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M I R A · N E M A N I



"You may easily perish but not so much your soul. That only goes when you let it perish. It doesn't have to go if you don't want it to."













Dark Brown Hair

Sea Blue Eyes

5 ft. 11 in.

Councillor Nemani is a very beautiful person, thus her model is Sushmita Sen, a previous winner of the Miss Universe contest.




Mira is a happy-go-lucky character, but makes sure that everything she does is as perfect as can be. Thus, she has very high standards for elves that she meets; but she doesn't shun those who don't meet her standards. Rather, she goes all-out to help them make themselves a better person [to eventually meet her standards].

But Mira is not as perfect as she comes off as. Just as fast as she can be kind, she can also get very angry in the same amount of time. In the past, her hot-tempered behavior has landed her in trouble, and everyday she tries her best to control it.


When Sara and Neel Lahan got together in the 20th century, they had absolutely no idea that their granddaughter would become one of the most prominent figures in the Elvin world; a Councillor. In fact, the two were talentless, and were not in the nobility at all.

However, they still wanted the best for their child (they only had one). They tried as hard as they could to get their daughter, Lila, to manifest an ability. They tried elixirs, mental boosts, descryer readings; practically everything under the sun to make sure their daughter had a better future.

And thankfully, their efforts were not in vain. Lila did end up manifesting; as a Vanisher. However, it was too late to get into Foxfire, meaning that the next generation would have to carry on the aspirations handed down by the previous generation.

As it happens, Mira was the next generation, and promptly manifested as a Flasher. A kind, jovial, hot-tempered personality, she was very much a social magnet. But nothing ever deterred her from reaching her goals, or achieving the heights that her parents and grandparents could not.

During her time at Foxfire, Mira got top marks in her classes, and was practically the queen of her school. Boys came running after her. But she made sure that nobody, yes, nobody came in the way of her and her dreams. And the times that she did mess up (drastically, such as being sent to the principal's office), she did her best to make up, move on, and learn from the experience.

After graduating from the elite levels of Foxfire, it wasn't very hard for Mira to get to the top. Her grades and contributions to society really helped her, and was thus unanimously voted into the Council.

Mira is a flasher, and thus is a very bright person in general. She is very good at manipulating light; so much so that she has grasped the basics of controlling quintessence, something very hard and time-consuming for flashers to do.

As mentioned before, Mira is not good at controlling her temper, and works at doing so every day.


Mira was rather unlike the rest of the Council, given her rougher background and the family that she was coming from. It rather separated her from the rest of the Council; she was considered to be more of "the Councillor for the common elf."

  • Eden Navarro
    • Though Mira isn't a fan of what Eden did to her sister all those years ago, she knows that Eden is truly sorry, and hopefully doesn't repeat her actions ever again.
  • Irene Stardust
    • Mira is somewhat more acquainted with Irene than the rest, due to the fact that their abilities where similar.
  • Noria Caverly
    • Not knowing Noria as well as the rest, Mira is eager to get to know Noria better, like how she knows Eden and Irene.

Mira is good friends with several of the Foxfire Academy staff due to her status. She is also well acquainted with Ingrid Mirjah, a famous teacher and marketer.

  • Grandparents
    • Maternal
      • Sara Lahan
      • Neel Lahan
    • Paternal
      • Maya Nemani
      • Nathanael Nemani
  • Parents
    • Lila Lahan
    • Arin Nemani
  • Siblings
    • None

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COUNCILLOR MIRA NEMANI ~ Forward Thinker Leader
"You may easily perish but not so much your soul. That only goes when you let it perish. It doesn't have to go if you don't want it to."
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