Does your fanfiction need editing? Are you too lazy to do it? Then head to Marshmallow's! The place to go for all your editing needs!Edit

What Is This All About?Edit

Well, I've noticed lately that there are lots of stories that dont have the proper punctuation or capitilization or spelling. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I thought maybe it'll be a good idea if someone (ahem, me) edits them and looks for these mistakes. And if you want, I could also change up some of the words to make it a bit more intersteing and spice things up.

How To Place An OrderEdit

First, fill out your name, story, chapter, and type of edit you want me to do. The types of edits include: grammar, spelling, and word choice. Words choice is if you want me to find some words you've repeated and replace them with words with the same meaning to make thing interesting. Also, by the "Job Done?" column, please write no so I know I need to edit that. When I'm done I'll change it to yes so I know it's edited already.

Client Story Chapter Type of Edit Job Done?
Crystal  Hope All All No
Betsy The Twinkle in Your Eyes All All No
Z Liberty All All Yes

Can't wait to see your stories on my list!


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