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""Never ruin a good today, by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go."

(Formerly Adara)Nevaeh






35 y.o






Black Hair

Azure blue Eyes


Nevaeh has stunning black hair that matches perfectly with her gorgeous azure blue eyes. Her beauty is praised by many elves around her.



Introverted and Calm

Nevaeh is a warm and kind elf that prefers to be silent than talkative, hence the reason she chose to be a librarian in a quiet library. She meditates a lot to refresh her mind and is a book-worm. Learning her lesson the hard way, Nevaeh wishes to not make the same mistake again and regrets her past actions deeply. She's now a calm elf that's willing to listen to all the life problems you want to spill.

Middle-Lower Class

Credits to Galexia since she helped me with Nevaeh's character approval.

Nevaeh was formerly called "Adara". Wonder why her name changed? Well find out why......

Adara's father came from a powerful family in the Nobility. Her father's side of the family most consisted of Telepaths and Empaths, but her father strangely manifested as a Psionipath. But his family didn't really care. All it mattered for them was that he manifested some sort of ability. But what shook them was his marriage.

Adara's father married a Talentless. A Talentless and a Noble elf married together? That meant a Bad Match. Her father's family quickly disowned him and pretended to not even recognize his existence, and her father was torn. He regretted marrying Adara's mother but couldn't sign the Match Fail because then it'd bring more shame. Her father soon grew to despise her mother. He would neglect his wife and kids and avoided them as much as he could. Sometime he'd even straight up insult his kids for being "stupid" and slow. Adara grew up disliking her father for that.

She also was very insecure due to the insults her father threw at her. He'd criticize her even for a tiniest of all mistakes and made her feel like she was a burden. She grew afraid of making mistakes and disappointing others. So when she manifested as a Psionipath in Level 2 at Foxfire, you wouldn't believe what she did. She lied.

It wasn't a small lie. It was huge one. She'd lied about her ability and claimed that she manifested as a Descryer, which was a super rare Talent. Her father's side of the family was extremely delighted with her so called rare ability. Her father started to treat her differently. Instead of shutting doors on her face as to imply he despised her, he would let her come in first with a respectful bow as if he was her butler, not her father. Everyone at school would stare at her, but not in a bad way, but as if they admired, even feared, her. But she couldn't keep up her lie forever. Eventually she had to go to the extent of pretending.

When a shy student asked her to read his potential, Adara panicked. What should she do? She couldn't just say, "Um, no. You're too lame and shy for me to read your potential since well, I'm kind of allergic to lameness, you know?" or "Uhhhhhh did anyone tell you that I'm lying about my ability?". So she had no choice but to pretend to read the potential of him.

Soon everyone went to her at lunch to get a reading. It got sooooo out of hand that there were rows of kids ditching food to get a reading. Adara tried to manage the burden, but she couldn't handle it anymore. The lies. The guilt. It was slowly shattering, and consuming her sanity. So she confessed. Confessed to everyone. Her father's family, her SAFS mentor(trust me, her Descrying mentor flipped), her friends, and....everyone. It felt scary to Adara realizing how many people she deceived and tricked just to feel like she belonged. It was ironic how she'd lied just to feel comfortable, but she truly felt that sentiment when she confessed.

As expected, the Council ordered a Tribunal. They could not accept the fact that Adara straight up lied to them about her ability. The world agreed with them, too. All the popular kids Adara befriended turned their backs on her and denied their friendship. Adara felt crushed. But she didn't regret revealing the truth. She regretted stating a lie in the first place.

Luckily, she wasn't banished to Exile or anything like that. She got expelled from Foxfire and was forbidden of entering the Nobility. The backlash from the public and her father's family was so severe that Adara couldn't step one foot outside her house without having tomatoes and eggs chucked at her face. She cried, cried, and cried. She barely managed to graduate Foxfire, and she changed her name instantly after her graduation from Adara, which was her former name, to Nevaeh, so she could live at least with some of the guilt lifted from her shoulders. It was hard for Nevaeh to accept the consequences, but she swallowed her regrets and lived on, bitter-sweet and remorseful. But despite all the bad consequences of her action, she appreciated the fact that she experienced a life lesson almost no one could go through: To never let your greed cause you to lie.

Now Nevaeh is 35 years old, working in a quiet library as a librarian.

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Nevaeh Starfrost ♣ Calm Psionipath ~ Librarian
"Never ruin a good today, by thinking about a bad yesterday."
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