Authors note

I do NOT own many of these characters, I made a few, but lots are made by Shannon Messenger.

Chapter 1

I walked through the halls of my school, the halls were filled with many kids. I headed through the crowd toawards my locker,number 242.I typed in my code, humming while I went. I pulled out my favorite book, Keeper of the lost cities (Kotlc), and hugged it. I was on the eighth book, practically done with it. “EM!” I turned around to see my best friends scorching through the hall toward me. “We have been looking all over for you! We want to get to the assembly early so we can get front rower seats!” Katie said, pulling my arm. “Uuugh, one more minute!” I groaned. “come onnn!” Katie bounced up and down. “Let her go.” Hailey said , glancing at my book. “Please don’t tell me your gonna read at the assembly!?” Hailey grumbled ,she was real crazy about rules. “Just at the boring parts!” I said, patting my kotlc book. “You are way too crazy about that book.” Katie said, pointing to my Team Foster-Keefe shirt. “Hey, I don’t judge you for liking Nancy drew!” I said, covering my shirt in embarrassment. “Let’s go already!” Katie giggled. We walked down the hall, made a right, then opened the door to the auditorium. “Please take a seat!” We heard the principal say into the microphone, it made that annoying sound it does when you put your mouth to close. We scooted down the row of seats and sat down. I pulled out my kotlc book and started to read. While I read a headache formed. Stupid headaches! I thought, closing my book. “Hey Katie, I have a headache, could you take me to the nurse?” I asked. Katie got up and helped me walk to the nurse about half way there I heard muffled sounds. “Katie?My headache just got worse ,think it’s killing my brain.” I closed my eyes and covered my ears. No reply. “Katie?” I asked, uncovering my ears. Still no reply. “KATIE?! This is NOT funny!” I finally decided to open my eyes. I was In a black void, and it seemed as if it was taking me somewhere. I fell unconscious and lay there in the black void.

I woke up to noises of busy streets- wait busy streets?! I was literally just at school. I must’ve hit my head real hard! I smacked my self to make sure, It hurt, this was not a dream. I peeped out a small scream. I looked around the beautiful city, definitely not in San Francisco anymore. I decided to walk around. Suddenly, I bumped into a tall woman. She had beautiful long brown hair, teal eyes, and a dress so sparkly my eyes practically died. “Sorry!” I said, avoiding looking at her dress. “It’s fine, but where are your parents? You seem very young to be wandering around in your own.” The woman said. “I uhm, I’m not sure where I am at even..” I mumbled, looking around at the city. “Oh! Silly! You are in Atlantis!” She said. “Atlantas? As in like Atlantis Atlantis...?” I asked. “Uhm, what else should it be!? Are you okay darling?” She asked. I backed up. Is she crazy?! I thought. “Should I take you to my house and call my father to come over?” She asked, reaching her hand forward to stroke my hair, I pushed her hand back. “Uhm, I am not suppose to talk to strangers.” I said, giving her a look like: if you dare touch me you are dead. “That’s okay, your parents won’t mind, when you are better we can look for them, they must be so worried about you!” She said. “I uhm... ok I guess we can go.” I mumbled. “ok, by the way my name is Bianna, your’s?” She asksed. “Biana? Hmm, let me guess you have two brothers, a father that says ‘no reason to worry‘ a lot like way too much, and one of your brothers is evil, the other has crazy anger issues?” I joked, but when I looked up she nodded. “Wait- really?” I asked, shocked. “Uhm yeah..” Biana said, from the look of her face I could make out that she was shocked. “We better light leap to my house right away!” She gasped. “like light leap light leap?! As in kotlc light leap?!” I asked. “Don’t know what kotlc is, but yes light leap light leap.” Biana said, pulling me into the light.

"OMG! I THINK I KILLED HER! NOOO!" I slowly opened my eyes to see Biana's face way to close to me. "GAH! GET AWAY FROM MY FACE!" I screamed. "SHE'S ALIVE!" Biana yelled with joy, pulling her face back from me and helping me up. "Should've warned you I have never done that before." I mumbled. "Wait- How could you not have?" She asked. I heard someone clear their thought, I looked behind Biana, there was a whole group of people around her age. "These are my friends!" She said, noticing me looking at them. "Cool shirt." One of them said, he had blonde hair ice blue eyes and a very long cape on.Is everyone here crazy?! I thought to myself. Suddenly, I noticed he was looking at my Team Foster-Keefe shirt. I put my hands over it, my face red with embarrassment. "Now, Keefe, don't you dare embarrass this poor little girl!" Biana scolded. "Sorry." The boy mumbled. "Okay, did I bump my head hard or am I actually in the lost cities..?" I asked, finally putting the pieces together. (Come on me! Honestly I would know by just seeing Atlantis!) "What do you mean? Don't you live in the lost cities? I mean I found you in Atlantis." Biana said, confused. "Well Long story short, I somehow got teleported here." I said, earning myself gasps from the crowd in front of me. "And let me guess-" I said. "you are Dex,obviously-" I said, pointing to a boy with strawberry blonde hair and periwinkle eyes. "You must be Linh-" I pointed to a girl with black hair and silver bangs, it was either tam who grew his hair ,or the more obvious choice, Linh. She nodded. "You must be Marella-" I pointed to a girl with Ice blue eyes and blonde hair with little braids, either a copycat stole her style out this was marella. She smirked and flicked her fingers, showing a little flame, just to prove it was her. "lastly- you obmiouly have to be Sophie-" I pointed to the last girl standing at the side, with brown eyes that had beautiful gold flecks, and long blonde hair. "Now that we are all introduced.. Lets get inside and talk about this problem." Dex mumbled, and front the way he said 'problem' made me get a feeling that he didn't like me, with was honestly wierd, since he was one of my favorite characters, maybe he was just jealous of my Foster-Keefe shirt, maybe I should've bought the Dex shirt instead..? I sighed and followed Sohphie and her friends inside the giant mansion, so far I was not making a good impression.

As we walked in I gasped at how beatiful Biana's house was. There were beautiful paintings on the walls, they were mostly of Alicorns , Silveny, Grayfell, Wynn, and Luna, I guessed. "I didn't know you could paint!" I exclaimed to Biana, she chuckled. "On no, I can't paint! That's just Natalie's work, she paints almost everyday, I always tell her to add more glitter, but for some reason she doesn't like it as much as me!" Biana said, rambling on and on. "Wait- Who's Natalie?" I asked, Biana stopped rambling and looked at me. "If you know so much about us how come you don't know Biana an I have children." Dex asked, giving me a quizzical look. I eyed him back . "Now, Dex, the poor girl doesn't know!" Biana said, putting her arms on me. "Please stop calling me 'the poor girl'!" I mumbled, pushing her hands off me- sometimes adults could get very annoying! "Do she know any of us have children?" Dex asked. "Ask her not us." Sophie said. "Ok, Hey do you know our children?" Dex said. "Uhm- no- I-... Well in the books you are well... teenagers... wait- how old are you guys now?" I asked, my head might explode from this information- WAIT DID SOKEEFE HAPPEN?! I would totally explode if Fitzphie happened instead- "well we are all around 30." Sophie said. " this might be a weird question- but ARE YOU AND KEEFE TOOOGETHER?????" I asked. (sorry for going total fangirl mode-) Sophie blushed. "I can answer that!" Keefe said, he pulled me over to show me a beautiful ring on Sophie's finger. "cool" I smirked. "By the way I totally forgot to ask before I practically almost killed you- what's your name?" Biana jumped in. "Oh- My name is Emmaline." I said, blowing my bangs out of my eyes. "Pretty name." Biana said. "Now, do you want to meet my children?" She asked. I nodded, might as well see someone my own age. "JACK, NATALIE, COME MEET EMMALINE!" Biana yelled. I heard clomping form above, probably they were coming down stairs. A boy and girl walked over. The boy had teal eyes and a fancy outfit her had his brown hair messily combed, the girl had periwinkle eyes, she wore a pretty dress she had her long brown hair kept neatly in a ponytail. "Hey." the girl said. "Sup." The boy said. A loud knock came from the door. Sophie got up. "Must be Mr. Forkle and Physic!" She said , going off to answer the door. She came back with them both, Mr. Forkle looked waaay older than I had imagined, Physic/Livvy looked about how I had imagined. I seemed to understand why they called him: he was gonna make me go home. "now, she doesn't seem like an elf, so might be dangerous to send her back with the memory, you ready to wipe them?" Mr. Forkle said in a hurry, as if he didn't wan't me to hear some parts, lucky for me I heard all of it-well maybe not lucky for me. Wipe my memory? I thought. "don't be afraid." Livvy/Physic said and those where the last word I heard before I fell unconscious.

Chapter 2

I woke up in my bed, my mother sitting on the edge. "Your awake!How are you doing? The doctor's said you shouldn't read, you might give yourself a headache." She said, putting her hand on mine. "I am fine." I mumbled. "they said you fell and hit your head!" My mother said. "I did?" I asked, rubbing my head. “Yeah, they said you were reading your keeper of thee lost cities book and you tripped, or kotlc as you kids say.” Mother said, suddenly it hit me, going into the book, meeting Sophie and her friends. “I uhm- I think I left something at school!” I blurted. “Oh I can Call over Katie-“ mother started to say, but I inturupted her. “I think I’m good on my own!” Mother looked at me then nodded. I hopped out of bed, put on my favorite blue sweatshirt, then headed towards the front door. My brother walked in front of me. “What are you doing? I thought you just got back from the hospital!” He said. “I left something at school.” I mumbled. “I’m coming!” He said. “Fine.” I grumbled, there was no arguing with my brother.

We walked down the rainy streets, I carried my flashlight, gripping it tight, if the book was there it was the only way to prove it wasn't a dream, and that I wasn't crazy. "What did you leave? We can split up and the search will go faster." He said. "I well left.. a uhm book." I mumbled, slapping my forehead, In must've sounded so weird. "so we came out here, in the middle of the night, to look for a book!?" He shouted. "Hey! You invited yourself, I was ready to go alone!" I shouted back. As we walked to the door I handed him his own flashlight. We opened the door and took separate paths. I shinned my flashlight side to side, hoping for a glimpse of my book. "Hush!" A voice said. I froze, Was my brother there? This voice didn't sound like his. Something fell, it sounded like hard metal. I shined my flashlight toward the noise. Nobody there. But I saw my book! I grabbed it and started to read. I smiled when it took me into the void.

When I landed I landed in soft sand. Wait- Last time it took me to Atlantis-how could I be in a sandy area? "hm, didn't expect to see you here! I take a walk at my old house, and suddenly bump into the girl who is not- wait how did you get back?" I turned around, and of course it had to be Keefe, he stared right at me. "I-Uhm well you see this book-" I stammered. I showed him the book, he took it and observed. He started to read. My eyes widened. "DON'T!" I screamed but it was too late. I quickly grabbed his arm, trying to stop it. But by then we were in the void.

(Happy halloween! Idk why I am writing on halloween-) As me and Keefe landed, I realized it took us back to San Francisco. "WHY WOULD YOU-" I started to yell but Keefe was looking at somthing, like it was the most important thing ever. "what?" I asked. Keefe silently pointed to a black cloaked figure walking in the crowd. "Who is-" before I could finish, Keefe grabbed my arm and quickly dragged me into a building. "what is going on!?" I yelled. "I don't know!" keefe whispered. "ooh is that human candy there?!" Keefe asked pointing to a building selling snickers, M&Ms, ect. "Yes, but can you focus, you are acting like a two year old!" I whisper yelled at him. "I am 32!" Keefe said, giving me a glare. "You sure aren't acting like it!" I yelled. "Shh!" keefe whispered. pointing down the street, the cloaked figure was moving toward us. We started to run. "how do you take us back to the lost cities?!" Keefe asked. "!" I said, panting, running wasn't one of my things. "read us back in there!" Keefe said, I looked where he pointed and I sighed. "That is a library!" I shouted. "Yeah, nobody would be there! I am pretty sure nobody wants to sit around all day reading!" keefe shouted back as we ran. "Gosh-" I mumbled. "fine!" I grabbed his and and ran into the library. I took Keefe down an empty isle and started to read us back.

We both fell on the soft sand. I gripped my book tight, panting. "That... was... awesome!" Keefe yelled. I slapped my forehead. Keefe stops up and danced. I studied the cover of the book. "I still can't figure out why it takes us places." I said.Silence. I sat there for a minute before looking up. "Keefe-If this is another one of your jokes-" I scowled. No reply. "I guess I can go see if Sophie wants some E.L Fudges...hmm thought that would've gotten him to talk." I said, from what I've read Keefe will do anything for E.L Fudges. "Keefe?!" I asked. Something made a noise behind me. "ah Keefe finally!" I turned around. Keefe was there. but he was unconscious and being held by the cloaked figure. I screamed. but then something whacked my head and I fell unconscious.

I woke up to a small group of cloake people arguing. Well I couldn’t see much. “When are they going to wake up?!” A old man’s voice boomed. “Be patient!” A younger sounding voice said. My vision finally got better and I saw there were four people. there wasn’t’t much to see though, they were all cloaked. One was very tall one was short, one was medium And the last on was average. “How can we be paitient!? Your dumb ability isn’t helping at all!” one of them shouted. “Dumb ability? Dumb ability? Ha!“ the shortest one laughed. He sparked a flame from his hand. “You won’t be saying it’s useless when your on fire!” He snarled. The boy must be a pyrokinetic. “My ability is just as useful as yours!” The tallest one shouted. “Ooooh, are you gonna read my emotion!?” the shortest one said sarcastically. the other two laughed, I laughed a little too. “oh she’s awake! What about the boy?” the medium sized one asked. I looked to my side and saw Keefe on the floor. “Nope.” The tallest one said. “!” I snarled. “No!” The tallest on siad, and he sacked my head.

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