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Birthday: December 29
Age: 13
Orientations: heterosexual
Species: elf
Talent: Telepath
School: Foxfire Academy
Occupation: Artist
Elliebamber 01a11964
Location: Roseblade Manor
Gender: female
Relationship Status: has a crush
Nationality: elf
Accent: elven
Affiliations: none
Status: student
Artistic ⚓︎ Telepath

Model: Ellie Bamber


coppery hair, navy eyes


She is incredibly hard-working and artsy with a streak of dishonesty and bossiness. She loves to paint and be outdoors.


Maisie Faithe Graham is the daughter of Lord Timothie and Lady Evelyn, who are both members of the Nobility. Maisie is a hot topic at Foxfire Academy, in which she is a Level Three. She is the sworn enemy of Adaria Heks, who seems bent on making her life miserable. She is a Telepath and tries hard to escape the rumors that follow her everywhere, and all she wants is to be a good example for her sisters, who she wants nothing more to protect. Her best friends are Paeris Keron, Hugo Rene, and Aileen Deliah.


Lord Timothie, Lady Evelyn, Blaise and Bentley

Paeris, Hugo, and Aileen

Adaria Heks

none at the moment





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Maisie Graham
Maisie Graham

➳ Telepath ⚓︎ Artist
"Let your life be a waterfall of color, not a river of beige."
Hail me, y'all! ⚓︎ CST


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