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Archived Character.png This is an archived roleplay character, meaning that this character has not been used for roleplay in a while, or it was a user request. It is not to be used in roleplay anymore unless specified otherwise.

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Midori Earthynn 👑 The prettist Earthlynn 👑 Exillium Wayward
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Owned and RPed by EVERHIGHLOVE

Basic Info

Full Name Midori Jactina Earthlynn
Age 15
Ability Mesmer
Birthday 06/12/3004
Mother Kalei Earthlynn
Father Grant Earthlynn
Siblings Taurus, Colin, Verna, and Bliss Earthlynn


Midori has four siblings, Taurus, Colin, Verna, and Bliss. Colin was her twin. Melissa mostly had a happy childhood, her parents loved her but Bliss was the favorite. One day she got mad at a fellow classmate, because they didn't like her clothes, and for revenge, she left him in an abanded classroom keeping hin punching himself over and over again. A mentor found out what happened and she got sent to Exillium. Her overprotective little sister, Bliss went with her.


 Midori is a fashion queen. If you insult her outfits she will revenge. She can be very rude.


 Midori has dark green-blue eyes. She has long dark brown hair.

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