Z the Galaxy

aka Z ☾✩☽||Queen of Hamsters||☾✩☽

  • I live in Neverland
  • I was born on July 25
  • My occupation is Walking on water and reaching for the stars
  • I am Awesome

Welcome to my message wall!

Hey there! If you couldn’t already tell, I’m Z and I’m an Admin(and everything under that) here, so if you have something to report, please do so by leaving me a message! I’m always willing to talk, so feel free to leave me a message! Right now the time is CST (UTC-5)| 18:35, July 6, 2020 (Monday) (for more accurate times, please refresh the page) for me, so please think if it’s currently a good idea to message me something urgent :) Please remember to be polite, and I can’t always be active, so please don’t be disrespectful or discriminating in any way. Have a wonderful day! :)

But before leaving a message, please keep in mind of these little things that semi irritate me

Please don't create two new threads if there's already one that I have replied on in the past five days (unless it's extremely important). If you something else to say, please just reply it on the first thread.

And also please don't message on admin related threads if you aren't an admin, and please don't message on other threads you aren't involved in, it creates a lot of stress for me. :) it's also kinda irritating, and sometimes people message me for personal things, and they should not be interfered by in anyway, because while this is the Internet, and anyone can see it, people's privacy should be respected.

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  • I would put my full, previous message on here, but it might make me cry again (I miss you so, so much) and it's in the card that Char sent - so I'll just write something short.

    I'm honored to call you my friend, and my role model. You're the one who comes to the rescue the moment after something goes wrong, whether it be an online argument or younger kids' safety. You're the one who does something about a problem no one's noticed. You're absolutely amazing, Z, and I hope you know that. Even if you don't see this, I hope you know that.

    FFK misses one of their best admins/bcrats, and everyone I've met on this wiki, even the people who don't know you, miss you. I'm not forcing you to come back, I just want you to realize how loved you are.

    Enjoy your special day, and remember to focus on the positive. The positivity you gave all of us.

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Z the amazing Galaxy of Celestial, happy birthday to you.

    Much love from Cress :)

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  • If you happen to be checking this account on this wiki, please look at this thread!

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  • Check DISCUSS

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  • Z, I’m REALLY late, but I’m sad to see you go. You were one my friends on BOTH the wikis so I’m going to miss you. But I have one request. PleaSE GeT somE SleEp. You can’t be an Alpine Swift forever ya know. But you can always be a Swift Buddy, right? Best of luck to you Swift Buddy Awesome, best of luck.

    (#Rasmalai4life) Physic(Swift Buddy Bookworm)

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  • (I'm sorry for spamming you so much. but I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and I just wanted to say...)

    We face challenges in life, only because we can overcome them. Nothing is impossible, and certainly not the challenges of life. We are all given life because we can live it and overcome everything thrown at us. But most of all, we should never ever forget that people can and will help us, if we only ask. And there are points where I'm sure we all want to give up. But giving up won't solve anything. And the only way you can ever fail, is if you give up.

    And when you give up, you leave behind the millions of chances that are possible in each and every day.

    So smile. Because everyday is a new day.

    A new day full off chances.

    Chances that can change life for the better.

    Because life does get better.

    You just need to live it longer.

    I hope this made at least one person smile <3

    You made me smile. <3

    I'm leaving the wiki pretty soon...I'll drop by for your birthday, though. I miss you...

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  • DARN Im so annoyed u dx see this erlier but i

    ok i suck at goodbye letr but ive been kinda incative

    but U helped me thru so mcuh in life, uve been there constaly , i  coukld sen hour stalking to u on lc and having u as a friend is so speciel like.....woww

    have a gr8 life i guess.

    Ugh im sry this is so cringe.

    Im gonna miss u. i do muss you. alot

    <3 <3 <3 <33333333333333333333

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  • Z...I have no idea where to start with this. Lots of other people have sent you leaving messages, so I'll keep mine pretty short. But just know that our conversations have meant so, so much to me, and I've always had so, so much fun talking to you. 

    The first month or two after I joined the wiki, I didn't really do much. I commented occasionally, but I was too scared to reach out to other users. Until you sent me that message on my wall. It was a simple thing, just asking how my week had been, and how you considered us friends...but it literally made my day. It felt so awesome to know that I finally had my first fandom friend. Ever since then, you've been a major part of my fandom life, and I enjoyed every conversation I had with you, whether it was talking about school, your book, or just a bunch of XD's. I respect your decision to leave, but I'm just going to miss you so so much! 

    I'm sure you have a good reason for leaving though. I know that you must be fighting some pretty difficult demons right now, but remember, Sam the Shadowhunter will always help you fight off those demons, whether they're in the internet haunting LC, or in irl. 

    I wish you the best in the rest of your life Z! Stay positive, strong, and keep being the amazing person you are! I'll miss you so much <3

    Your fandom friend,


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  • My dear Zebra, I'm so sorry to hear that you're leaving. I wish you all of the best out there in the real world, and you will be in my prayers. I don't want to write too long of a message because I'm sure you'll have a lot to try to read through (you've meant a lot to so many people!), but I can't end without telling you what you've meant to me.

    You've always been a support on here for me. When I've started to doubt myself as an administrator or anything, you've always been there to remind me that I'm good at what I do. Your random comments and messages thanking me have always brightened my day. And I really can't say this enough: thank YOU for supporting me and bringing me a smile. We've had so many good times. (Cath, the pink-dyer and message-sponsorer! Zebra, the purple hamster! Hm, not quite sure how that one works...) I still think about the threads Doggy and GREETINGS, MISTRESS OF BOOKS regularly and smile. You've meant so much to me.

    May your life be filled with alicorns, your mouth be filled with mallowmelt, and your heart be filled with joy.


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  • Z, the Galaxy ruling Celestial, captain of the Strange Duckies, a positive light through all the chaos in the world (sorry. I’m cringey. I just...can’t think of what to say.),

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier.

    I remember one of my very first days on the wiki. I was new, you came and made me feel welcome. It was just a little chat about something on my profile. Then a book. It was fun and friendly...but I never imagined we would become such amazing friends. You’re one of my BFFs, ever.

    You showed me how to see things in different ways. You always stayed positive no matter the circumstances and showed me how to cope with the worst. I made so many mistakes, and you never hesitated to forgive me. You always make me smile - I'm sad, down, anxious, upset, and you become the sunshine in the darkness. You showed us we weren't alone. Our inside jokes and spamming/stalking fests, and happy's all you, the hilarious, happy, weird-in-a-perfect-way and everything that an awesome friend should be.

    Celestial. The Strange Ducks. All of the things that brought us together and helped us bring others together. None of them will ever be the same without you. We can’t ever replace you.

    I should have noticed the things that were going on. I could tell you were stressed and anxious, but I should’ve done more to help. You’re always so strong and make the best out of bad situations. I forever admire that in you.

    Happy shadow thoughts, health, blessings, memeyness, and unicorn armies to fight exhaustion, dear Z-Mazing. I've known you for less than 6 months, and yet I'm closer to you than people irl. I wish we had only had more time... You're a true friend, and I want you to know it. I wish I could write more, but I'm crying now. Thank you for everything. I miss you so much, powerful and amazing superhero galaxy. I want you to be happy - and if you need to leave, it's your decision, you need to keep yourself safe and healthy. Life is full of things to throw at you, and if you need to focus on real life, I respect that. I miss you and will always keep that space in my heart and mind that you left open.

    I'll always remember you as one of the best people in my life. I friend-love you like a sister and will never forget how much you gave to me. That goes for the entire wiki family community.

    One thing. Please remember - you rock. You are you, and should never change that. Be you. Be the positive, strong, resilient, amazing you. You deserve it.

    Please check your fandom user message wall and or the secret message at the bottom of this message - I have a gift, and an important thing - please email me when you can find the time and you feel comfortable. I can’t spend forever without you.

    Love you,

    Crescent, the happy shadow, ever proud to watch over celestial and be a part of your galaxy. <3333333 :)




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  • So I wanted to write you a whole message... but honestly, I was just so I verwhelemd with emotions and memories that it was so hard to do just that. So here is a message from me to you, not edited at all. I won’t press delete even once, even for a spelling mistake, so this way it’s truly from the heart.

    Zee, when I first met you, I thought you were a bit strange and I was wary to make friends with you. But now overtime I have seen that you truly ARE strange, and you embrace it and love it. You are very strandhe (strange) indeed. XD

    I have learned so much from you and o (i$ (I) will never forget any of our LCs. You have helped me through so much and lots of things I never would have if it weren’t for you. I probably wouldn’t have survived that really rough patch in my life if it weren’t for you.

    And besides for that, I also want to ask an apology from you. I’m sorry for all the times I might have judged you, or gotten jealous of you. I’m sorry for that whole situation with the message wall stalking. And there’s probably so much more. I’m sorry.

    Have an amazing amazing life and I’ll miss you so so so so much. And please, remember to smile everyday. If not for yourself, do it for me. For the rest of the wiki family. Please. You deserve to be happy.

    Lub ya,


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