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Archived Character.png This is an archived roleplay character, meaning that this character has not been used for roleplay in a while, or it was a user request. It is not to be used in roleplay anymore unless specified otherwise.

Name: Lyanna Ann Forest

First name: Lyanna

Last name: Forest

Owner of the Page:

Hail me:

Gender: Female

Occupation: A Foxfire Level 5 student

Age: 15 years old

Ability: Flasher


Natural Hair color: Black

Natural Eye color: Dark blue

Height: 167 cm

Lyanna's one of the most popular prodigies in Foxfire, and she loves seeking attention. Opposite from her closest best friend, Stara, she enjoys befriending others and loves socializing. She's bright, and bubbly, and her looks always give her an advantage when it comes to popularity. Being from an Upper Class, famous bloodline, she's always a hot topic. She and her little sister, Roselind(prefers Rose), used to be partners in crime(the metaphor, not the literal), and were very popular, that is, until Rose manifested as a Shade. Then, her popularity went down super quick. Lyanna's also a very talented dancer, and she started dancing ever since she was 3.

Personality: Bright, bubbly girl. that enjoyed attention and loved performing. She's very humorous and has a strange obsession with custard bursts. She has a special skill of bringing her best friend from her moody mask and is a literal sunshine. Although she's very charming and bright, when she's mad, her mood changes from happiness to wicked anger. She's sometimes very manipulative, as she manipulates other people with her personality when it is absolutely necessary. She is very protective of her friends, and shields her sister from the horrible rumors other gossip about her. Despite her overall happy mood, she claims that "she treats others how they treat her"("I treat others how they treat me."), meaning that not everyone will receive a happy version of herself if they act rude and disrespectful.

History: Her parents are in the Nobility, and they are very famous in the Lost Cities. Her parents have a lot of social status and power, and they're very generous and kind. Lady Joanne, her mother, is a beautiful Phaser. Lord Jaxson, her father, is a charming Psionipath. Her parents were first very surprised with how their second daughter manifested, and then became very concerned, fearing that she'll become an outcast and will be alone. Then they changed from concerned to determined that they'll do whatever they could in their abilities to make sure that Rose lived a happy childhood.

Quote: "Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith, miracles happen."

Lyanna Ann Forest

✥ Flashy Flasher ♡ Student
"Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith, miracles happen."
Hail Me ♡ PST