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Lyla Opal The Little Orphan • Joyful Child
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Lyla Opal

Owned and Roleplayed by Crystal

About Lyla Opal
Full Name: Lyla Christine Opal
Parents: Brandon and Francine Roy, Mariah and Henry Opal
Siblings: none
Friends: none
Nicknames: Lyla
Birthday: June 18
Age: 4
Gender: female
Personality: Lyla is a sweet, and friendly young girl. She loves others, and loves helping out how ever she can. She always has a smile on her face, and is always very cheerful. This bundle of joy is everything Mariah and Henry could ever ask for.


Mariah and Henry Opal



to young


Francine and Brandon Roy were a pleasant couple. They were married for 5 years before Francine became pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl on December 8th. Brandon and Francine loved the girl, but their parents did not. They wanted grandchildren, but they didn't like Lyla. They forced Francine and Brandon too abandon her in the streets when she was only two weeks old. Francine and Brandon were devastated. They loved Lyla so much, it hurt to abandon her. Knowing they had to do it or their parents would dispose of her, Francine took the young child out, and left her on the streets. Francine went home, and a few hours later, was reported missing. No one found her after that.

Lyla was found on the streets the next morning. Mariah and Henry Opal had found her crying, hungry, and cold. They took her in, and cared for her. Mariah and Henry loved her. She was the sweetest thing they could ever ask for. They raised Lyla while looking for her parents, and then adopted her a year later. Lyla is now 4 years old, and is a huge bundle of joy.


Lyla has brown hair and aquamarine eyes

Eye Color: aquamarine
Hair Color: brown
Height: 3'2
Model: Kingston Foster

coding credits to Z

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