Act One

This story is dedicated to anyone who's LGBTQ+ and needs a little bit of happiness in their lives. This novella is by Natalie.

Kia and Paige Mueller sit professionally in an exquisite booth in Atlantis's Dinner House, a restaurant the sisters used to eat at as children.

Kia: Paige, look. I know it's hard for you to process--

Paige: What is hard for me to process? All I know is you're ditching your amazing life here to go live with the human population because you'll "fit in". That's hardly a reason.

Kia: Paige, please. Listen to what I have to say?

Paige: I've been listening my whole life and I heard nothing. Now when you have the decency to tell me, I think I'm better off in the unknown.

Kia gently takes a bite of the Mallowmelt on her plate. 

Kia: Paige...

Paige: Kia, you may not have a job, but I do; please make this quick.

Paige raises her arm and calls for the check.

Kia: Last week, I was out shopping for a dress. I'd broken up with Kyle a week prior, and things seemed to be heading uphill for me. Nothing was slowing me down, my depression suddenly evaporated, and things were looking bright.

Paige raises an eyebrow.

Paige: Looking up?

Kia:  I've always been... questioning who I am. It was finally time to leave the closet.

Paige: What closet?

Kia: Paige, I came out as heteroflexible. It's not a--

Paige gasps and her thin champagne glass shatters on the ground and people around scream. 

Cut to black.

Kia: Paige?

Kia screams as she steps on a piece of glass as she scours the room for her older sister.

Kia: Paige?

She grips the wooden table next to her, glancing at the wispy light coming from the moon as she staggers to her feet.

Kia: Paige, I know you're there. 

Kia feels a tear slip down her cheek. Now she's alone. Really alone.

Kia feels her hand slip on a smooth paper and she picks it up.

It reads;

Help me. London Liar. ASAP.

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