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So this is my first ship fanfic. It's going to be Foster-Keefe and um--That's pretty much it though personally I think I should start doing short stories now cause I don't always update most stories, and I don't think I've finished one yet.

Just so you know though I'm neutral. I'm going to write a Fitzphie one too... Just quick writes practicing....


Her breathing slowed. In. Out. In. Out. Until it came to steady rate. Her slow breaths filling the whole room, with a feeling of hope. And anger, there was so much anger, it was the room's very core.

The Neverseen had done this. The Neverseen had won again. And this time Sophie wasn't up to stop them. The steady pace continued, as most of the group left, leaving just two people in the room, Sophie being one of them. The other continued staring directly into her wide open eyes, looking at the beautiful brown he had fallen in love with.

"Foster--" He starts, "Sophie, couldn't you have left the almost dying to me this time? Couldn't we have just left it as a joke?" Her emotions are muted, feeling nothing in response, other the consistent dulled sense of hopelessness. Tears drip down in his face, "Physic, said you'll be up in a month. You could be up sooner though. Please come back. Come back Foster. Please. Everybody needs you." I need you.

He begins to walk out of the room, her steady breaths echoing his own. She couldn't hear him--most likely. His voice quietly says something again. "Foster, I know you're strong you can do this." He voices his previously thought, "I need you Sophie, I need you."

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