway and sighed. Doors lined each of the walls. And Sophie could be in ANY OF THEM. He ran off, down the hallway.

He peeked in door after door. He saw lots of weapon rooms. Abandoned bedrooms. Empty rooms. More Empty rooms. He found some rooms that looked like dungeons but Sophie was not in any of them.

He stopped to catch his breath. He had been running for a while now. He needed to just breathe. But he had to keep looking too.

He started running again. Up ahead he saw a weird blue light coming from one of the doors. He ran on toward it.

In front of the door was a crumpled figure. They wernen' moving. Sophie. It was Sophie. Sophie, his love. His favorite person in the whole world. Who loved Fitz. Not him.

He ran to the body. And it was Sophie. Her blonde hair splayed around her head like a halo. Her black tunic was ripped and shredded. Her feet were bare. She was breathing fast. Her pulse was slow. Too slow.

”Sophie! Sophie! Sophie!” He shook her shoulders. “Sophie, please! Wake up! Sophie! I . . . Sophie, please! I . . . Need you! Sophie!” He layed her head in his lap. Hugging it and smoothing her brow.

”Keefe?” Sophie’s eyes fluttered.

”Sophie, can you hear me? Sophie?” Keefe almost laughed. She was okay!

”I don’t . . . I don’t feel so good. I feel like I was blasted with a medler” Sophie squeezed her eyes shut.

Sophie’s POV

Keefe. He was there. Holding Sophie’s head in his lap. He had found her. But the pain. So much pain. Her spine twisted with pain. Her head throbbed. But still, Keefe was there. And that’s when she felt it.

An impulse like no other.

Pulling her head up and up.

Her head closer to his.

She knew this was right.

She pressed her lips against his.

Keefe’s POV

Keefe had imagined that kissing someone would feel good. But this was better than good. He never wanted it to stop. Sophie’s soft lips against his had to be the best feeling in the world. He hugged her as they kissed. It seemed that they would never let go of each other. Sophie’s lips tasted like lushberry juice. He hoped his breath wasn’t bad. But really? He didn’t care about his breath. If Sophie didn’t mind, neither did he.

But nothing lasts forever. Including kisses. And finally Sophie pulled away.

“That . . . Was nice.” She whispered. “But . . . I . . . Lady Gisela . . . Your mom . . . In . . . Room . . .get Dex to . . . Look at box . . . Take . . . Me to . . . Elwin . . .please, Keefe” She took huge breathes between words. Keefe’s fear rushed back to him. Sophie was sick, hurt even. She needed Elwin.

”Yes, of course!” Keefe lifted her up and started back down the hallway. He looked down at Sophie.

“Thank you,” she said before her head went limp.

Keefe ran down the hallway. Trying not jostle Sophie. It hurt him how limp she was. But he was determined to get her to Elwin

When he was far enough from the door to Sophie prison he pulled out a leaping crystal to Havenfield. Just before he was going to step into the light he heard someone say,

”Keefe! What do you have? Aren’t you going t—oh! Is that . . . Is that Sophie? Keefe, is that Sophie!? Did you find Sophie?” Grady’s voice cut through the hallway. “Oh, Keefe, I . . .I don’t know how I can thank you! You . . .you found her. I want you to know, I’m, I’m okay with you and Sophie being . . .a thing. I think . . .I think I’m a fan of Team Foster-Keefe now.”

Keefe smiled. This was awesome. He had Grady’s approval. Maybe everything was going to be okay. But Sophie was hurt.

He held his crystal to Havenfield back up. The last thing he wondered before stepping into the light was what FItz would do when he found out Keefe had been the one to find Sophie.

He shimmered into the pastures of Havenfield. Most of the grounds had been cleared of people. A few remained. Fitz was not one them. He probably had left right after Keefe. Soon everyone would be back. But first, he had to get Sophie to the healing center.

”Elwin! Elwin! Anyone! I found Sophie! She’s really hurt! WE NEED ELWIN!!!!” Keefe shouted out toward the group. One of the looked up. It was Elwin.

”Keefe, I . . .ohhhhh . . . .okay, give her to me I’ll take her to the healing center. Come on, Keefe, we have to get her there. The cell damage . . . Almost worse than the shadowflux . . .” He had started muttering. ”My dear girl . . . Oh, Sophie. . .” Wait—what? girl? Was Elwin . . .Sophie’s biological father? It sounded like it, but Keefe wasn’t sure. But how . . . but it made sense. Too much sense.

Keefe smiled, now, if—he realized he was talking about Team Foster-Keefe—needed to know who the biological parents were for . . .anything, then he would have them. But, Sophie couldn’t know Elwin was her father. If she knew . . .she wouldn’t be able to face him ever again. How Elwin had lied.

When they got to the healing center, Elwin rushed Sophie into one of the cots.

”Watch her, will you? I need to brew some medicine.” Elwin didn’t even wait for an answer. Keefe sat down beside Sophie and took her hand. It was not very warm.

”Sophie?” He whispered. “Hey, Foster, are you there? Please come back. Back to me.” Sophie didn’t even twitch. She just laid there, her body limp. Keefe closed his eyes and brushed his lips against hers. It wasn’t much, but rather, a promise to what was to come.

He pulled up. And sat for what seemed like years, as Elwin bustled around Sophie. He barely thought while he took a navy blue vial of medicine. He barely thought as he watched color come back to Sophie’s cheeks. He just waited.

”How is she?” Keefe jumped. That voice could only belong to one person. Fitz. His ex-best friend.

”What do you mean, ‘How is she’? Come look for yourself, Fitzroy.” He snapped.

Fitz stepped forward. His face wasn’t twisted with anger now. It was just sad. Sorrowful. His hair drooped. His eyes looked puffy.

”I looked all over Shambave. I thought I could find her.” Fitz whispered. “But no, you found her. I was mean. So mean. I’m sorry, Keefe. I know that . . .I might have ruined our best-friendship. I just . . . Can we start over?”

Fitz looked so sad. So lonely. But Fitz had yelled at him about Kissing, KISSING, Sophie. In front of everyone else. But now . . .Well, maybe they could try to start over.

Keefe frowned. “Fitz . . . you never understood. You thought I just wanted her, but . . .I need her. She holds the broken pieces of my heart together. I’m not sure what’s going to happen now. Everything will change. It always does. And Sophie . . . we both have seen it, seen her change every time the Neverseen attack. Growing stronger, weaker, angrier, sadder, alone. She need someone. I don’t care about me, I care about her. Only her. And . . . You’re good for her, too. I think.”

Fita blinked. “What do you mean? You’ll just . . .let me ha—I mean give me a chance? You’d do that?”

”Sophie,” said Keefe, “Needs someone. Someone who will take care of her, not fight over her. And . . .that could be either of us. I just want what’s best for her. So . . .I think she should chose. Fitz . . . .” Keefe didn’t know how he could say this.

”What?” Fitz looked so broken, so sad. But he had to know.

Keefe sighed. He stared at his boots, like they were as interesting as a bottle of gulen fart. “She . . . Well, she . . .when I found her she kissed me . . . On the lips. And, she was the one to do it, not me.” Keefe glanced at Fitz’s face.

Fitz look stone faced. Numb.

"I... she could've... thought... It was ME", Fitz said though now clenched teeth.

"No, Fitz. She knew it was me. All along." Keefe said calmly

“No, no, no . . . she must’ve thou—” FItz started.

"YOU'RE LYING!" At first Keefe thought Fitz had shouted it—but no. Keefe turned to look at the greasy, spittle mouthed boy, standing in the doorway. One of the “Drooly boys”. “THEIR IS NO WAY THAT SHE WOULD’VE PICKED YOU! SHE LIKED OUR DANCE! REMEMBER? SHE LOVES ME!”

Something stirred in Keefe’s memory. Dance . . .drool . . .oh. That drooly boy she had danced with in detention. What was his name? Drolion? Droolion? Keefe couldn’t remember.

“Uh, hello?” Keefe stood up. “Who are you? Are you one of the”—here he tapped his chin—“oh, yeah! You’re a DROOLY BOY. I remember you. And I hate to say it, but . . . I don’t think Sophie remembers you. She might. But if she does, she remembers your dance with disgust—wait! do you know that word?—yeah. Disgust!” Keefe smirked. He knew that Sophie didn’t like—what was his name? Drolen?—but he was new to this stuff. Did she still have feelings for FItz?

Keefe glanced at Fitz out of the corner of his eye. Fitz was staring at the drooly boy with surprise. He was raising his eyebrows.

”Well,” said Fitz. “This can all be fixed, right? We can ask her—Sophie, I mean. She’ll . . . say who she lov—likes and then . . . we’ll know right?”

How could FItz be saying this? Why was one of the droopy boys here? In the healing center, shouting that Sophie loved him? The drooly boys were supposed to say “Dude!” a lot. Not shout about someone loving them.

“Listen . . . Golen—is that your name?—I’m not lying. She kissed me. You can ask her. If—when she wakes up, we can ask her.”

Suddenly, Keefe felt worried. Should Sophie remember kissing him? Would she suddenly see Fitz and hug and kiss him? She HAD to have remembered it! Had to!

Sophie’s POV

All she could feel was pain. Pain. Too much pain

Then she felt the cold, round, lip of a vial. Cooling, relaxingly, cold numbness spread from Sophie’s head to her toes—all the way to her fingertips.

And faint voices. Talking. Saying her name. Fighting? Yes. They were fighting. Over what? Or was it who?

She groaned. Her eyelids fluttered.

“Sophie? Sophie? Sophie!” Keefe. Keefe’s voice floated into her ears. Soothing more of the pain.

“Keefe,” she tried to say, but in came out more like “Kofe”.

“Sophie? I’m here. Right here.” Keefe’s voice came closer. “Shhhhhhh . . . It’s all right.”

”Keefe . . . the fighting . . .what was it about?” Sophie’s throat ached. Her voice was rusty and rough.

Keefe didn’t say anything.

Sophie’s eyes opened. Everything was blurry. But one thing—one person stood out. Blonde hair. Ice blue eyes. Easy smirk. It was Keefe Sencen. Master trouble maker, the person behind the whole Great Gulon Incident. The person she . . . The person she what?

A memory flickered in the back of her mind. Wait—now she remembered. She had been—oh. She had been kissing—kissing on the lips—Keefe. Not Fitz—who had been her first thought. She had to tell Keefe. Tell him she remembered.

”I remember . . . it.” She whispered so only he could hear. “I remember all of it. And Keefe . . . ?”

”Yes?” Keefe’s voice was barely a whisper.

“I . . . I love you. I don’t how long I knew. I just . . . Fitz rescued me. He showed me where I belong and . . . I thought . . .never mind. You’re here. You saved me. You.”

Keefe didn’t know what to say. Sh—Sophie—had just said the words that he had been waiting for—dreaming about for years. Years!

Wait—he did know what to say. “I love you too. Love you more than words could ever say. But there is one thing that could come close . . .” And he leaned down, down, down. Towards her face. Her eyes. Her lips.

But just as their lips were a hairs breath away . . . the arguments started again.

”—mine! I know she loves me!“

”No! She DOES NOT love you! She doesn’t ev—”

”Your wrong, you know! I know sh—“

Keefe’s POV

Keefe couldn’t imagine this was good for Sophie—at all. ”Stop!” He shouted. But they didn’t seem to hear him. If anything, the fighting got louder. He had to quiet them so they wouldn’t disturb Sophie!

Wait—a faint energy pulsed it the back of him mind. He could make them stop. He could do it. But how?

His mind clicked and he shouted a mental command. Stop!

The fighting stopped. When Keefe look back at Fitz and Drooly—he really needed to find out that guys name!—their mouths were not shouting . . . or talking for that matter. Sweet, blissful silence filled the room.

”What? How did you . . . do that?” Sophie’s voice rang much too loud in the silent room.

”I don’t know. I . . .“ Everyone was staring—staring at him. Keefe. “Please, I don’t know.”

”Wait . . . “ said Fitz. ”You made us stop, right? So . . . I know this sounds crazy, but . . . Could you have mesmered us?” FItz was he’s hesitant to say this, Keefe saw.

Mesmer? He was a Mesmer? How—what—he mom. His mom had given him these pow—abilities! His mom was behind this!

”No, no, no.” Keefe didn’t know who’d said it. It could be him or Sophie or Fitz.

“Keefe,” Sophie whispered in his ear. “Keefe, calm down! It’s okay. You know, Grady’s a Mesmer. Maybe . . . he could teach you.” Oh, great. Of course would cheer him up.

“Hey,” Fitz said. “It’s cool. It’s an awesome ability.” FItz sounded sincere, but Keefe could hear a quiver in his voice. Fitz—FITZ—was scared of him. Scared of his no ex-best friend.

And what would Sophie think? Did she think he was some crazy zombie with the creepy ability?

“Hey,” Sophie said, wrapping her arms around Keefe’s shoulders. “Remember, I also had people give me—almost program me—creepy powers, and I have five abilities! I know what it feels like, but think how this could help us! Think how big a advantage this could be to over the Neverseen! And you might think that Grady doesn’t like you but . . . He would love to teach you!” She smiled. “Right Grady?”


”Of course, kiddo. Not many other people to teach him, huh?” Keefe jumped. How long had Grady been there? And if he was there than—

“How are you, Sophie?” asked Edaline. “You know, someone could’ve come and told us to hurry here . . . “

Keefe felt his cheeks burn “Sorry, I just . . . I had to get her here. And then I couldn’t leave, I had to stay . . .”

“I know, Keefe.” She glanced at Fitz and Drooly. “You guys on the other hand . . .”

Now it was Fitz’s turn to look down. “What Keefe said—for me though.” He added quickly.

”I see,” Grady replied. “But perhaps you could say it in your own words?

Fitz’s cheeks burned. “I . . . Don’t know. You know how much she—all my friends mean to me. I would always . . . “ He trailed off. Probably knowing that he couldn’t use the same excuse as Keefe had.

“Oh—wait! Call Dex! Right now! Sophie was in a box. A box with—I don’t know! Sophie can you—Fitz please call Dex!—explain to them about the box and—come on guys! Call Dex—hurry!—and what it felt like to be in it?”

“Keefe,” Sophie wispered in his ear, hugging him tighter, “Calm down—please. It’s fine. Everything will be okay. Just focus on now. I’m back and you saved me.”

Why did she always calm him down? Why, why, did she have to use her calm, beautiful voice on him? On him when there was so much to do!

”But I can’t!” He cried, “Sophie was in a box that made it so she couldn’t move, think, hear, and smell or taste!” Why didn’t anyone understand? They need Dex now!

“Keefe, relax,” Elwin said. “I’ll hail him, don’t worry—seriously, relax! I don’t want to give you a happy elixir, but I will if I have to.”

Wait—there was more! Someone had to go to Shambave to collect the shadowflux!

“There was also Shadowflux—bottles of it—at Shambave. Maybe Tam should—“

”Keefe!” Sophie took his hand. “Please—let’s not do this.”

Sophie’s POV

Keefe was crazy! He should just calm down.

But . . . he was right, they needed someone to go and check Shambave.

“Elwin?” asked Sophie. “When can I go home?”

“Sophie, what they did—what they would do to you . . . I don‘t know.” Elwin frowned. “Let’s see . . . I’d say the day after tomorrow?”

”The day after tomorrow!” Keefe cried. “Sophie, I will visit you everyday! After all, I’m all you have to keep the boredom at bay!”

Sophie swatted him—but didn’t blush. What had happened to them . . . it was hard to explain, and she still couldn’t believe it. But they were a thing now. Keefe was hers. And she would never let him go!

“Geez,” said a snotty—but yet familiar—voice, “We don’t need all the mushiness!” Stina said. She wasn’t really Sophie’s friend—but she was a member of team Valiant.

“Hey, Stina,” Keefe said, “did you have to come?”

”For your information, yes,” Stina snapped. “Edaline said that you guys found Sophie—which I did know about, by the way.” She scowled. “She also said you found a ‘Shambave’ place.”

Sophie scowled, but didn’t mind as much as she expected she would. Maybe she was warming up to Stina more than she thought. “What do you want?” Sophie asked, trying to make her voice a little more hard. She did not succeed. “As you can see”—she gestured at the cot she was laying in—“I’m sort of, uh, occupied.”

Sting laughed. “I know,” she said. “But come on! Don’t you want to hear about what news I come bearing?” She smiled—was it playfully?

”Yes!” Sophie demanded, that regretted it. Now Stina would tease her! But she didn’t.

“Alden, Mr Forkle, Dex, and a few others have gone to inspect Shambave.” Sting looked expectant, like she thought that was a lot of information.

“Um, okay?” Sophie hesitated. “Anything else?”

”Yes,” Stina added, this time beaming. “They have Lady Gisela.”

Keefe’s POV

Keefe’s stomach dropped. He half hoped he had heard Stina wrong and half hoped she was right.

“They—they have my mom?” Keefe felt his shoulders cave inward, like they always did at the subject of his mom. Sophie hugged him, Keefe felt the warmth of her body—and one emotion over all hit his senses. Love.

He rapped his thoughts around that emotion, letting it calm and coddle him. He jumped. This was so not the time.

“Yep,” Stina sneered. “You still have feelings for her?”

”Shut up!” Sophie shouted, surprising Keefe with the amount of anger and . . . protectiveness in her voice. “Of course he does! Imagine, Stina, if your dad joined the Neverseen instead of the Black Swan? How would you feel?”

”Hey,” Stina said, “I was joking—really,” she added when she saw Sophie’s glare. “Sorry, Keefe. I didn’t mean . . . sorry.”

Keefe didn’t know what to say. So he asked a question.

”Can I see her?”

”Well,” started Grady, “About that . . . we thought you would already want to see her, so we asked the council and they said yes. But,” he said, this time his voice stern, “You do have to take someone with you. And we thought the best person to go is . . . Sophie.” Someone gasped—maybe everyone—but Keefe didn’t hear it. He didn’t which to think about first—he was going to meet his mom or Sophie was going to be there.

”But—but it’s dangerous!” Keefe spluttered. He wasn’t going to pit Sophie in danger, especially when she was stilll injured! “What about her injuries?” Keefe asked.

“Well,” Grady said, glancing at Elwin, “I don’t want Sophie to go, but they—we—think that’s best. She—you—you two have a special connection.”

The fact that Grady was admitting that, worried Keefe more than anything else at the moment. Someone shifted uncomfortably. Fitz.

Keefe glanced at Fitz, seeing pain and hurt and . . . disappointment on his face. Keefe almost felt sorry for his maybe-best friend.


”Wait—Elwin, you’re agreeing to this?” Sophie sounded unbelieving.

Elwin glanced at Grady, his eye brows raised. “Actually,” he said, “I didn’t know about this plan—whatsoever.” Elwin looked a bit irritated, but mostly questioning. “I would like to hear more.”

“Of course it wouldn’t be soon, maybe in a week or so. We all would want to prepare. And then . . . someone will take Keefe and Sophie to the location Lady Gisela is being held and they will . . . talk to her.” Grady made it sound so simple, but it wasn’t. Sophie had just been captured by Keefe’s mom, and now the adults were taking her back to her kidnapper! It made Keefe want to screem, yell, and inform the adults just how wrong this all was.

But, Keefe reasoned to himself, I will be there and I will protect her. He nodded. It was the best he could do.

”Keefe . . . I’m glad I get to go with you.” Sophie smiled, her brown eyes twinkling.

“Me too,” Keefe whispered back, her voice catching in his throat. Sophie was okay. She was okay. That was all that mattered. For now.

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