When all she knew was Everglen Castle, all he knew was the dangerous Exillium woods.

When all she knew was ripped away from her, what she now knows is her new family. What others know as luxury, he knows as torture.

All she knew was her brother. Until she was requested to know Everglen Castle.  He knows that he's the heir of the land. That he'll need a queen. But what if the Queen he wants turns out to be the girl that wants something else?

She knows fire. Every night is spent making a fire in the fireplace for her dying mother. He knows scorn. He refuses to let the world do it to his siblings.

He loves her, but so does the king. 

Biana and Tam, Sophie and  Keefe....But what about Fitz and Sophie? Linh and Fitz...Or is it Wylie? Marella and Dex,

Sometimes Fairy tales can end with "Happily ever after". Not very likely now.

Chapter 1-Sophie POV

I braid my hair and head downstairs. Mom and Dad can hardly afford anything, so there is a lot of homemade stuff. But I love my house. In the middle of the woods, no one bothers us unless they are buying stuff from my mom.  I hear Amy running around outside and dad watching shows on the one T.V. we got for his birthday. I had to sell half of my clothes to get it for him but it's fine. I walked outside to see our dog, Lili, and our cat Marty. Lilli is chasing Marty. Again. I sigh and call them over to me. After I feed them both I tell Amy that it's time for lunch and head inside. I ask mom, "Hey mom, why do  we live so far away from everyone else.?" She sighs "Because people are dangerous. You can never know what some creepy person will do, especially to a pretty girl like you." I heard dad shutting off the T.V. and I smiled. He doesn't like anyone else watching it except for movie nights.  He walks into the kitchen and says, "Is that bacon I smell?" Mom giggles. They act like teenagers, I swear. Then Amy runs into the house, with Lilli and Marty following behind. "Mom! Guess what I found!" She hands mom an envelope. It's addressed to me. "What is it?" I ask. Mom looks confused "I don't know, but it's yours, so you should open it. I take the envelope in my hands. Thick and creamy white, the paper is nothing like the kind we have here. Then I look at the return address. My heart stops. Everglen Castle. I ran upstairs and hid the note under my pillow. I can't deal with this right now.  I squeeze Ella to my chest. Why did someone from Everglen castle write me a note? Why do they even know my name? Before I know it, I had fallen asleep on my bed.

Chapter 2-Keefe POV

My father is forcing me to read his book. I would rather gouge my eyes out. I have told him that. Many, many times. Not that he cares. He just wants me to go to Evergreen Academy, get good grades, and leave the house finally. I don't think he understands that Evergreen Academy is for the smartest of the smart. I should be going there already, he says. Instead, I go to Northview. Not that I care, I mean, I just like getting pranking supplies from The Keslers store and drawing. Still, my father thinks I should at least get a perfect one hundred at everything, because I skipped a grade. Even though I skipped a grade because it was too easy for me, not because the next grade was easy for me. In the next room I hear mom and dad fighting. Probably over something stupid like how at the dinner party, dad told the servants to put out the crystal china, instead of the gold like mom wanted. They fight over stupid things like that. I sigh and look at my drawing. I am attempting to draw a picture of the girl from my dream. So far I can tell that she has wavy hair, that she sort of hides behind, and she looks really pretty. I already know from the dream that she has brown eyes, which is really weird because a kid hasn't been born with brown eyes for centuries, but whatever. She has blonde hair and she is smiling. That's all I can tell. I think for a minute before drawing a book in her hand. She looks like she is supposed to be holding hands with someone. For a second I think of Prince Fitz. My sort of best friend. But  not for long. Soon he will go to Evergreen academy and we won't see each other anymore. I feel kind of sad but a bit relieved. Princess Biana has a crush on me and it's really weird being in a room with her. I think about King Alden. He always comes to the grading day. He knows that my father is the definition of  Forceful and Verbal abuse. He always invites me to Everglen Castle and  always tries to refuse, but in the end, I always give in. Suddenly my father, Lord Cassiuss comes into the room. He pulls the drawing from my hand and looks at it "Keefe, You should be studying for your test and not drawing some stupid picture of a girl!" He yells at me. I smirk "Well maybe you should be practicing your fake crying for The Queens great grandmothers funeral, Huh?" He rips up the picture and throws it on the floor. "Pick it up." He barks at me. I pick it up and see that I can still tape  it back together. As soon as he's gone I tape it up and look for a place to hide it. I see my golden notebook, the empty one. Gently I place the picture in there and hide it under the floorboard. Whoever that girl is, I have a feeling she is going to be my freedom. I hear someone knocking on the door. Probably my mother. "What do you want?" I called out. I can hear her opening the door so I run to my bed and sit down. When she gets in she frowns. "You really should get  Arnold to clean this up." Arnold is our butler and obviously she doesn't know that Mrs. Smyth is the one that cleans. I ask again "What do you want?" She smiles a weak, sad smile. "Your father has got you into Evergreen Academy. So you and Fitz won't be separated." I replied "We both know the only reason I am going is so father can get a promotion." She smiled again, "But at least you get to go." I nod with a fake smile. after she leaves I think about the drawing again.  A name fills my mind. Sophie Foster. I've got to find her. If I find her then I will find my destiny. My last hope. 

Chapter 3-Biana POV

I brush my silky brown hair and apply some shimmering lip gloss. Mother is hosting another tea party. I bet anything Keefe will be there. Father feels sorry for him and tries to invite him to every event we host.  I don't mind at all. I hear Vanessa, My Lady In waiting, knocking on the door and tell her to come in. She walks in and curtsies. I frown "You don't have to do that every time you see me." Vanessa smiles and says "Of course I do, your highness." She looks on my bed where three dresses are laid out. She says "Which one are you wearing?" I point to the pale pink one and say "I think that one, But the Teal one is pretty too." Vanessa picks up the shimmering teal dress with gold accents. "It's gorgeous, Princess Biana." I nod and say "Okay, I'll wear that one."

I go into my changing room and am surprised to find a small paper bird in the pocket of the dress. I place it on my chair and get changed. As soon as I get back I see that my best friend Maruca is here in a Pale pink dress with purple flowers embroidered onto it. I smile and say "I didn't know that you were coming today!" She grins. "Queen Della invited me." It was weird to hear her refer to my mother as Queen Della. I smile again "Well that's great! You can sit next to me." I realize that I have forgotten my paper bird in the changing room and I tell Maruca that I will be right back. When I got back the bird was nowhere to be seen. I sigh and check under the chairs. Nope. Maybe Fitz was playing a prank on me. I kind of wish he had. He has been so busy with father and finding a girl that is supposedly really rich and powerful and she doesn't know it or something. The only problem with eavesdropping is you don't hear the whole conversation, which leads to you needing to learn more.  I already hate the girl for ruining my family. Even mom looks lonely sometimes. I still wish I had that paper bird.

After a few minutes I hear Maruca calling for me and I race back. I see Maruca and Fitz talking, well, Marcuca talking. I walked over to him. "Hey Fitz, what time is the tea party again?" It's a pathetic excuse, but I can't stand it. Maruca swore she wasn't using me to get to Fitz and I believe her...But still. He sighs as Mother walks past us "Right now." She says. I follow her into the garden. There are 40ish people and, as I suspected, Keefe is one of them. I try not to make it noticeable as I sit next to Keefe. I whisper "Hi." He whispers back "Where is Fitz." Right. He is Fitz's best friend.

I look out into the woods beyond the Castle, and I swear I see a flash of silver and black. I close my eyes, and when I open them again, it's gone. I glance back at Keefe. Why does this have to be so confusing? When Fitz finally takes his place on Keefe's other side, they both instantly start talking. I somehow managed to survive the tea party. It is really hard to sit next to my crush and hear him talking to my brother. As soon as I get back to my room I see another paper bird on my bed...Or is it the same one? Nevertheless I pick up the bird and tuck it into my pocket. I won't be losing this one. I suddenly remember saying I would sit next to Maruca. She is going to be so mad.  I fall onto my bed and stare at the ceiling which is covered with golden stars from when I was little and scared of the dark.  Now I am only scared of losing this. This amazing, exhilarating life.  Fitz. Mom. Dad. Maruca. Keefe. I think for a second. Do I only care about 5 people? No, I care about Vanessa too. Not that 6 people is that much better.  My life can't be that simple. There has to be some heartbreak in there somewhere. some pain. Well, there is Keefe. But maybe I really am the perfect princess everyone thinks I am. Maybe I think I am too.

Chapter 4- DEX

I  spend most of my days here. In the basement of Diznnee's Apotherary.  Its better this way. I don't have to face the nobles. Neither do Lex, Rex, and Bex. They wouldn't be able to handle it.  They say they will, but I know from expeierience, they wont. Sometimes I am angry at my parents for doing this to us. But I know it's not comlpetley there fault. Dad isn't a noble, and still mom married him and lost her job, title, and house. So techinally, Its the nobles fault. Or my Mom's hearts fault, or...that doesn't  make any sense.

I hear the familair ringing sound of the door opening and remember I have to go help them out. Dad and Mom aren't here. I walk up the creeky steps into the shop. As soon as I get up I sigh. Stina, and Lady Vika. Great. Stina glares at me. I remmeber the balding elixi rI put in her birthday cake, when i thought nobody was home. Great. Dad was really angry at me because, that stuff isn't common.  I a glad that Hair Gro is common. Finally  I say "What can I do for you." Vika snarls "We would rather you didn't do anything."

After she pulls Stina's hood off, I can barely Stifle a giggle. Stina glares and I hand her a bottle of Hair Gro. She snatches it from me and leaves without paying. just before Vika leaves she says "Don't try another stunt like that, Son of the Unnoble." Sun of the Unnoble...wonder where she got that from. Normally it's "The UnNoble One. " I sigh and run back dow the stairs.

In the basment I hae my lab set up.Little ammounts of "extrodinary" things are left in this world. And I have most of them. I find a duskflower and squeeze the juice out of it stem. After it is poured into a tube I slice the petals thinly. I let that steep and realize what I am doing. I am making the love potion for Princess Biana. She requested it specifically from my father and now I did it...I might be in trouble. I can't help wondering why Princess Biana needs a love potion. Practically every guy in The Kingdom of Everest have a crush on her. Oh well. After it is done steeping I carefully pour it into a pink vial. Alchemy keeps my mind off...other things.  I remember the girl I saw just outside of town. She was carrying a pile of wood and I waved at her. The weak smile she responded with made me want to go help her. But I didn't. It would only ruin her reputation. Afterall, Being friends with a Dizznee is social suicide.

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