This is Song Twins water+shadows Fan-fiction, which she will be posting here, and I will edit it.

Grady's POV

I came back from feeding time in the pasture, covered in neon T-Rex feathers.

Verdi had not taken to the new meal the gnomes had prepared. I had been spared most of the vomit.

I went inside the house, and took a shower. I got dressed and went to check on Sophie.

I opened the door half way but couldn't see her, I quickly jerked the door open fully. I raced in, I checked everywhere but their was no trace of her.

"The one time Sandor isn't here." I mumbled with panic. The queen had called all the goblins back to Gildingham to honor all the fallen warriors that had ever been aurified in the hall of heroes.

I quickly pulled out my imparter and hailed Sophie. She didn't answer, neither did Biana. I hailed Elwin. 

"Elwin." I said my trembling. "Is Sophie there with you."

"No." Elwin said.

"Quick, can you get Mr. Forkle?" I asked him.

There was some rummaging around until Elwin said. "He's coming over to the healing center, you should come too."

That was all he needed to say. I left a note for Edaline and quickly leaped over to Foxfire.

Mr. Forkle, or should I say Magnet Leto was already there. 

"Where's Sophie?" I asked

He hesitated for a second then said. "I know where she is, she is safe."

"Where is she, did she do this with your permission?" I asked.

Mr. Forkle put his hand to my head and told me everything.

I stepped back, bewildered.

"Why didn't you let me go with her? I could protect her." I said sternly.

Right when he was about to answer he pressed his hands to his forehead. Concentrating.

His face turned pale. He turned to look at me and whispered. "The Neverseen found them."

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