Balefire Spring Resort

Balefire Spring Resort is an expensive high-end resort located extremely close to the beach, and to the world-famous Balefire Spring, a geyser that shoots up high into the air every few hours. All suites at the resort are big and nice, furnished beautifully and have a great view of the water.

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Suites are one hundred and fifty lusters a night currently.

(Note: if you want to do an individual RP inside a suite you have, just create a page (if it isn't already created) titled Paradise Springs/Balefire Spring Resort/Suite [Suite Number], and then you can begin your roleplay! Thanks!)

  • Suite A - Open
  • Suite B - Open
  • Suite C - Open
  • Suite D - Open
  • Suite E - Open
  • Suite F - Open
  • Suite G - Open

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