Clove, Jacqueline, Amelia, and Carrie Watson had never been normal girls to the elvin world. Clove never went to school and lived and partially lived in the forests hunting for creatures to save. Amelia and Carrie were twins, but where told to never tell anyone so their parents wouldn't be ashamed of them and themselves. Then Jacqueline was the only one in the family who hadn't manifested; Clove was a Astrokinetic and a telepath, Amelia was a Phaser, and Carrie a shade. That all changed one day in junior high when Jac passed out during an Algebra 1 disscussion.


When Jacqueline awoke she was in the hospital, with a terrible headache. "Urghh," groaned Jac. "Jacqueline, you manifested, whispered Linh Watson. The daughter of Biana and Tam who'd married a human man, Justin.  "What?," "You manifested, you have elf blood in your veins. You manifested with 10 abilities which is unnatrual. Your sisters are all in the Elite Levels so they live at the school, so we're sending you to live in a border house," explained her mom. She heard a loud voice in her head:Jacqueline, sorry I'll try to lower the voice: The voice was quieter:Dearest sister, your going to be shipped to the lost cities tomorrow. You manifested as a Hydrokintic, Enhancer, Polyglot, Inflictor, Telepath, Technopath, Froster, Charger, Empath, and a Phaser. You will be living with the great Sophie E. Foster, and her adopteded daughters Alex, Zoe, Emma, Rose, Destiny, and Hallie until I graduate from Foxfire. On a side note it's our magical school. So when I graduate in two months you can live with me, after I finally move into my new house: said Clove's mental voice, calm and soothing; much like her real voice. 

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