Note: Half are my characters, the others are Shannon Messenger's.


"Sophie! Come on. Let's not split up." I sobbed. Surely Sophie didn't want to do this. No! My older sister must want to stay with me, with our memories of each other. I didn't need to go to a human orphanage. She didn't need a human sister. "I'm so sorry! But, in 8 years, we'll see each other again." Sophie moaned. Then Sophie's memories of me were erased, and I had to go to a human orphanage, waiting for 8 years.

Almost 8 years later

"Millana, wake up!" I heard Luna calling to me as I woke. "There's an adopter! Do you think it may be yours?" "Luna, I told you, he will come day!" My eyes popped open. I had told Luna a version of what had happened to me. I had not included elves, but I did tell her about my empathy. I glanced at her, looming over my bed, with a hopeful look in her green eyes. I quickly hopped out of bed. "What are you wait for, let's check it out!"

She smiled, and handed me a green sweater, jeans, and socks. She left, and I changed.


"I'm ready, Luhnah." I called, pulling out the syllables the way we did for fun. She looked up from the book, "So what're you waiting for, Mihlahnah?" she replied, popping up, and placing her book on the side. Together we exited the room, and lined up with the other orphans.

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