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Dame Maren Abrahamsson



'i could be the sun that lights your dark...'









Aspiring Mentor




Brown Hair

Sky Blue Eyes


Maren has been noted as being the more beautiful triplet in the family. With her wavy hair, and curvy body, she's difficult to not notice. Her model is Kellee Moran.




Maren embraces the phrase "never take anything for granted". Growing up in a family where they didn't have much, until they did, Maren came to terms with the fact that she'll have to be her own sunshine. She always looked up to her parents and her siblings; they were the reason why she wanted to be the best. Not for the bragging rights or anything of the sort, but for her family. Because they lived on, despite everything going so wrong. On another note, she has also come to terms with being different; she has embraced it rather, and is proud of who she is now. She doesn't really let anyone shoot her down for just being her, and she'd never let that happen to anyone else for that matter. She's the "if you mess with my friends, i will cut you" kind of elf.


Maren Adéle Abrahamsson was born in a complicated situation. Born to a couple that has been shunned by their families, and also considered a bad match, Maren was also born as the middle of three children; not separate children, but triplets. Born to a transgender elf and a female elf, Maren's whole family was in all sorts of terrible. Triplets birth made it no easier. It was worse when the youngest was not born as healthy as the others. The two mothers were in need of whatever help they were able to get. It never really came.

The family struggled in the first few years following the triplets' birth, with them living in a friend's house that was no longer being used. With one of the two mothers working, the other stayed home to watch the kids. It was difficult, but Maren and her siblings learnt to live with it. After all, if things weren't tough now, would the kids ever learn that not everyone can have nice things in life? And besides, they'd never let bad things happen to each other; that's the better thing about being a triplets, is having two siblings by your side when you need them and vice versa.

Over time, things got better for Maren and her family as their mothers became financially stable again, and they moved into a new home that they could happily call their own. The kids had an ideal childhood following that, but soon enough, it was time for the triplets to start school. They were all accepted without much question, but soon after they had started, the youngest triplet manifested first, as an Empath no less. The year after, the eldest triplet manifested as a Beguiler. Finally, as the triplets turned 13, Maren manifested... as a Hydrokinetic. To say she was disappointed was an understatement. Her siblings had better abilities. Even her parents did. Out of sheer frustration, she skipped her first few SAFS sessions... until she was told off for doing so.

She had a long talk with her parents and her mentor during break, but she still didn't feel convinced or confident in herself. It was only after one of her mothers told her... that perhaps she was different because she was meant to be special. That gave her the confidence she needed, and she went on to graduate on time and with success, even going forward to the Elite Levels, as she sought out a place among the Elite. It was only after a year or two that she decided to become a mentor at Foxfire, if only for the challenge of it. She may be 20 years old, but all she wants is to live her best life...

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"i could be the sun that lights your dark..."
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