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I grinned for what must've been the first time in years. “Cognates share
I grinned for what must've been the first time in years. “Cognates share
all their secrets.”
all their secrets.” [[Category:Original Characters]]
== '''''Chapter 3''''' ==
As I lay in bed the same night, a terrible nightmare
overcame me. Pain surged through my head like venom spreading through my head.
I tried to shake from the feelings, tried to escape, but there was no way out.
I heard a whisper that bounced off the side of my head. First, it sounded
quiet, and then it raised until the noise was unbearable.
''Anthony Ward…Anthony
A terrible vision flooded into my head, and I couldn’t stop
it. A man, running in black shoes across the snowy hill, toward a tall tree. I
could only see his shoes, but then it zoomed out. A man in a long blue cloak
with long black hair was sprinting like his life depended on it. His face was
hard to see.
Men in black cloaks ran up the hill, not stopping at all.
They were shouting, “That’s him! That’s the one he wants! Get him!”
The man in blue kept running, coming to the tree. The man in
blue stopped at the tree, he was easier to see now. He had a bloody cut that
ran all the way up his arm. The man…was he crying? He took out a vial of green
liquid from his cloak, looking at it as it shined in the dim light around him. He
had a sign on his wrist, and it seemed to be shining after he whispered a
painful whisper to it.
A man in a red cloak ran in front of the black-cloaked
figures. The red-cloaked man swiped his hand in the air, and a wall of fire
erupted from the snow in front of the black-cloaked figures. The red-cloaked
man sprinted toward the blue-cloaked man and kneeled down to see the
blue-cloaked man, who was now laying down, breathing shallow breaths of pain.
“Marcus,” the red-cloaked man said. “Marcus, what the heck were
you doing?”
“Oc-Octavian?” Marcus asked.
“Don’t call me that!” Octavian said, slapping Marcus across
the face. “I trusted you to keep it safe!”
“It’s safe, it’s safe!” Marcus insisted, showing him the vial.
“I don’t think I will be there when it happens—take it.”
“No, no, I can’t,” Octavian said. “You know what I’ve done
now. There is no escaping for me. Only for you.”
Marcus tried to get up but failed. He coughed heartily. He
shook the vial, marveling at it, as if it could soothe his pain. Then he gave
it to Octavian, and Octavian smiled, a tear slipping down his cheek before he
slipped it in his own cloak and snapped. Flames shot up, killing any alive
people around, and then darkness closed in, and the vision was over.[[Category:Original Characters]]
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