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OC Pages

The Story of Blake Babblos the Pyrokinetic by Bananazilla the Telepath (OC fanfic)

The Mysterious Waterfall by Bananazilla the Telepath, with much assistance of Ella the Elephant (OC fanfic)

Trevor Heks' Big Mistake by Bananazilla the Telepath (OC fanfic)

Liana Melissa Vacker's Problematic Love Life by ReadItAll (WIP)

A Proper Scolding by Banazilla the Telepath (OC fanfic)

The Letter by Bananazilla the Telepath (OC fanfic)

Light in the Dark by Ella the Elephant and Bananazilla the Telepath (OC fanfic)

The Day I Met Them by Biana&Tam (OC fanfic)

Sydney Foster - The Unusual by Hihihi nia! (OC fanfic)

The Ressurection by Sophie the Telepath (OC fanfic)

Linked by Book Beliefs (OC fanfic)

New Swans by Bananazilla the Telepath (OC fanfic)

Penetration by Lord Fintan (OC fanfic)

Plan For Anywhere by Chloe (CCow the Hydrokinetic)

The Adventure of a Lifetime by Bananazilla the Telepath

Phoenix by SuldreenSong

Shadows by Lord Fintan

The Elements Prophecy by Rizi213

The Return by Book Beliefs and Rizi213 (OC Fanfic)

Reflections by Lord Fintan

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