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BY: Book Beliefs


The cover

Chapter One


Go to my office right now!”

I turn around to find a red Magnate Leto looking at me with anger. I can’t help but chuckle at his face which earned me a hard glare.

I told you to hold off on that plan until next week!

I scan the prodigies standing around me, then I spot Kenric, my brother, I look at him as I transmit.

I couldn’t, the gulons were getting restless.

He looks at me and says,

You could have told me, we were supposed to put a purple hair elixir in Volta’s lushberry juice and you were supposed to be the distraction!

I internally rolled my eyes, I love my brother but sometimes he is so pushy. But before I could reply Magnate Leto yells,

“Miss Foster, I told you to go to my office not stand there on the spot!”

I make my way to his office trying to avoid eye contact with prodigies who gave me questioning glances. Even though I pull pranks, I don’t like attention, just like my mother.

I turned the handle on the door and I found the magnate sitting in his chair behind the desk. The back of the room was all glass which looked over the fields of purple grass and trees in every colour and shape you could imagine. On the sides there were rows of book shelves from the floor which is made of crystal, to the roof which is at least 10 feet tall. The ceiling a crystal that seemed to be brighter where ever I stepped, mocking me for getting in trouble, too bad I’ve been here so many times it stopped bothering me. “Sit down please.” I listen and sit down, he sighs and says, "Calla, how many times have I told you the consequences of your pranks, you and Kenric are so much like you father. Keefe and Sophie were quite the troublemaking duo.”

I get that a lot, even with appearances we are similar to them. I have my mom’s shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes with ice blue flecks my nose is exactly like hers but my skin tone leans more towards my father, they say I smirk like dad but smile like mom. Kenric has dad’s hair and spends just as much styling it as him, they say, “When you are born with such a gift you take full advantage of it.” But Kenric’s eyes are ice blue with brown in the centre. Magnate Leto smiles as he thoughtfully tells me, “Keefe was always pulling pranks and Sophie was always almost dying. They somehow managed to have Elwin visits every other day.” My eyes widen before I ask, “Why was mom almost dying?”

He looks at me and his face goes pale, “You mean they haven’t told you?”

My eyebrows scrunch up in confusion, “What did they not tell me?”

He gulps and says, “It’s not my place to tell and I’ve already said enough, you have detention for three days, now go to your next class.”

I frown, there are a million questions running through my head, but I know that now was not the time to ask. I will have to consult Kenric on this.


I get home to see mom waiting for me, she wrinkles her nose as she asks, “Why do you smell like a gulon?” 

I smirk as I tell her, “I may have put a couple of gulons in Magnate Leto’s office.”

Dad, who walks in from behind with a twinkle in his eyes says and a proud grin says, “Really I’m so pr-“ 

But he gets cut off when he see’s mom glaring at him, he turns back to me trying to suppress the smile on his face as he says, “I’m so disappointed in you Calla, how could you?”

But then he winks and I could tell that mom saw when she huffed and rolled her eyes, “Calla, how many times have I told you to be careful, I know you’re not going to stop with the pranks but at least don’t let people catch you.”

She smiles the smile that made all of the boys fall for her when she was younger. I turn to see dad with a look of pure love and awe directed to mom, he wraps an arm around her waist and mom grabs his hand.

They love each other, anyone could see it, you could see how mom’s smile always brightens when he was around, how dad always perks up when people talked about her. How even on the toughest days they always have each other by their side. How dad’s hand always seemed to find mom’s. How mom always is happier when dad was with her. It was as if they are one soul in two bodies, they are soulmates. I want the relationship that they have, I want to have someone that has so much love and care in there eyes directed towards me, someone that would instantly brighten up because of my voice, someone that I could protect and they would protect me until the sun stopped rising. I want a soulmate.

“I’m home!”

Hollers Kenric from the Leapmaster. “He runs into the living room and starts telling dad about the purple hair elixir he put in Volta’s lushberry juice and dad enthusiastically reply’s. I tune out and get lost in my thoughts until I hear, “and we were supposed to put the gulon in Magnate Leto’s office next week but Calla did it today and got caught!” Mom interrupts and questions, “Where did Calla even get the gulons?”

He smirks and replies, “Grandma gave them to us from the batch at Havenfield.”

Mom mutters about how she would have to talk to Edaline about helping with pranks. I transmit to Kenric,

Can I talk to you later?

His eyebrows furrow,

Sure, I’ll come to your room after mom and dad fall asleep.

Hey guys! How was that chapter? Oh boy I can’t wait for the next chapter, your going to meet someone special! I try to update every 3 to 4 days but the schedule could change. Bye for now!

Chapter Two

It is 10:00 pm when Kenric knocks on my door,

Tap tap tap-tap-tap tap

That is our signal, it’s how we know that the other person is here. We have used it since Kenric was four and I was three when one of us had nightmares or was scared, we would go to the other person’s room and spend the night there. As we got older we would go if we had a problem at school. If we're in a fight, we always resolved it in each other's rooms.

I usher him in and softly close the door, I sit across him on my bed and ask, “Do you know anything about Mom and Dad’s past?” 

The confusion is evident on his face, but he still says, “No, mom and dad told us that they met when mom exploded something in Alchemy and dad met her when she wears walking to the healing centre.”

That doesn’t explain why mom was almost dying nut it shows that they are hiding something from us, and I am going to find out what it is. I am so lost in my thoughts, Kenric has to transmit to me to get my attention,


I jerk backwards due to surprise, and he asks me, “What are you thinking about?” 

I shake my head, ‘“Nothing important.”

He narrows his eyes at me, “You know that you and a Dad aren’t the only empaths in our family right? I can feel your guilt, so spill.”

Me and my brother both inherited empathy from our dad, not only that, our ability is super strong like his as well, we could feel emotions without touching people. We could also feel emotions from animals, but the alicorns and mom seem to have very strong emotions, they never told us why. 

Another thing that they are hiding. 

But then I turn to my brother and find that he deserves to find out as well, our parents are hiding things from both of us. I sigh, “When I was in the magnate’s office he said that mom had a lot of near deaths when she was younger, they never told us about that and paired with what you said I know that they are hiding something.”

Kenric stares at me for s few seconds then whispers, “Your right,” He blinks, “They are hiding something from us and we have to figure out what that thing is.”


“Calla, wake up!”

I groan, “Just five more minutes.”

I turn to look at dad who says, “You’ve already five minutes late, I wouldn’t care but you know what your mother will say.”

I and Kenric had stayed up all night brainstorming ways to find out about our parents past. We concluded that we would ask Vertina, mon’s spectral mirror and find out what she knows. As much as I hated it, we would have to monitor mom and dad, seeing if they slip up and give us a clue. Kenric casually asks, “Hey mom, how long have you had Vertina for?” Mom looks at Kenric, surprise on her face, and replies, “I’ve had her since I was thirteen, why?” Kenric smoothly explains, “You’ve had yours for a while now I just wanted to know how long.”

He didn’t lie, he changed the meaning of his words. Kenric is the one good at lying, I am the one that can divert the topic. This is what made us such s good team when pulling pranks, the person we are pulling it on never knows and if the suspect we easily make them stop. I knew we succeeded when dad didn’t say anything about it, only complained that I took away time for him to style The Hair by waking up late. Mom and I roll our eyes but Kenric takes his side lecturing me about the importance of proper hair styling. The speech is more boring then Elvin History and I am eternally grateful when it ends, Mom bores the same expression and dad sits there nodding his head at everything Kenric says. We move to our Leapmaster and me and Kenric get whisked off to Foxfire. I enter the crowded halls, making my way to orientation, behind me I could sense giddy emotions and I immediately know who it is, “Ardelle, you can make yourself visible, I know it's you that’s trying to scare me.”

My best friend appears and a grin spreads across her face, Ardelle is pretty, no she’s beautiful. With her mom’s brown hair that cascades down to her shoulder blades in thick luscious locks. To her plump pink heart shaped lips, her father’s silvery blue eyes and a pale complexion she is what most girls want to look like. Not me though, appearances never mattered that much to me, as long as I was comfortable I was happy, my brother cares about how his hair looks but that’s all. Ardelle is a vanisher, taking after her mother Biana Song, her brother Abben Song takes after their dad, Tam Song by being a shade and their uncle and grandfather Fitz Vacker and Alden Vacker by being a telepath.

She see’s something behind me and her grin disappears and she vanishes, I turn to see what she was looking at to come face to face with Lady Flayia. She asks me, “Have you seen Ardelle Song?” I shake my head as she walks away. I turn back to Ardelle and she reappears, she explains, “I forgot the hand in my vanishing homework yesterday she’s looking for me to give me detention.” 

I raise my eyebrow, Ardelle never forgot her homework, she was always telling others to not forget. She saw my question look and said, “You’ll find out soon enough, it’s just if you agree.”

The rest of the day consists of me begging her to tell me, her telling me no and going to our classes. 


I get home and find mom sitting in the kitchen with a jittery energy radiating off of her, she turns around to face me with a nervous smile, she asks me how my day was and I rant about the secret Ardelle is keeping from me. When I finish I see her smile wavering and her expression unsure. She takes a deep breath and says, “Calla I need to talk to you about something.” I nod signaling to keep talking, “There is this really powerful Telepath and he is a year older then you, he manifested when he was eight, only a year later then you, he can transmit from what is supposed to be impossible distances and only one other person that is not me can get past his blocking.” 

I give her a worried look before saying, “Mom, why are you telling me this?”

She takes a shaky breath and slowly says, “His name is Abben Song, and I want you to consider being cognate’s with him.”

Soo... how was that? I ended it with a cliffhanger and I feel bad but it is a good spot to end it at. I’m working on the next chapter as fast as I can and I’ll try to have it up by Sunday but no promises. Who here likes Ardelle, I know I do! In the next chapter you will hopefully know more about Abben, it depends on how long I make the chapter. Bye!

Chapter Three

I blink,

Then I blink again, by now I’ve blinked so many times that mom reaches up to pull out a itchy eyelash. But that snaps me out of my daze and I reach up and swat mom’s hand away from her eye. Her eyelash picking habit has mostly stopped, but she still does it in stressful or nerve racking situations.

I already know the answer the the question but it doesn’t stop me from asking, “Abben Song, as in Ardelle’s brother?”

Mom nods her head but then I said “Why can’t he be Kenric’s cognate, they’re both in level six.”

She counter argues, “You know how hard it is for Kenric to trust someone, the only person that he is comfortable with sharing all of his secrets is you.” 

I hate that she has a valid reason but I still fire questions and she seems to have answers to all of them, “If Kenric only trust’s me then why don’t I become his cognate?”

Mom swiftly replies, “You and your brother have a special bond and if you are cognates the bond may be ruined.”

I finally go to my last resort, “I don’t even know Abben, my mind is not going to automatically trust him.”

Mom sighs, “His mind won’t trust you right away either, that’s what we need to do exercises and hopefully your minds will trust each other soon.”

She squezes my shoulder as tells me, “Just think about it.”


Later that night, while we are eating dinner Kenric, transmits to me,

Meet me in my room.

Dad complains about we never eat Mallowmelt anymore and how he is running out of his soft hair elixir. Mom rolled her eyes and promises to make some Mallowmelt over the weekend. They seem to notice how quiet we are and give each other questioning glances. Dad finally asks, “So, anything new going on with you two?” 

You two hiding something about your past from me, mom is trying to convince me to become cognate’s with a guy I know nothing about except for his ability and name and my best friend is hiding something from me.


My reply clearly didn’t convince them so they ask Kenric again, and he replies with the same vagueness. Everyone is quiet for a few minutes, the only sound being the chewing of our food. Mom attempts to fill the silence by saying, “Calla, have you made your decision on Abben yet?”

Kenric’s head snaps up and he swiftly questions, “Isn’t Abben Ardelle’s brother?” I nod my head and he states fiercely, “If this is about matchmaking don’t gun for Abben, I know you can fill out your forms and I’m sure he’s a nice guy but if you two get together and aren’t on each other’s list it will brake your heart and I will brake his bones.”

My cheeks heat up and I can feel myself turning red, dad snickers and I blurt out, “N-no this isn’t about matchmaking and I don’t want Abben on my list, I barely know him! Mom is talking about becoming cognates.”

His face forms into a grin but then it drops into a frown and a look of hurt flashes on his face, “Why didn’t you tell me?” 

Mom quickly explains, “She only found out when she came back to school.”

He nods but still frowns so I transmit,

I was going to tell you tonight.

That seems to cheer him up because he has a small smile and transmits,

Have you decide if Abben is lucky enough to have my sister?

I roll my eyes, it was natural for Kenric to be overprotective about something like this, even when we were younger he would glare other kids into being nice to me. I don’t know why he does that but it started when a boy named Aden Elton can to our house so I could tutor him for midterms, I was in level one and Aden was a level two. Classes are easy for me because of my photographic memory, Aden was a person Kenric would occasionally talk to but after Aden came to my house Kenric glared at him whenever he passed by for a month. I tried asking him why he does this, but he brushs me off saying that I wouldn’t understand.

He will only be my cognate, and that’s if we are even cognates in the first place. You know that I know that the world knows that.

He narrows his eyes and transmits, 

Yes I know that, besides if he ever wants to be more he is going to meet my standards.

Dad seems to realize that we are transmitting so he rolls his eyes and says, “Not you guys as well, when your mom and Fitz transmitted, it was bad enough.”

Me and Kenric release small grins and I say, “You were only annoyed by them because they could have secret conversations.”

Kenric seems to be thinking what I just had said because,his grin widens and he says, “You were jealous.” 

A light pink spreads on dad’s cheeks. Mom seems to find this funny and starts teasing him, “Oh, is that the great Keefe Foster blushing, I think I’m hallucinating. If that was all it took to get you blushing I would have done it a long time ago, it would be great pay back for all the times when we were kids and you would make me blush.”

Dad recovers from the teasing, he smirks and leans in towards mom, “I can still make you blush Foster.”

As if on queue red spread on mom’s cheeks. Kenric scrunch’s up his nose and says, “Eww, guys there are innocent minds in the room.”

Dad turns towards Kenric with a raised eyebrow and says, “Both of you are not innocent, I’ve seen the number of crushcuffs you get on midterms and finals.”

That causes me to blush but Kenric to say, “Yes, the ladies always want a piece this.” He points at himself and I can hear mom murmuring to herself about how dad would say the same thing when he was younger. Dad turns his focus to me, and says, “What about you anyone you find… interesting?” I give him a look that says, 


Dad raises his arms in defence and claims, “You are a level 5 now, and a teenager, your opinion on this stuff could have changed.”

I scoff, “Dad, you asked me the same question not even a month ago, and I only stared level 5 last week. You know what my option on the male population is.”

He fondly smiles, “Maybe Abben will change your mind.”

Mom gasps and stares at dad with big eyes, “Don’t tell me you're doing that.”

Dad’s forehead creases, “Doing what?”

She shakes her head, “You are pairing Abben and Calla up!”

Kenric’s face turns protective, “Calla is not getting to with anyone until she is at least 150 years old.”

Dad starts nodding and says, “You play the protective older brother role well.”

Mom and him start bickering over what we were going to be called, mom declare, “They will be called Cabben.”

Dad argues, “No it will be Calben.”

Kenric sits in his chair with his arms crossed and a mad look on his face.

Finally, when my brain can’t take any more I stand up and announce, “Enough! I haven’t even agreed to be cognates! Much less have an interest in him! You guys are supposed to be giving me lectures and saying how you have to approve of him, not come up with names for us!” I point to Kenric, “And you, you're supposed to be teasing me and making fun of me, not sitting there with a ticked off look! And... ugh.” I collapse in my chair.

There is a silence for a couple of seconds and then dad starts softy chuckling soon mom and Kenric join in and they are full blown laughing. I sit there confused and ask what is so funny and dad manages to explain though laughs “Your... face... when you... said that... you looked... like a... mad chimpanzee.” Once they finish laughing, we finish eating without bringing up the topic again.


I tap the back of my hand softly twice and the time appears on the wall across from me,

11:30 pm

Mom and dad should be asleep by now, so I sneak out of bed and slowly walk out the door. Me, mom and dad’s and Kenric’s bedroom make one floor of our house, of course, all the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and extended walk in closets but besides that, it was just bedrooms. I quietly walk to Kenric’s room and did the tap. He opened the door and ushers me in. We sit on his bed and face each other.

So have you found anything?

I reply,

No, but I think that mom and dad know we are planning something.

He nods and says,

I agree, we will have to be more cautious around them and maybe more cautious some adults. I think grandma and grandpa know since they grew up with mom, and by listening to dad’s stories he was around them a lot as well.

I think about that, Kenric is right, but a lot of dad’s stories included Fitz, Dex, Biana, Marella, Linh and Tam. We will have to be more cautious around all adults. I transmit my thought to Kenric and he agrees. He questions,

So what are we going to do now?

We still have to ask Vertina about what she knows. In order to do that mom and dad have to be out of the house, how are we going to get them out?

He thinks for a second before replying,

I can hide some of dad’s hair elixirs, for some reason mom always goes with him when he gets new ones. Plus, there is this one elixir that I have been dying to buy and he has one but never gives it to me.

I grin, Kenric seems to always have some excuse that has to do with his hair, sometimes it is helpful others not so much. I was about to say goodnight when he transmits,

So do you know what you are going to do about the whole cognate thing?

My grin falters and I transmit,

I don’t know, I barely even know the guy.

Kenric tilts my chin up so I look into his eyes and transmits,

No matter what you choose I will always support your decision, for anything.

I tackle him into a hug and softly whisper, “Thank you. I will always be there for you no matter what the situation is.”

He quietly says, “Thanks I’ll need it in the future.”

I’m confused by his words but I know it is not the time to ask.

We trade our goodbyes and I walk back into my room. As I lay down in bed I realize that I may know what my decision about cognates will be.

I feel like this chapter isn’t as good as the other ones, there is a lot more dialogue then what I normally write, maybe that’s why. This chapter was definitely longer then the other ones, three whole pages of writing, do you prefer longer chapters or shorter ones? This one took 5 days where as the other ones take three to four. There will definitely be more Abben stuff in the next one. I hope you enjoyed it!

Chapter Four


The wonderful substance my stomach didn’t get this morning. By the time I fell asleep, it was probably 11:30 pm. My body is tired, my brain is tired and my will to prank is tired too, Kenric also had bags under his eyes, proving that he didn’t sleep much either.

As I trudge through the hallways to my locker, I walk into a wall, that wall being Myra Shold. She is the meanest, most annoying girl at Foxfire. Her mother being Stina Shold and her father Landon Shold. Uncle Dex told us how Stina was the bully in his time at Foxfire, though mom never talked about her. Myra has her mother’s stringy brown hair and tall frame, with her father’s pale complexion and midnight blue, almost black eyes. I’m tall for my age, at five foot eight, but Myra still was a few inches above me. She sneers at me and says, “Watch where your going, mommy and daddy aren’t always going to be there to save you. Though you wouldn’t know, you’re too busy tripping over air and hitting your head that anything in that pathetic excuse of a brain has disappeared, if there was anything there in the first place.”

I narrow my eyes at her and am about to knock her off of the high horse she’s on when a voice from behind me says, “You know, that’s really rich coming from someone that barely passed finals, I bet this year will be a nightmare for you.”

I whip my head around to see Abben leaning on a wall. His white uniform complements his skin tone, which is exactly like Biana’s, and his bright teal eyes shine like diamonds. He has his father’s nose and black hair, which is styled to perfection.

Just like Tam, dad and Kenric.

He wears this smirk and raised an eyebrow, has this calming mischievous aura coming off of him and is tall, at about five foot ten. Then it hits me, this is the guy that might be my cognate, the guy that I might share all of my secrets with, the guy that is my best friend’s brother. 

Myra glares at him and says, “What do you care, you’re just like her,” She looks at me. “Always hiding behind you’re parents.”

Abben rolls his eyes, “Is that really the best you’ve got? You just said that to her, I mean, at least come up with a good insult.”

Myra huffs and storms away. I look at Abben and say, “I could have handled that myself you know.”

A small smile plays on his lips when he says, “I know you could have, but Myra wouldn’t have listened if her victim was opposing her.”

I sigh, Myra is always mean, according to uncle Dex it runs in her family. But what is odd is that Abben is in level five atrium, he had no reason to be here so why is he? I ask him, “Why are you here anyway?”

He shrugs, “I felt like taking a different way to the cafeteria.” I give him a confused look, the level six atrium is closer to the cafeteria then this one, why take a longer route, but more importantly, why would he delay when he eats?  Maybe that's the part of me that skipped breakfast that speaking but the food is very important and you shouldn’t delay it. I put my books in my locker and am in the middle of my lecture on the importance of eating when you can, but I turn around to find a blank red wall with no white uniform in sight. The students that are still here give me weird looks.

Great, they think I was talking to myself.

I grumpily make my way to the cafeteria. No food, people think I belong in the loony bin and very little sleep, definitely not a good combination. I enter it and quickly walk to the lunch line, they were serving mushy purple stuff and yellow leaves. Mom never uses names when she cooks and the habit grew on dad so I know only know a few names to things. I take my tray and walk off to detention.

I enter the room and everyone looks at me, Lady Gavin says, “Miss Foster, you’re late.” I mutter an apology and walk to a desk and sit down. Detention seems to never end and to make matters worse I have to sit in my seat with nothing to do because Lady Gavin doesn’t trust me with her capes, and goes off muttering ‘just like Sophie’.

When detention finally ends, I walk to my locker to gather my books for the Universe with Lady Renda. I cantankerously walk to the classroom and sit in my chair, I won’t have to focus in this class, thanks to my photographic memory I memorized all of the stars. In her squeaky voice, Lady Renda said, “What are the stars that make up the constellation Vexle?”

With a bored tone, I replied, “Malox, Tentin, Rodeus, Waver, Fedon, Givc and Arel.”

She narrows her eyes at me, she has never liked that I already know everything, so she hates when I answer every question with no struggle. She sighs and says, “I want you to learn the uses of all the stars in the Northern part of the sky in the next two weeks.”

Great, I have homework that I actually need to pay attention to, my day just keeps getting worse. The rest of the class goes by with me answering all of her questions and her shooting me glares. 

I walk out of the classroom and make my way to study hall like a sloth, and end up being five minutes late but sneak in before anyone notices.

Write the fifteen steps to catching a whirlpool with in-depth explanations and illustrations.

Elementalism is fun, all of the classes are fun but this is just a drag, whirlpools are one of the hardest things to catch, you have to go in the water to get them and when you are in it you have to be careful of being sucked in. Even if you do get it when you come out you are soaking wet and if you are like me you somehow trip and end up breaking the bottle releasing the whirlpool anyways.

I am halfway through my homework when some taps my shoulder, I turn around to see Ardelle facing me she points to the door signalling for me to get out of the classroom. I ask to go to the bathroom and I meet her there. “What is it, I have Elementalism homework that I need to do.”

She rolls her eyes and says, “Your homework can wait, I overheard Abben talking to my parents and he agreed.”

I don’t what to say to that, when I talked to mom she made it seem like he already agreed. Again, for the second time in the last two days, my only reply was blinking. “Why are you telling me this?”

She stares at me and finally when she sees that I’m being serious she replies, “Because that only leaves you to decide.”

I shake my head, “I thought that he already agreed so this doesn’t affect me, but do you know what does? You keep secrets from me but you told that you are keeping a secret, you could at least not have told me that!”

She slightly frowns, “I want to tell you but I promised I wouldn’t until they said so.”

I press forward, “Who are they?” 

She pales at her mistake, “They are some people, it’s not important.”

I sigh in frustration, “Fine don’t tell me but when you realize that whoever these people are don’t control your life then- then know that I’m here for you.”

I turn around to go back to study hall when she grabs my arm and I look at her. She pulls me into a hug and whispers, “Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me. I promise the second I can I will tell you, even if that means leaping to your house in the middle of the night.”

I squeeze her harder and softly say, “We are best friends and best friends look out for each other, no matter what happens you will always be my best friend.”

With that, we walk back into study hall and finish my dreadful day at school.


I am in line for the leap master and suddenly realize that I have forgotten my star maps in my locker, normally I leave them it there but I actually need to use the maps today. I quickly tell Kenric about my predicament and race to my locker. I get there in record time and quickly grab my maps and shut the door. As I make my way back I hear something fall, and a person yell “Ow!” I turn behind me to see a girl on the ground and all of her books around her. Before I can help her Abben walks by and sees her, he helps her get up and collect her books, he asks, “Are you okay?”

She nods her head unable to speak and scurries away.

Abben wasn’t someone that often shows that he cares about someone, he is always distancing himself from people unless he knows them well. He stays with his group of friends and never really socialized with others, the exact opposite of Ardelle. But here he was showing that he does care, that he does think about others, it was a different side of him, one that many people don’t get to see, but here I am watching it in action. Maybe, if he has a side to him that willingly helps, that cares I would be his cognate, just maybe. I walk back to the Leap Master with my decision made.

Well....... how was it? Yeah I know it’s late sorry about that. My motivation is running low. WELL FINALLY YOU ARE IN THE STORY ABBEN IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH. In the comments please put in ways to improve the story, I really could use your feed back.

Chapter Five


Mom, doesn’t seem to notice dad’s facial expression and says, “So what is it that you wanted to tell you Calla?”

I nevously smile, “I’ve decided.”

Mom raises an eyebrow and says, “Decided what?”

I mumble, “The thing.”

She has a slight smile that she tries to surpress and says, “What thing?”

I’m certain that she knows what I’m talking about but is making me say it anyways, “I’ve decided what I’:going to do about the cognate thing.”


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