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Summary: Sophie Foster is ready for answers. Done with the questions and lies. Ready to fight back. In this eighth installment of Keeper of the Lost Cities, it is a thrilling race to the finish that readers will not forget. Sophie thought she was done questioning her friends' loyalties, but when someone close to her reveals their true plan, she is forced to question everything she knows.

Sophie's eyes blurred as she looked from the screen to the matchmakers. Stifling a sob, she turned and ran. She probably looked ridiculous, like a reverse Cinderella. Her stupid, perfect dress ripped as she fled. Her tears were gone. But then she looked at the color. And the sobs came back, full force. What would Fitz think? It was just a stupid dream. She told herself, willing it to be true. But..........he was the perfect Vacker boy. Cute, popular, powerful......he was everything she wasn't. And couldn't be. He was from the perfect legacy family. And she was the Moonlark. Destined to be something.......else. Fresh tears fell as she raced toward the lobby. All she needed was to find Grady and Edaline. They stood up when they saw her approaching. Edaline pulled her into a hug. Sophie was in her bedroom at Havenfield when Edaline knocked softly on the door. "Sophie honey? You have a visitor." Edaline stepped aside and Mr. Forkle stepped into the room. "Tiergan is here too."Edaline left and closed the door. "I'm so sorry,"he whispered, not meeting her eyes. "Sorry for what?" she asked.

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